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Her Legend Episode 19 Recap/Summary October 14, 2013

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The 19th episode starts with Jin-Hoo kissing Jung-Soo. Jin-Hoo tells her that he is going to tell Kyung-Hee about them and call the engagement off and Jung-Soo worries about the criticism they will get for calling off the engagement. Jin-Hoo tells her that they deserve the punishment they get for doing it and will still call it off. Jin-Hoo tells her that she is slow because she didn’t know his feelings for her and that he fell for her 8 years ago and just realized now. Jin-Hoo goes to talk to Kyung-Hee and tells her that he is calling off the engagement and she is upset. She tells him that if he does this then she will tell everyone what he as told her and that he planned their engagement to get ahold of her shares. He tells her that he is still calling off the engagement.

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At work Manager Kang didn’t come and is instead playing squash and having flashbacks of Jung-Soo. Jung-Soo gets a call from Manager Kang and tells her to go to the park and she goes. Kang hides behind a tree and when he sees her he calls her and tells her that he needs to share his feelings. He tells her that he has started to have feelings for her a while ago but hid them for Jin-Hoo’s sake but now they have gotten to large for him to hold in. She then sees him and he tells her that he hopes to come back tomorrow with a lighter heart.

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  Jung-Soo is at Do-Young’s house and she hands Jung-Soo adoption papers and tells her that she wants to be her mother for when she gets married and become a grandmother when Jung-Soo’s has a baby. Kyung-Hee comes home and when she sees Jung-Soo says she has a headache but sees the adoption papers before leaving.

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 Kyung-Hee is talking to Jung-Soo in her room and she confronts her about the adoption and tries to convince Jung-Soo to let Jin-Hoo be by her side for his sake at least until the Alberto line comes out. She tells Kyung-Hee that even if she agrees Jin-Hoo won’t. Do-Young is talking to Kyung-Hee and they are talking about the adoption and she asks for the two of them to understand each other especially if Jung-Soo comes to live with them. Kyung-Hee goes to talk to Jin-Hoo and she begs him to help her because she thinks her adoptive parents are going to kick her out, Jin-Hoo refuses to do that to Jung-Soo. Manager Kang comes back to work and they talk about the bag and what needs to be changed. Director Choi gets the news that the engagement is over and comes to the conclusion that Kyung-Hee changed her mind. Aunt comes to visit Kyung-Hee at work and is concerned about the breaking of the engagement and she tells her not to worry and just to leave her alone. Kyung-Hee talks to her adoptive parents about the break up and she just agrees with them that she rushed into it.

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Kyung-Hee and Jung-Soo are both getting ready for the launch of the line. Jung-Soo isn’t having a runway and is going with the concept of house party. Jung-Soo asks Manager Kang if he is going to New York after the launch because of her and he tells her that he has some unfinished business in New York and needs to do it before it is too late. 

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Jin-Hoo picks up Jung-Soo and takes her to a clothing shop and buys her an outfit for the launch party.

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Manager Goo gives Ah-Ra the address of where Jung-Soo’s launch party is happening. Jung-Soo finds out that the place they were going to have their launch was booked and they can’t use it now. At the office Jung-Soo decides they will have to look for a new date and location and then Jin-Hoo comes in and tells them they have booked a hotel for them because he had some connections. Just as they are going to phone everyone about the changes Ah-Ra phones her and tells her that Kyung-Hee was behind them losing their location for the launch show. Jung-Soo then tells everyone to send their models to the same place ShinHwa’s launch show is. ShinHwa has their launch show and as soon as it is over everyone leaves because they hear another launch show is happening.

Picture 6

Everyone goes down to check out Jung-Soo’s show and it is happening outside the hotel. 

Picture 8

In the news the Alberto brand looks bad because the Joom Chi brand was domestic and not international like Alberto. Jung-Soo and Manager Kang go to Charlotte store and find out that they were chosen to launch their line of purses. The two of them celebrate when they are alone. Jin-Hoo takes Jung-Soo and surprises her with a cake made of one of her purses to celebrate her getting the purses in Charlotte store.

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She hugs him and he asks why she is being like that and she says it is because she can’t do anything for him and he tells her not to worry and that he has not given up on the shareholder’s meeting. Jin-Hoo goes and talks to different people and he tells them he wants to make their own domestic line of purses as a brand. Kyung-Hee gets the news that the Alberto brand is not doing well in stores and they think that the reason is that the consumers are looking less at the brand and more at a new product and quality. Kyung-Hee gets a call from Spain and the man is upset the product isn’t doing well. Kyung-Hee then calls Director Choi and goes to speak to him and she tells him that she is his daughter but just didn’t tell him because she resented him and he apologizes for not knowing that she is his daugher.

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Do-Young tells Director Choi’s wife all about the switch up with Kyung-Hee and Jung-Soo. Kyung-Hee then asks him for a favor to manipulate the sales of the Alberto brand to do that she needs the product to stop circulating in the market and she will take care of it and he agrees. The Director of the Charlotte store received the Alberto shipment and then returned it. Jin-Hoo receives a package and it contains the account of Director Choi, and Jin-Hoo calls Lawyer Shin. Lawyer Shin meets him and he shows him the account and tells him that they are illegal transactions. The driver of the shipment takes the boxes of bags out and is going to burn them but then stops. In the stores a woman asking a sale clerk about something and is shown the Alberto product that should have been burnt. At work Manager Goo tells Kyung-Hee that the President has ordered someone to have the products recalled because the Alberto bag is being circulated in the market and is 100% authentic.

Picture 11

Jin-Hoo calls Lawyer Shin and tells him to set up the shareholder’s meeting right away. Kyung-Hee goes to see Director Choi and she tells him about the rumors of Alberto bag being circulated and Director Choi wonders if Jin-Hoo has caught on and that is why he is calling a shareholder’s meeting. He tells her to deny anything to the Alberto company and reassures her that he won’t let anything happen to him or her because she is his daughter. Jin-Hoo and Lawyer Shin go through the account and makes a presentation from it for the board meeting. Jin-Hoo meets Director Choi before going into the meeting and Director Choi puts him down and Jin-Hoo tells him that he is protecting ShinHwa.

Picture 12

So how many fathers does Kyung-Hee need? 3? isn’t that a bit excessive!! Wow she know how to manipulate people! but I wished that his wife would have told him sooner so that the plan wouldn’t work for Kyung-Hee. I mean I think Director Choi is the most suitable father for her out of the three because he is just as ruthless as her. It was really dumb of her to sabotage Jung-Soo’s launch party because she fought back and now Kyung-Hee’s Alberto line is failing! I wonder who is helping Jin-Hoo by sending him those spending accounts? One of the board members? Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo are finally together for an episode but we don’t get to see too much of them because they are soo busy. The cake he bought for her was really cute. Poor Manager Kang he declared his love for her but it was in a really cute way! I mean he didn’t make her feel as burdened because he didn’t do it face-to-face but he still gave her the option to share her feelings about him which she didn’t do but I thought it was considerate. The actual business side of things I do not always know what is going on and how they could even manipulate the numbers? I mean they won’t have the money to show for the bags being bought if they are not being circulated? I don’t quite understand that but I am very interested to see what Jin-Hoo and Lawyer Shin have figured out about Director Choi!


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  1. this is a movie having intersting begining but the ending is somehow bad, i expet kyung hee to have experience the same pain jung soo went through and if not she should have loos every thing she snach from jung soo and i also expet kyung hee mother to have at list regret her action toword jung soo and apologis to her anyway the ending is not that bad good job to jung soo and jin ho.

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