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Her Legend Episode 12 Recap/Summary September 13, 2013

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The 12th episode starts with Jung-Soo leaving ShinHwa when Jin-Hoo phones her and wants to meet her so she tells him to meet in the lobby and as she waits she sees Kyung-Hee leaving with Do-Young. Manager Kang sees her as she is in shock and she gets angry that he did not tell her that the adopted daughter was Kyung-Hee.

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She grabs a taxi and Manager Kang and Jin-Hoo are both trying to stop her and calm her down.  Jin-Hoo and Manager Kang try to figure out why Jung-Soo was so upset that the adopted person was Kyung-Hee. She goes home and she asks her Aunt and Uncle about the whole situation and Aunt tries to make excuses and Uncle starts crying and doesn’t make excuses but offers to go down to Do-Young’s house and make it right.

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Do-Young and Kyung-Hee have dinner together and Do-Young asks if she is uncomfortable because she never argues with them. That normal parent child relationships argue but she never does and Kyung-Hee says she doesn’t understand those kids who would want to fight that she loves spending time with her. Jung-Soo runs out the house and goes to Kyung-Hee’s house and sees Kyung-Hee making a call alone. The two of them are talking and Jung-Soo is putting it altogether that Kyung-Hee took her letters and was asking her questions. Kyung-Hee tells her that she did it because she hated being poor and was more desperate than she was, that Jung-Soo was happy being poor. Jung-Soo stands up for herself and tells her that she is going to see Do-Young and tell her who the real Jung-Soo is and Kyung-Hee tells her she doesn’t care and to do what she wants. Kyung-Hee tells her that Do-Young’s health isn’t completely recovered yet and she could go into shock. Jung-Soo slaps Kyung-Hee and tells her that she was in so much pain because Kyung-Hee told her that she was unlucky and thought she had caused the car accident. Kyung-Hee has chest pains and Jung-Soo takes her to the hospital.

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Do-Young and Mr. Woo go the hospital and the doctor tells him that she was having pain in her chest and was given medicine. Jung-Soo sees them with Kyung-Hee and watches them and then goes and cries on a bench beside the hospital.

Picture 4

 Jin-Hoo is concerned and tries phoning her but her phone is off and in the morning Jin-Hoo has slept in his car waiting for Jung-Soo to come home. Jung-Soo did not come home and the family isn’t able to sleep very well. Kyung-Ho leaves and meets Jin-Hoo waiting outside and they go and talk and Jin-Hoo tries to get more information about where Jung-Soo is and Kyung-Ho doesn’t know either. Jung-Soo comes home and packs her bag and is going to move out, she thanks them for raising her and her Aunt and Uncle argue and then she leaves and her Uncle tries to stop her.

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Do-Young is at the hospital with Kyung-Hee and Manager Kang phones her and Do-Young answers. She tells him that Kyung-Hee is in the hospital and that she won’t come to work. Do-Young then looks at Kyung-Hee’s phone and sees Jung-Soo’s name and tries phoning the number but Jung-Soo doesn’t answer. Kyung-Hee wakes up and Do-Young tells her that Kang phoned and then goes to get her food. Kyung-Hee then looks at the calls and sees that Do-Young phoned Jung-Soo. Kyung-Hee takes her phone to the washroom and drops it into the sink with water. Mr. Woo talks to the doctor and he tells him that there is nothing wrong with her heart and that it is psychological. Jin-Hoo visits Jung-Soo’s friend trying to find out where Jung-Soo is and she doesn’t tell him. Manager Kang goes and looks for Jung-Soo at the beach by Do-Young’s house and she is not there. At the office the online public don’t care whether or not Shinhwa stole the design but just the connection has tainted the brand. There is speculation that Shinhwa paid off Red Milano to say the design wasn’t stolen. Director Choi tells Manager Kang that he wants to rebrand Luna and bring in a new concept and that he is thinking of bringing a foreign brand. Jung-Soo’s friend goes to where Jung-Soo is staying and brings her food, Jin-Hoo barges in and sees Jung-Soo. He takes her bag and they both run after him, he then lifts her up and forces her in the car.

Picture 7

As they are driving he holds her hand and says this is the best way to comfort someone and she starts crying. He takes her to his house but pretends to phone a friend in Italy and makes her think that the friend owns the house and is going to be away for the month. He takes her and she falls asleep on the couch, he cooks her a meal and then has to leave to go to the office.

Picture 8

 Jung-Soo wakes up and finds a note telling her to go the kitchen and finds a food shaped in a form of a bear, she notices the teddy bear on the chair is wearing her headband that she gave to Jin-Hoo.

Picture 10

At the hospital Kyung-Hee tells Do-Young to go home and Do-Young tells her she told her husband to take her out of work because of stress. Aunt comes to the hospital and tells her Jung-Soo has left home and she doesn’t know what she is going to do. After Jung-Soo is done eating Jin-Hoo left a note saying to solve a problem on the board and she tries but can’t solve it. She gets a delivery with all the necessities she needs to live.  Jin-Hoo, Director Choi, President and Manager Kang are in a meeting and Jin-Hoo doesn’t want to get rid of the Luna project and Director Choi disagrees. Jin-Hoo says he will run the Luna project and Director Choi can do the foreign brand.  Manager Kang and Jin-Hoo meet and Manager Kang says he can’t choose his side because he doesn’t have the security. Jin-Hoo tells him that Jung-Soo is at his house and that he is going to stay at Manager Kang’s house now.

Picture 9

Kyung-Hee going home from the hospital is asked about Eun Jung-Soo name in her phone by Do-Young. She tells her that it was someone that she worked with and just a coincidence it was her name. Jung-Soo then goes to Kyung-Hee’s house and introduces herself as  friend of Kyung-Hee’s to Do-Young. Jung-Soo is taken to Kyung-Hee’s room and Do-Young leaves to get drinks for them. 

Picture 11

Kyung-Hee gets on her knees and tells her she was wrong and asks her to forgive her. Jung-Soo tells her that she has thought about how to torment her and has decided that she is not going to tell Do-Young so she should continue living here pretending to be her and calling her parents Uncle and Aunt forever. That she is going to crush her but doesn’t know yet.

Picture 12

Kyung-Hee calls out Jung-Soo as she opens the door and Do-Young is there looking shocked and this is how the 12th episode ends.

Picture 14

I have to say the acting is really believable and well done in this drama! I can feel Kyung-Hee’s fear and Jung-Soo’s anger and sadness. I am a little shocked that Jung-Soo is able to be vengeful with Kyung-Hee but I guess everyone has got their limits. I have a feeling that it is not going to go very well! I mean she won’t have Do-Young hating her because she thinks she is bullying her real daughter. The real truth is going to have to come out sometime!! I do not know about anyone else but it is sexy to have a man cooking for you!! and he even did it in the shape of a cute bear!! I thought Jung-Soo is going to figure out Jin-Hoo lives there I mean she will probably recognize something? and doesn’t he need to pack somethings before he stays at Manager Kang’s house? Oh when he held her hand it was soo sweet!! How can she be so dense and not understand that he loves her? he goes and finds  her and picks her up and forces her to go with him!!  This was just such an awesome episode!! I love seeing the changes in characters, Jung-Soo standing up for herself and Kyung-Hee begging!! I wonder how much Do-Young heard or understands? It will be interesting to see how Kyung-Hee gets out of this situation.


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  1. Peter navels Says:

    Nice,i like when jin hoo cooked for her he is kind

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