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Her Legend Episode 15 Recap/Summary September 25, 2013

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The 15th episode starts with Jin-Hoo being frustrated about what he had said to Jung-Soo. Jung-Soo goes back to the office and works and ends ups staying the night. She meets Jin-Hoo at work trying to avoid her and she tells him that she will forget what he said to her yesterday because it doesn’t make sense for him to like her and he tells her that no one needs a reason to like someone and gets mad and walks away. Kyung-Hee had overhead the conversation and then runs into Jung-Soo and she asks if he confessed to her and she refuses to tell. They have a talk and Kyung-Hee tells her that she has never won against her and that it will continue like that so she shouldn’t go against her. Kyung-Hee asks why Do-Young has to be hers and that she has been loved for the last 8 years by them. Jung-Soo tells her that Do-Young was not a lottery ticket that she was searching for, for 18 years instead she was someone that her mother gave to her. Kyung-Hee tells her that she has worked hard and cried as much as her and that even if they found out she was fake they would still love her. Jin-Hoo has chosen her but Kyung-Hee is going to work hard to win him. Jung-Soo is tearing and tells her to to mistake her greed for hard work, that she got Do-Young through deception and manipulation. Kyung-Hee tries to hit her and Jung-Soo catches her hand and tells her that she has already lost to her.Picture 1

Jung-Soo can’t find her design book and they get a call from  the sample studio so Jung-Soo goes down there and Dae-Poong is looking through her designs and is impressed. He shows her the fabric that he has made and asks her to get the sample so they can make it. He tells her that it was all thanks to JIn-Hoo because he brought her design books to him to prove to him that they had good designs by Jung-Soo.Picture 2

Kyung-Hee is told about Dae-Poong making Jung-Soo’s designs. Jung-Soo goes frantically around looking for Jin-Hoo and tries phoning him but gets no answer. As she is walking up the stairs she loses her shoe and Jin-Hoo is walking up and picks it up, goes to her, wipes her foot and puts her shoe back on for her as she protests.

Picture 3

Aunt is talking to Uncle on the phone and tells him that Kyung-Hee’s adoptive father wants to come see him and she tells him to hurry come home. Jung-Soo is talking to Kyung-Ho and he tells her that no one is home so she goes inside her Aunt’s house. Aunt is home and tries to make her feel bad and Jung-Soo gets some clothing and on the way out she meets Do-Young’s husband and he picks up her work badge and sees that her name is Jung-Soo.

Picture 4

He visits the Aunt to see how she is doing and almost asks about Jung-Soo and then leaves it . Jung-Soo goes to see Jin-Hoo and she tells him that she was wrong earlier and wants to do the installment plan. He gets mad and thinks she is not doing it for the right reasons and not using her feelings. He goes to her and hugs her, Jung-Soo is shocked and then Manager Kang knocks on the door and Jung-Soo pushes him off and runs out.

Picture 5

Do-Young is sleeping and she remembers when Jung-Soo dropped the honey and Aunt gets mad and slaps her. Do-Young wakes up Aunt is there and Do-Young is shocked. Do-Young then asks questions about Kyung-Hee when she was little and is trying to figure out the Aunt feels about Kyung-Hee. Do-Young’s husband is with the lawyer and is looking into Kyung-Hee’s papers and he tells them that on the registry she is called Kyung-Hee but they changed her name and called her Jung-Soo. In the office Jung-Soo tells him that the sample should be done tonight and then he texts her to go for dinner and she says she can’t and he gets mad. Ah-Ra figures out they are texting each other and so they both deny it and Jung-Soo goes to check on the sample. Dae-Poong is working the sample but he has shaky hands and is no far along, and he says he had a little bit of soju. He cuts his hand and she tries to help him but he keeps working and then starts crying and saying he can’t do it and then he gives her a number and address of someone else that can make it for her.

Picture 6

The man agrees to do it and they work on it all night. 

Picture 7

The showcase for the two designs is about to start and Jung-Soo isn’t there. Jin-Hoo goes to see Dae-Poong and he says he already gave her the sample model. Jung-Soo gets there just as the showcase is starting and then both teams present their work. Kyung-Hee’s team did a python leather and it is a part of the Rosa line. 

Picture 8

Jung-Soo presents their embroidery leather purse and the purpose was to take away from the cold look of leather. 

Picture 9

The majority of the people judging the purses liked Kyung-Hee’s Alberto design but they still have to get the internet evaluation. Kyung-Hee’s team has champagne to celebrate. Jin-Hoo tries to question Jung-Soo about where she has been and she tells him that she will tell him later and he lets it go. In the internet evaluation both bags get the same number of votes. Kyung-Hee is on the phone and tells them that if the internet results are flipped that they have no choice but to use this route. All the street markets are carrying Jung-Soo’s design of purse and Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo are in a meeting and are told that it has been leaked. Jung-Soo then leaves and runs to the factory where the man made their purse and no one is there, she then goes to the police station and the man is there and he tells her that she should have told him that it was a sample bag. He tells the cops that the woman brought the design and asked him to have it out in the markets within a week, and if he did she told him she would give him money. Jung-Soo believes that President Bae was set up and that she wasn’t the one who ordered him to do that. The cop asks her why a big company would get a small factory to make their sample and she tells him the truth. Kyung-Hee and Jin-Hoo are in a meeting and they are saying that Jung-Soo leaked the design and that the company will demand compensation for damages and it will be difficult for her to evade prosecution. Kyung-Hee talks to Jin-Hoo and she tells him that her and Jung-Soo are cousins and that she wants to exact her revenge on Kyung-Hee and that she had planned meeting him and coming to this company. 

Picture 10

Jin-Hoo picks up Jung-Soo from the station and scolds her always doing the things they way she wants and doesn’t think about herself and instead of others. Kyung-Hee goes to the President and tells him that Jin-Hoo leaked that information for Jung-Soo and that the design leaked was also intentional. She tells him that she wants him to help because Jin-Hoo doesn’t believe him.

Picture 11

President has a meeting with Jung-Soo and her relationship with Jin-Hoo is ill-fated because he leaked the information and he keeps trying to help her that he is getting hurt in the process. He then says that he will give her anything for her to leave and break all contact with Jin-Hoo. Jung-Soo gets teary and tells him that Jin-Hoo isn’t a business transaction. He tells her that this will be the only chance for her to choose and that once she leaves this room Jin-Hoo will be out of her life. She tells him to hand over the rights to her design. 

Picture 12

Jin-Hoo goes running to see the President and he tells her she left and with her design rights and that she knew this was going to happen. He then runs and finds her leaving and catches up to and asks her why she wanted her design rights and what she gave up for them. He asks her if it was really a coincidence when they met at the airport and what was sincere. She tells him from the beginning it was a sham and that it was everything. she tells him she chose the design rights over him and she doesn’t want to break her promise with the President and this is how the 15th episode ends.

Picture 13

Wow Kyung-Hee really raised the level of deception and manipulation in this episode!! she really pulled out the big guns to squish Jung-Soo! but I mean she really shouldn’t be doing that because now she has nothing to lose, it will make it easier for her to go do Do-Young and reveal the truth! She should have just done that from the start and I think things would have turned out better for her because she has had to lower herself to try to hurt Kyung-Hee. Kyung-Hee made sure to get to everyone first to give her slant of the story because Jung-Soo wasn’t sharing it, she used it to her own advantage. Jung-Soo should have been communicating with Jin-Hoo and then he could have steered her in the right direction. Of course Kyung-Hee was the one that made the factory owner make all the bags because Jung-Soo wouldn’t even had the money to pay him! I mean she doesn’t even have anywhere to live! I mean doesn’t Jin-Hoo realize that Jung-Soo isn’t that great of an actor to pull that all off? I mean if she wanted to get back at Kyung-Hee wouldn’t Jung-Soo have tried to seduce him? I mean she didn’t do a very good job at trying to secure him! she paid more attention to Manager Kang than him in the beginning? I mean why would she plan to have her leather samples in her book missing when she went for the interview? she would have never guessed that he would have given her a job? I have say it was very Cinderella-esque when he put her shoe back on for her!!  I am not really sure why she wanted her design rights? what does that help? Is she going to make the bag with a different company? Does that mean that the company also dropped the charges because the President made her a deal? I guess I will just have to wait for the next episode to get those answers!!


3 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 15 Recap/Summary”

  1. Marie Says:

    Thanks for the recap. I thought JinHoo will not doubt JungSoo. But to my surprise, he choose to believe KyungHee. I really hope to see more screen time of JinHoo and JungSoo together as only 4 episodes left. I hope it does not end up like The Best of Lee Soon Shin when I see more of the 2 leads together in the last few episodes.

  2. I never saw that drama! yeah it seems with this drama that the love story is more of the back story and the focus is more on Jung-Soo’s relationship with Do-Young! so that may be a little disappointing if they only get together in the last episode!!

  3. temitopeadeola Says:

    OPPA I LIKE UR Movies

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