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Her Legend Episode 14 Recap/Summary September 19, 2013

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The 14th episode starts with Jung-Soo meeting Kyung-Hee at work and shocks her. Kyung-Hee asks why she is here and is told that she is here to slowly destroy Kyung-Hee and enjoy watching her squirm. Kyung-Hee tries to convince Jung-Soo to study abroad and Jung-Soo tells her that it would benefit both of them and therefore doesn’t want to do it. Kyung-Hee is told that by Manager Goo that Jung-Soo was hired by Director Choi and will be working with the Luna team. Kyung-Hee angrily shoves some papers off her desk. Eun-Joo the rookie and Jung-Soo are both of the Luna team and the team’s office is in a old building that hasn’t been used for a while. Jin-Hoo is upset but Jung-Soo stops him and her and Eun-Joo start cleaning it up. Ah-Ra comes in and is also assigned to the Luna team, she asks for forgiveness from Jung-Soo and Jung-Soo is okay and has forgiven her. Kyung-Hee goes to speak to Director Choi about hiring Jung-Soo, he tells her that Luna is the pacemaker and that Alberto the foreign brand will be the one being sold in the stores. He tells her that Luna will be separating from ShinHwa and that they are a lost cause. Kyung-Hee then is trying to figure out how this could be that Jin-Hoo would also want to be a part of the lost cause but she figures the President would never allow it. On the Luna team they talk about taking Jung-Soo’s design and improving it.

Picture 1

The Alberto needs to keep their design with the Rosa line and they need to fit in with the same image. At the Luna meeting Jung-Soo wants to use artificial leather made from different animals. Ah-Ra goes to Manager Goo and tells her about this idea and Manager Goo tells her that she has to continue spying for them. Jung-Soo meets Manager Kang and they try to work out the awkwardness from the last time and she tells him she wasn’t mad but just emotional at that time. She understands that he was also trying to be fair to Kyung-Hee. He thinks that she is upset that Kyung-Hee was the adopted child because Kyung-Hee was mean to her at the company. He asks her why she left home and she doesn’t answer.

Picture 2

Ah-Ra suggests going to a gallery to hunt for an idea and Jin-Hoo eventually agrees. They go to the gallery and Do-Young is also there.

Picture 3

Jung-Soo and Do-Young run into each other and Do-Young wants to talk to Jung-Soo. She tells her that she had heard her design got stolen and that someone tricked Kyung-Hee and did not do it on purpose. Do-Young asks her if they have met before and she says no and then asks for her name. Jung-Soo tells her that her name is Eun Kyung-Hee and Do-Young thinks Eun is a rare name.

Picture 4

Jung-Soo ends up crying and Jin-Hoo finds her and takes her in his car and lets her cry.

Picture 5

When she is done they do some research of people’s bags on the street. Jung-Soo approaches one guy with an unusual bag and wants to see it and he thinks she is hitting on him. Jin-Hoo gets involved and buys the bag from him and they go back to the office. Jung-Soo works through the night and Jin-Hoo also stays but continually falls asleep.

Picture 6

The next morning they look tired and Kyung-Hee sees them walking to the washrooms together. Jung-Soo has an idea to put velvet on top of the leather. Manager Goo tells Kyung-Hee about the artificial leathers but that it won’t be possible to accomplish it. Jung-Soo and Kyung-Hee run into each other and Kyung-Hee tells her that she has heard about the artificial leather and Jung-Soo tells her that she shouldn’t be treating her this way because she can change her mind about telling Do-Young at any moment. Eun-Joo tells everyone that they have been assigned Manager Kim Dae-Poong to be their technician to make a sample and that he is problematic because he is a drunk. Dae-Pong comes in drunk asking for a iced coffee and Jin-Hoo stops Jung-Soo from getting one and Dae-Pong gets offended and leaves.

Picture 7

Uncle tells Aunt that he wants to tell the Woo’s the truth and that it is a punishment for Kyung-Hee to keep lying. Aunt calls Kyung-Hee that Uncle is going to Sae-Kyung company and she runs over there. Kyung-Hee stops her uncle and tells them that Aunt is sick.

Picture 8

Kyung-Hee and Uncle go to talk and he tries to persuade to end it for her own good. She tells him that she wants to keep it up until the truth comes out and that she will lie as much as she has to stay the way it is. Uncle is upset that Kyung-Hee has turned out like this and cries.

Picture 9

Jung-Soo works late again and Jin-Hoo brings her supper and lies about having to do something and watches her work and takes care of her when she falls asleep.

Picture 10


Kyung-Hee has gone to the bar and doesn’t answer her phone call from Do-Young. Do-Young and her husband talk about Kyung-Hee and how it was strange she came to his work when she was looking for her Uncle. That the Uncle wanted to tell him something and that Kyung-Hee knows what that it is. Do-Young tells him that she found the ripped up picture of her mom. A driver drove to Manager Kang’s house and he pays her and gets in and Kyung-Hee leans on him wanting him to stay still for a bit because she has no one to lean on but that she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Picture 11

Jung-Soo goes to talk to a manufacturer and he tells her that she needs Dae-Poong because he is the real expert and would know how to process the leather the best. Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo go to see Dae-Poong and they apologize to him and explain what they want. He tells her that he wants her to sing and that is the best way for him to work well and she agrees and sings a song for him. He gives her a thumbs up and they leave.  Jin-Hoo gets mad and tells her not to sing because it makes her look easy. He tells her that he is so mad at himself because he can’t help her and that that he gets angry over nothing and laughs crazily over nothing and he feels pathetic and incompetent because of her.

Picture 12

Jung-Soo then remembers all the times with Jin-Hoo and comes to the realization of his feelings for her. She goes to his house and when he comes home she tells him that she got what he was saying earlier and that she understands his feelings. Jin-Hoo tells her to think of it as an installment just do what she can without burdening herself and if she is willing to come to him and this ends the 14th episode.

Picture 13

Aww that was such a sweet way of telling her to start seeing him as a potential boyfriend. I love it that he doesn’t force her to either accept him or reject him right away but to give her time and let them be comfortable with each other. The smile he gives at the end is sooo cute!!! I can’t believe that it took Jung-Soo that long to figure out that Jin-Hoo has feelings for her! sheesh!! I mean of course she is going to have to fall in love with him now!! I also have to say Manager Kang is also looking pretty good when Kyung-Hee rests her head on his shoulder.  If I was Jung-Soo I would let someone onto the secret because it is so frustrating by herself, but if she did that then they may spill the beans before her and she could lose control of the situation. I think she also can’t tell because she knows what she is doing is wrong and that she should stop. I mean even if Do-Young finds out she will have more memories with Kyung-Hee and see her more as a daughter than Jung-Soo because she has been with them longer. I guess because she has parents they would feel uncomfortable and stop being her adoptive parents maybe? When Jung-Soo met Do-Young I wondered if she was going to take on Kyung-Hee identity and introduce her as the cousin of Kyung-Hee! It makes sense Kyung-Hee took her identity so logically she can take Kyung-Hee’s identity. I hope that Ah-Ra isn’t going to keep spying on them because if she still does I wonder if the other team will try to copy their design and then presents theirs first so it looks like Luna copied Alberto’s design? This drama is still exciting and I cannot wait for next week’s episodes!!!


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