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Her Legend Episode 16 Recap/Summary September 26, 2013

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The 16th episode starts with Jung-Soo rejecting Jin-Hoo. Manager Kang gets a call that the President collapsed and that he has to go get Jin-Hoo. Jin-Hoo has been drinking and Manager Kang wakes him up and gets him to the hospital. Director Choi is there and tells them that President’s blood pressure hasn’t been good and he collapsed at dawn and that his health has had a turn for the worse. He tells him that President has passed the critical stage.

Picture 1

Director Choi tells Kyung-Hee and Manager Kang that they want to disband the Luna team and Kyung-Hee agrees but thinks the timing isn’t good. Manager Kang also doesn’t think that they should disband Luna right now and when Kyung-Hee leaves Director Choi scolds him for trying to interfere with his managing. Director Choi tells him that he needs to choose between people and the company. Manager Kang tells him that he has known him for a long time and that remembers him saying that the people change the company and therefore will choose the people over the company. Jin-Hoo is with the President and he wakes up and Jin-Hoo promises that he won’t cause him anymore grief and that he will work hard and even go to arranged meetings. President wants to record it and Jin-Hoo reassures him and gives him his word. Jung-Soo is with her friend and she is trying to figure out why people like knockoffs and her friend explains that people want to seem luxurious even if they can’t afford it.

Picture 2

Kyung-Hee goes to President and they are talking about Jin-Hoo and he tells her he was really hard on him when he was young. He didn’t condone him being childish and punished him on purpose. He tells her to be patient and wait for him and she asks if she can call him grandfather and he agrees and calls her by her name.

Picture 3

Jin-Hoo comes in and he walks her out and she tells him about Director  Choi disbanding Luna and that he shouldn’t be so cold to her because he might need her help someday. Do-Young and her husband are told by their lawyer that the Jung-Soo Mr. Woo saw earlier is the niece to Uncle. The lawyer tells him that Jung-Soo’s mom died of brain cancer 17 years ago and she was a singer and after she passed Jung-Soo went to live with Uncle. The lawyer tells them that Uncle only had one niece and that Seo-Hyun(Kyung-Hee) social security number is under the name Kyung-Hee and is Uncle’s biological daughter. Mr. Woo figures that Kyung-Hee wasn’t Uncle’s niece but his biological daughter and Do-Young comes in overhearing this. Do-Young thinks that it could be a mistake and they both get confused trying to figure it out. Kyung-Hee comes home and Do-Young is shocked and leaves the room, Mr. Woo tells her that she isn’t feeling well and that she is going to bed.

Picture 4

The next morning Do-Young acts coldly to Kyung-Hee.  Kyung-Hee meets with Jung-Soo and asks if she had met with her adoptive parents and she says no and makes fun of her being so anxious. Jung-Soo asks if she set up President Bae and she won’t admit to anything. Jung-Soo is on the search to figure out what a luxury good is and talks to the ladies at the market. Jung-Soo goes to her Uncle and tells him that she wants him to help her by making a quality bag. She wants to change the Dong Dae Mun market and make a luxury bag.

Picture 5

Jung-Soo leaves and as she is walking down the stairs her shoe comes off and it reminds her of when Jin-Hoo picked up her shoe for her. Do-Young is watching Aunt clean and she gives her, her month’s pay and tells her that she is needed anymore.

Picture 6

Do-Young sees her art gallery booklet and remembers Jung-Soo and recalls that she called herself Kyung-Hee and starts crying. Mr. Woo is with Uncle and he asks about seeing Jung-Soo at house not that long ago and Uncle starts crying. He gets on his knees and tells him that Seo-Hyun is not Jung-Soo but she is her daughter. That in a moment of greed he did something unforgivable and asks for forgiveness. Mr. Woo decides that for now they won’t say anything because his wife needs time to deal with it and for him not to tell Aunt.

Picture 9

Manager Kang is with Jin-Hoo and Jin-Hoo is going to stop rebelling and Kang asks why he won’t trust Jung-Soo. Manager Kang tells him that Jung-Soo didn’t come to the company for revenge on Kyung-Hee. Jin-Hoo tells him that she chose the design rights over him and that she requested it, and that he is scared of her now and isn’t the Jung-Soo that he knows. Manager Kang finds Jung-Soo and he asks why she hasn’t told Jung-Soo the truth and she says she gave it shot to be with him but that her feelings weren’t sincere. Manager Kang says he doesn’t believe her and knows she is hurting, he tells her that President collapsed and Jin-Hoo is having a hard time coping. The President is rushed into surgery and Kang and Choi are there and Choi tells Kang that he is the only one he chose and not to forget that. Earlier the two of them were with the President and the President chose to give him his shares and transfer the management rights over to him. Director Choi protests and says that he was recruited to the company 30 years ago and 2nd to him was President’s son and he never put in a full effort because he was his son. He was sad when President’s son passed away but was relieved because he thought he had the chance of getting the company and now is upset that it will be passed to Jin-Hoo in the end

Picture 7

The President is shocked by all of this and collapses and goes into surgery. Jin-Hoo comes and Director Choi reassures Jin-Hoo it will be alright. Manager Kang goes drinking. The surgery is over and Director Choi and Jin-Hoo go in to see President and the doctor tells him that the surgery went well and to wait for a while for him to wake up.Picture 8

Manager Kang texts Jin-Hoo to not trust Director Choi too much. Kyung-Hee goes home and Mr. Woo tells his wife about Kyung-Hee not being Jung-Soo and she is really upset and is sad that she was so mean to the real Jung-Soo. Picture 10

Kyung-Hee hears everything outside their door and she goes to her own room and cries. Manager Kang tells Jin-Hoo about Director Choi trying to take over the company and Jin-Hoo is very upset that Choi his father’s friend would do that to him and starts crying and Manager Kang stops him from storming out.

Picture 11

Kyung-Hee goes to work early and she phones Manager Goo to move up the launching date for Alberto. Director Choi tries to see the President and is stopped by bodyguards and Jin-Hoo comes saying they are there to keep Director Choi out. Manager Kang is scolded by Director Choi for betraying him and Manager Kang tells him that he betrayed himself. Manager Kang gives Jin-Hoo advice to get more shares to stop Director Choi from getting into power and suggests he get Kyung-Hee to help him by getting her shares. Jung-Soo goes to the hospital trying to find out information on President and Jin-Hoo catches her. She tells him she thought he might have collapsed because of her and he tells that he did not so she can go back and not worry.

Picture 12

Jin-Hoo and Kyung-Hee talk and he asks for help and she wants instead to get engaged but not to marry. She tells him that it will be a huge threat for his opponent and she believes it will be her last chance at survival. Do-Young is waiting in the car with the lawyer for Jung-Soo and she walks by and Do-Young calls out to her. She tells her it is her Do-Young and Jung-Soo asks if she recognizes her and they both start crying and this is how the 15th episode ends.

Picture 13

The truth is finally out!! I am surprised that Do-Young is so disgusted of Kyung-Hee and that she doesn’t feel like she was more of a daughter to her! It felt good when Do-Young was sad that she hurt Jung-Soo’s feelings! I cannot wait for the next episode to see them reunited again!! I love that Manager Kang does the right thing and helps his friend! I guess Director Choi was trying to say to Kang was that with Jin-Hoo out of the picture and Choi in charge he would potentially leave the company to him when he retires. I love that Manager Kang is trying to help Jin-Hoo and Jung-Soo work out their problems!! I am not sure how it will help Kyung-Hee to be engaged with Jin-Hoo? I guess then Mr. Woo won’t be able to kick her out of his company because their relationship will be beneficial for him??  I was also thinking with the President out of the picture then Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo could see each other again?


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  1. anonymous Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeessssss finally !!!!! thank you sooo much for the recap please continue your fabulous amazing wonderful great work! ❤ ❤

  2. Suki jiang Says:

    i am so happy right now that they found out the truth so happy

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