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Her Legend Episode 18 Recap/Summary October 12, 2013

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The 18th episode starts with Jin-Hoo asking Kyung-Hee to get engaged and she agrees that they will get engaged and at a different time they will break off the engagement. At work Jung-Soo and her team are concerned because Alberto’s launch date is the same date as theirs and no one will come to launch party. They decide to keep the date and decide to offer the main product before they launch and invite famous bloggers and those on social media to review their product.


Do-Young goes to Jung-Soo workplace and takes her out and asks her if she would come live with her. Jung-Soo tells her that she is comfortable where she is and Do-Young figures out that it is because of Kyung-Hee and she tells her that she doesn’t know what to do with her. She tells her that she hates Kyung-Hee for doing that to Jung-Soo but still loves her because they lived as family for 8 years. Jung-Soo reassures her that she is happy to just be with Do-Young now and doesn’t need anything for her. Do-Young and her husband sit Kyung-Hee down and discuss the situation with her and tells her they can’t keep living like this. Kyung-Hee gets on her knees and says she can’t bring herself to apologize because what she did was so awful. Do-Young asks why she did it and she says because she wanted to be able to study anything and her mom persuaded her and then she keeps apologizing. She tells them even though she fooled them her love for them wasn’t a lie and that is why the 8 years was so hard for her too and Do-Young agrees with her and tells her she hates her but inside her heart she is still her daughter. Kyung-Hee then tells them that her and Jin-Hoo is engaged and she asks that until she gets married she would like to stay by their side.


Jin-Hoo has flashbacks of Jung-Soo. Manger Kang phones Jung-Soo about bringing food and they get cut off. The phone rings again and she thinks it is Kang but then realizes it is Jin-Hoo and he tells her drunkenly that he hates her but there is no reason to hate her because they never did anything together. He walks into her building and is says he needs something to hold onto to survive and runs up and kisses her.


Manager Kang comes and sees them kissing and he drops the food and runs out. Later Jung-Soo asks if he is okay because he drank so much and he asks her one more time if she did not feel anything when they broke up and she doesn’t answer. He says thanks and that it would have been hard if she had changed her mind but then doesn’t tell her what he means. He goes home and cries and she stays at work and cries. Kyung-Hee and Jin-Hoo are getting their picture taken and having an interview. They bug him because he doesn’t smile much or say much.


Director Choi is updated on the situation and figures that Jin-Hoo is after the shares from Sae Kyung company that come with Kyung-Hee and figures that will get him up to 35% of the shares which won’t be enough to stop Choi. Director Choi calls Kyung-Hee to ask about her engagement and shares and she refuses to tell him. He then tells her that she is his daughter and Kyung-Hee tells him that she is not and that she has seen her father and he is not him. At work they notice Jung-Soo isn’t looking well and Kang tells her that he had something urgent come up and couldn’t come. Jung-Soo gets a call from Kyung-Hee and they meet and she tells her that she is getting engaged with Jin-Hoo. Jung-Soo is shocked and tells her to keep Jin-Hoo out of her plans and Kyung-Hee tells her that Jin-Hoo proposed to her first.


Jung-Soo’s friend sees the article and comes running to her office and Kang finds out. Kyung-Hee goes to her parent’s house to tell them she is getting engaged and tells them that they won’t need to come because it doesn’t make sense to have 2 sets of parents. Jin-Hoo comes home and finds Jung-Soo waiting and she asks if the engagement is revenge on her and she tries to warn him about being fooled by her. Jin-Hoo asks how Kyung-Hee is different from her and that he won’t have to worry about her stabbing him in the back like Jung-Soo did. Jung-Soo asks about his feelings and he tells her that he is going to Kyung-Hee and then they part ways.


They both go and cry Jung-Soo thinks that she thought things could go back if she worked hard and became a person that could help him and she thought he would wait for her. Manager Kang goes to Jin-Hoo’s house and confronts him about the engagement and Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo doesn’t respond and then Kang punches him. Jin-Hoo thanks him for kicking his butt because he thought he needed it. Kang tells him that he is not going to follow Jin-Hoo’s request to not develop feelings for Jung-Soo because he can’t stand to see her hurting.

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The president of the company that got Jung-Soo in trouble goes to Kyung-Hee and tells her that Dae-Poong keeps badgering him and she sends him out saying she is going to take care of it. Jin-Hoo comes in and asks about it but doesn’t get the explanation. Jung-Soo gets a call saying that the factory they were going to use isn’t going to make their samples so she goes to the factory and Kang goes with her. Do-Young gets sick. Jung-Soo gets a call from her uncle and is told that he found a factory, she tells Kang and they high-five, Jin-Hoo is watching from his car. Do-Young has a fever and her husband calls the doctor and she takes her medicine. Do-Young asks him to call Jung-Soo over for her. Kyung-Hee goes home and is shocked to see Jung-Soo there and she tries to take over but Do-Young stops her. Do-Young asks Jung-Soo to stay over and she says she can sleep next to her if she wants.

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Jung-Soo lies down with Do-Young and is asked to tell her about the past and what they did together. Kyung-Hee goes into the room at night and sees them sleeping together. The next morning Kyung-Hee offers to drive Jung-Soo and then confronts her if this is the revenge she was talking about and Jung-Soo just calls her shameless for not leaving after everything was revealed.

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Director Choi talks to his assistant and they talk about how every share is important and they want to figure out where all Jin-Hoo’s shares are from. Director Choi then calls in Lawyer Shin and he fires him even though he betrayed President Do for him. As Lawyer Shin is leaving he sees Jin-Hoo and goes to talk to him. Shin tells him that his grandfather had shares which were secretly veiled, that there is a small business named Joon Chi that was secretly set up when Luna disbanded and that it has shares of the Shin Hwa group. he then tells her about the contract Jung-Soo made with his grandfather, that she was going to take her designs and show that she could successfully launch it and by doing that she will prove to Jin-Hoo that it wasn’t a failure. She then agreed not to see Jin-Hoo until she succeeded.

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Jin-Hoo then goes running out of the room and bursts into Jung-Soo’s office. He tries to grab her and take her but Manager Kang stops him and Jin-Hoo then pushes through. He drives her away and then takes her out and asks why she would make that contract with his grandfather and make him helpless. She then asks why he leak the information about the stolen design and keep the Luna team for her. He then grabs and hugs her saying that he was wrong and she starts crying. He tells her that there is no more installments and that he wants a full payment and then kisses her and this is how the 18th episode ends.

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Wow 2 kisses in one episode I think this has reached the climax of the drama!! and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually looked like they were kissing each other and enjoying it! They will actually making out for their first kiss!! I was wondering how long they were going to be apart because their wasn’t too many episodes left for them to be together! I thought it was interesting when Do-Young was reflecting on the 2 different relationships with the girls it shows that Jung-Soo is selfless because she was just happy to have Do-Young better and in Korea and meanwhile Kyung-Hee is begging to live their with them and doesn’t really know how to make a real connection with Do-Young. Finally we get to understand why she wanted the design rights! and I think it is pretty sweet that she was doing all that for Jin-Hoo to be able to be with her and then he goes and gets engaged! how devastating! but I mean she should have just told him when the President died because I mean the contract isn’t really there anymore and she should have gone to comfort him! I think that would have been the best thing she could have done for him because he is all alone! I wonder what diabolical plan Kyung-Hee has for the engagement with Jin-Hoo? Is she going to somehow force him to marry her even though they plan on eventually calling off the engagement? and poor Manger Kang barely gets to even put the moves on Jung-Soo before everything is revealed to Jin-Hoo and they make up!! Sorry this recap is so late! I will keep working on the next ones !!


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  1. Vivy Says:

    Wow!!! Dat was fantastic i love d kiss aspect go jung soo i love u

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