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Her Legend Episode 11 Recap/Summary September 12, 2013

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The 11th episode starts with Manager Kang asking Kyung-Hee all these questions and Do-Young comes out and Kyung-Hee forces their conversation to end and Kyung-Hee goes in with her. Do-Young thinks that Kyung-Hee is dating Manager Kang and Kyung-Hee corrects her. Aunt comes over and tells Kyung-Hee about Jung-Soo seeing Do-Young. Do-Young overhears a bit of the conversation. Manager Kang meets with Jung-Soo asks her if she knew Kyung-Hee before working with her and she says no because she is protecting Kyung-Hee.

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As Aunt leaves Kyung-Hee and they are alone she hugs Aunt crying saying she is scared of what could happen. Aunt reassures her that it won’t happen and that she will stop Jung-Soo from finding her and that she was fated to take Jung-Soo’s position and that she should be good to her adoptive parents so that even if Jung-Soo finds out they won’t be able to kick her out.

Picture 2

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Kyung-Hee meets with Manager Kang the next day and he asks her if she is adopted and that the person Jung-Soo is looking for his her mother. She clutches her chest in pain, but is alright she tells him she will tell him everything if he can keep a secret. Kyung-Hee then tells him that because of her health they adopted her and that her mom still thinks that she is the child that she originally tried to adopt. That since Jung-Soo is looking for her mom she could be the child that she originally tried to adopt. She asks Manager Kang to not tell Jung-Soo because if her mom found out she could go into shock and harm her mom.

Picture 4

Uncle comes home and says he got them a job which is to make 100 bags for the day after tomorrow because the business that was supposed to got flooded. If they complete the job they may get more orders from the company. Jin-Hoo goes down to Jung-Soo’s house on his motorcycle because he wants to learn how to make bags from her. Jung-Soo and her family are busy making bags and Jung-Soo puts her uncle in charge of teaching him, and he is not pleased because he wanted her to teach him.

Picture 5

They all work together and then the company phones saying they want to see a sample so Jin-Hoo offers to take Jung-Soo on his motorcycle to the company and the company accepts their samples. Manager Kang phones Jung-Soo to meet him and Jin-Hoo gets jealous and takes off on his motorcycle without her. 

Picture 6

Manger Kang and Jung-Soo meet and he tells her that he doesn’t want to tell her because he is afraid she will be more hurt by what he found. She starts crying and wants to know what happened to Do-Young. He tells her that Do-Young adopted someone else who thinks it is her when she came out of the coma. Jung-Soo is just relieved that Do-Young’s health is improving and says she won’t visit her.

Picture 7

Jung-Soo gets driven home by Manager Kang and cries in her room. The next morning her uncle tries to wake her up but she is too sick and gets brought to the hospital.

Picture 8

Kyung-Hee meets Manager Kang at work and tells her that he told Jung-Soo the situation and that he wants her to tell Jung-Soo she was the one that got adopted. She refuses and he tells her that she is very worried about Do-Young. At the hospital she calls out for Do-Young. Jung-Soo leaves the hospital and goes to eat with her uncle and she tells him that Do-Youn from the states tried to contact her. Uncle talks to Aunt and he wants to come clean and she of course refuses. When Aunt is cleaning up she comes across a painting of a young Jung-Soo and decides to take it because Do-Young might be able to recognize Jung-Soo if she saw her. Do-Young’s husband sees her take it and tells his wife and she realizes which painting she took. Kyung-Hee goes over to Jung-Soo’s house and offers to pay for Jung-Soo’s abroad education. Jung-Soo doesn’t really want to go because of the family situation, being a burden, and she feels it is too late. Uncle wants her to go and says she is entitled more than Kyung-Hee to go and use her money. 

Picture 9

Kyung-Hee tells the Aunt alone that she needs Jung-Soo out of the country to be able to breathe and the Aunt is worried about her coming back and treating Kyung-Hee differently. Jin-Hoo is doing his math exercises and is also trying to figure out Jung-Soo’s stealing design situation. He writes an email to the press that ShinHwa stole a design. The press goes crazy and they start hounding ShinHwa.

Picture 10

Director Choi instructs that no one say anything to the press and block them. The President has a meeting and is mad at everyone for not being able to control the press. Jin-Hoo speaks to the press and tells them that there has been a false report given to the press and media and that ShinHwa will be pressing charges against these allegations. Kyung-Hee is mad at Jin-Hoo for his actions and he tells him that he knows that we didn’t copy the design and that the fax was manipulated. He is waiting for a reaction from Red Milanoo and Kyung-Hee is insulted and says that their brand is going to be tainted from this no matter what. Jin-Hoo is called in to see the President and Director Choi and is mad that he interfered and he tells them that the design was not stolen and that the truth will come out.

Picture 11

Director Choi has realized what Jin-Hoo did that the truth will come out because he was the one that sent the info to the press so it will come faster but he is disappointed in his actions. Jin-Hoo at home has a math calculation for his plan and is hoping it will work for his company. Red Milanoo releases a statement the next day that the design was never leaked and Jung-Soo finds out when Kyung-Ho puts the tv on. Jung-Soo goes to Kyung-Hee at the company and wants a confession from Kyung-Hee about planning the whole thing and Kyung-Hee doesn’t really answer her questions. Kyung-Hee gets a call that her mom is here and Kyung-Hee sends Jung-Soo out. 

Picture 12

As Kyung-Hee and her mom leave the company they pass by Jung-Soo who sees them together and this is how the 11th episode ends.

Picture 13

This episode brought soo much revelation for Jung-Soo! I thought it was genius how Kyung-Hee could manipulate almost every situation for her benefit and the lie she made up to Manager Kang! She is pretty sly but in the end the truth has caught up with her. The truth always comes out!! Jin-Hoo he is so brave in this episode! the way he is on the path to find truth mainly for Jung-Soo. Manager Kang is also on a path of truth for Jung-Soo, but unfortunately he was caught up in Kyung-Hee’s snare and was not able to deliver the full truth to Jung-Soo. I think that is a defining moment for Manager Kang to be out of the running for Jung-Soo’s love. Jin-Hoo is just so much more dedicated to her and when he was helping making bags it was just sooo cute!! His math calculations are also such a cute quirk but I mean he must be a genius to be able to apply those calculations to real life! He was a genius to leak the info to the press because he knew Red Milano would want to clarify the situation for their benefit. Now Jung-Soo will hopefully figured out that Kyung-Hee is Do-Young’s adopted daughter and now she will know the full truth and that will of course make Manager Kang look bad because he said he had met the adopted daughter. I do not really understand why Kyung-Hee is so afraid of the truth coming out? I mean she is pretty old and can stand on her own 2 feet even if they find out. She has a proper education and could get a job on her own and make her own way. She could even move out into an apartment and have separated herself from them or gone back to the States herself. Oh well it is still exciting nonetheless!! I am not sure what Jung-Soo will do now, I mean she knows it is Kyung-Hee so I think she would have less of a problem telling Do-Young the truth because hurting Kyung-Hee would be easier. So maybe in the next episode she will be able to tell Do-Young?


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