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Her Legend Episode 13 Recap/Summary September 17, 2013

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The 13th episode starts with Jung-Soo leaving Kyung-Hee’s house. Do-Young seems to have overheard a bit and chases after Jung-Soo asking who she is and why she is doing this to her daughter. Kyung-Hee stops Do-Young and tells her that she will explain everything so Jung-Soo leaves. Kyung-Hee tells Do-Young that she came here demanding an explanation because her design wasn’t stolen and that is is all settled now. Kyung-Hee goes to her room and then rips up Jung-Soo’s mom photo. Jin-Hoo drives home and finds Jung-Soo waiting outside and he scolds her for not remembering the code to the house. Jung-Soo’ asks for his birthday and she opens the door using that for the code. She knows it is his house and he apologizes.

Picture 1

He makes her curry and asks more about Kyung-Hee and why she is so upset but then leaves it alone when she looks upset. She sleeps on the couch and he sleeps outside in his car. Manger Kang sees Kyung-Hee and she brushes him off. Aunt is cleaning Jung-Soo’s room and Do-Young comes in to put clothes away and finds the pouch and ripped photo of Jung-Soo’s room.  She takes it to her own room and puts the picture together realizing that it is Jung-Soo’s mom.

Picture 2

Kyung-Hee talks to Aunt and tells her that she should convince Jung-Soo to go abroad because she could still change her mind about telling Do-Young. As Kyung-Hee is driving in the parking lot she hits Jin-Hoo and she takes him to the hospital. 

Picture 3

He has to wear a hand cast that he can take off in a couple days and foot cast that he needs for a couple weeks but is still able to walk. Kyung-Hee takes him home and goes in to find Jung-Soo getting ready to leave. He acts like he is in pain to convince her to stay longer. He gets her to make him a meal and help feed him because he can only use one hand. As he is eating Kyung-Hee comes over with sushi and wants to eat with him. Jung-Soo hides in the cupboard and almost gets caught by Jung-Soo.

Picture 4

When Kyung-Hee is leaving she sees Jung-Soo’s purse on the couch and realizes that she is staying there. Jung-Soo then leaves. Kyung-Hee meets with Manager Kang and she confirms with him that Jung-Soo is staying at Jin-Hoo’s house but Manager Kang is suspicious about why Jung-Soo was more upset finding out that Kyung-Hee was the one that had been adopted then finding out that a different child was adopted. Jung-Soo goes to a sauna for the night. 

Picture 5

Jung-Soo goes for an interview and they tell her that they can’t hire her because of her educational background but they would like to buy her designs. Her friend tells her that she should sell them so they can get a place. The manager from the company that her and her family made bags for calls and she goes down the shopping network. She arranges the bags in a more appealing way for the show.

Picture 6

Her uncle also came and they talk afterwards, he tells her that he can’t handle her disappointment and despair and that he wants her to come home even if she resents him for the rest of her life. She tells him that she is staying with a friend and leaves.

Picture 7

Jin-Hoo has found out that Jung-Soo is staying at the sauna and he joins her. He tells her that he needs it for his aching muscles from the accident.

Picture 8

Jung-Soo then goes to bed and two big men come to sleep on either side of her. Jin-Hoo then tries to push one guy away from her and tries to protect both sides of her and puts pillows all around her as a barrier.

Picture 9

Jin-Hoo continues to hang around the sauna the next day and notices that his arm and leg fell all better. At work their is a joint meeting between Sae Kyung and ShinHwa group and Luna’s budget gets cut in half. President Do, Director Choi, Jin-Hoo, Kyung-Hee, and her dad have a meal together. President makes a comment about how he wants Kyung-Hee and Jin-Hoo paired up and everyone likes it except Jin-Hoo protests. Kyung-Hee talks to Jin-Hoo alone and she tells him that she likes him and has feelings for him. He tells her to stop and she tells him that she won’t give up and that eventually he will get caught and end up with her.

Picture 10

Jung-Soo goes to a meeting to sign papers to sell her designs, she almost finishes signing when she changes her mind and leaves. At the company Jung-Soo’s bag has becomes very popular on a couple of fashion websites. At a meeting Manager Kang and Jin-Hoo talk about using the design because technically it wasn’t stolen and belongs to them but the problem is that they could get accused of stealing again. Jung-Soo has also seen her design popularity and goes to Director Choi and she gives him the option to buy her design and wants him to apologize to her. He tells her that the only way to get him to apologize is for her to win. She wants to become a designer rather then selling the design to him.

Picture 11

The next day Jung-Soo goes to ShinHwa as a designer and meets Manager Goo and Kyung-Hee in the hallway, and notices Jung-Soo has an employee card.

Picture 12

Picture 13

I can’t believe that Jung-Soo is still so dense when it comes to Jin-Hoo!! I mean he is letting her live at his house!! isn’t she curious why he would do that for her? I mean she doesn’t even consider him a friend! Jin-Hoo still continued to be his adorable self when he takes care of her and then forces her to take care of him. The best part when he is protecting her from the other men that are trying to sleep next to her! which is completely creepy! Jin-Hoo can sleep next to her at the sauna but he can’t sleep in his house with her in it? I love that Jung-Soo is so independent and isn’t living at her Uncle and Aunt’s house where they can manipulate her anymore. It was a nice break from having to see the Aunt in this episode! I love that Jung-Soo is going to be a designer now and work with Jin-Hoo!! Kyung-Hee may have another panic attack with Jung-Soo standing for herself now. I love that Jin-Hoo has no interest in her! It doesn’t even really look like she likes him, it seems like he will be useful for her and that is why she is going to force him to be with her. I think that the next episode is going to be fun to watch with Jung-Soo having all the power!!

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6 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 13 Recap/Summary”

  1. Marie Says:

    I also like the part that JinHoo lays pillows around JungSoo to protect her from the guys. I was afraid that the guys will hit him when he pushed the guy away from JungSoo. I do not understand why JinHoo cannot stay in his own house when he lets JungSoo stayed in his house. Also why is JungSoo not taking care of JinHoo when he was hurt in the accident? Did you watch the preview of next episode? Is JinHoo shouting at JungSoo? What is he shouting?

  2. Yeah I was surprised when Jin-Hoo was physically pushing that guy that he wasn’t pushing him back! I am not really sure why those guys were going to sleep next to Jung-Soo anyway? I would have woken up Jung-Soo and made her aware of the situation so she could move away! yes they should have just both stayed at Jin-Hoo’s house!! I mean it was big enough for both of them to sleep apart! I guess because Jin-Hoo was not that hurt and Jung-Soo does not have the same feelings that Jin-Hoo has for her that it wasn’t a concern for her? Sorry I do not watch previews, I like the surprise when I watch the next episode!

  3. Marie Says:

    Thanks for the reply.Have you watched last night’s episode? Anything interesting?

  4. Your welcome! Thanks for reading! I have not watched last nights episode! I am waiting for the sub and will probably watch it tonight!

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