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Her Legend Episode 10 Recap/Summary September 5, 2013

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The tenth episode starts with Jin-Hoo telling Manager Kang that he has feelings for Jung-Soo. Manager Kang tells him that he doesn’t have any feelings for her and that what he needed to tell her, he can do it later and that it is not what he thinks. Jin-Hoo tells him that he has Jung-Soo’s phone and that he read the messages and deleted them. He apologizes and Manager Kang does not say much. Jung-Soo and the family discuss that she was fired and they talk about getting new jobs. Picture 1

Jin-Hoo goes back to Jung-Soo’s house and returns the phone and he tells he is hurt that she returned it and she says she will pay him back. He asks her instead to teach him how to make handbags and wants to learn from her because he is embarrassed and she tells him she will think about it. He tells her that he did try to find her after she left the picture to apologize but she wasn’t there. She accepts his apology and says that there must be some way to clear her name.

Picture 2

Jin-Hoo phones Matthew and talks in english and asks him a favor and if he knows anyone from Red Milano. Jung-Soo goes to Shin Hwa and talks to Director Choi and tells him that the fax from Red Milano is a fake and if they trace it back they can confirm it wasn’t their design. He tells her that the design will be ruled out so it is fruitless to try to figure out if it has been copied. She says she came to give him an old article and leaves it with him.

Picture 3

Kyung-Ho is outside protesting that Jung-Soo was falsely accused and the security guards grab him and Jung-Soo finds him at that time and as Kyung-Hee is walking by Kyung-Ho recognizes and runs to the elevator. Kyung-Ho gets taken by the police for disturbing the police. 

Picture 4

Kyung-Ho gets let off with a warning. As Jung-Soo is selling bags on the street she sends Manager Kang a text apologizing for letting him down and he answers telling her she did a good job. Kyung-Hee asks how Manager Kang is doing because he noticed that he was looking down and he blew her off. Manager Kang goes to get Jin-Hoo to sign off on doing a survey for rich young men and Kang acts professional and Jin-Hoo tells him to relax but he doesn’t.

Picture 5

Jin-Hoo goes to Jung-Soo’s house and they set a time for when he can come learn how to make purses.

Picture 6

Uncle goes to Shin Hwa group to try to talk Kyung-Hee into helping Jung-Soo. Uncle of course offends Kyung-Hee because she feels he would never go out of his way to help her and feels he would only help Jung-Soo.

Picture 7

She tells him she doesn’t want her in the company and as he is leaving he runs into Director Choi and they look surprised to see each other. They go to his office and it comes out that Director Choi stole his father’s secret book on processing leathers and then soon after the same company he worked for made bags using the same process. Director Choi had been dating Hye-Jung, Jung-Soo’s mother at that time and had used her by stealing the book. The Uncle tells him that he should have pursued Hye-Jung even though his father was not going to allow them to be together.

Picture 9

 Director Choi also finds out that Hye-Jung died and then cancels all his appointments for the day and seems upset by this information. Jung-Soo gets hired by a department store and while she is working she hears Do-Young’s name called out and Do-Young going down in an elevator, Jung-Soo tries to find her but is unable to.

Picture 8

Picture 10

Jung-Soo sits outside and cries. Jung-Soo then hurries down the old house where Do-Young lived and finds that someone new has moved into the house. Director Choi has also gone to the same place where Hye-Jung’s ashes were spread and talks about wanting to at least meet up with her once. The aunt is cleaning Kyung-Hee’s house when Kyung-Hee comes home at first she doesn’t want Aunt working there but then decides it will be a good idea because Aunt will try to find out how much Do-Young remembers and help Kyung-Hee. Kyung-Hee then convinces her adoptive dad who is against hiring her. 

Picture 11

Manager Kang is driving and Jung-Soo phones him but doesn’t speak so he drives to where she is and finds her by Do-Young’s house.

Picture 12

He takes her to get food and she tells him what happened about finding Do-Young and no one living at the house. He tells her that she believes she never stole the design and is trying to figure out a way to clear her name but it is frustrating. Jin-Hoo gets a call from Matthew and tells him that Red Milano has very tight security and the designs are really hard to get. Do-Young at home tells her husband that a girl at the department store is very familiar and she can’t get her out of her head. Manager Kang takes Jung-Soo home and he tells her that he has a friend who is a private investigator and he can find Do-Young for her. Manager Kang meets with his friend the PI and he is has some information about the Woo’s.

Picture 13

Jung-So tells her Aunt that she found Do-Young and she tries to brush it off but she is actually worried and wants to tell Kyung-Hee.  Jung-Soo tells Manager Kang that she was a former artist and his friend gives him an address and on the address is says Kim Jong-Wook and Woo Do-Young and then Kyung-Hee pulls up. Manager Kang asks her a bunch of questions and she is shocked and this is how the 10th episode ends.

Picture 14

So what will Manager Kang do? will we help Jung-Soo the new girl he is having feelings for or his old flame Kyung-Hee who he seems to still have feelings for? He seems so upright so I think he will have to help Jung-Soo! It looks like Manager Kang is starting to realize that he also has developed some feelings for Jung-Soo but it looks like he is the type of friend that will step aside and let his other friend have happiness. To be fair Jin-Hoo has basically called dibs on Jung-Soo and I mean Jin-Hoo technically met her first? It seems like Jung-Soo finds Kang dependable because he was the one she called to when she was in trouble so she must have some feelings for him. We find out that Director Choi stole Jung-Soo’s grandfather’s secret way to age leather and that is why their family business failure has been Jung-Soo’s mother fault. Her mother should have told Director Choi that she was pregnant, but I guess she wanted him to succeed in the purse business? I wonder if Manager Kang is going to blackmail Kyung-Hee into letting Jung-Soo be rehired if he doesn’t tell her the truth? This series is getting interesting!!


9 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 10 Recap/Summary”

  1. snow_white Says:

    Is this drama good??

  2. Audrey Says:

    I really like this sentence that you wrote ” To be fair Jin-Hoo has basically called dibs on Jung-Soo and I mean Jin-Hoo technically met her first?” It seems really funny and witty to mean. Thanks so much for your recaps.

  3. Audrey Says:

    I meant to write “to me,” not “mean”…sorry for typo

  4. Ha Ni Says:

    I find Jung Soo’s yearning for Do Young a little weird. They only knew each other for a couple of months. I know ajumma was her light and savior in a really dark time in her life, but why, after 17 years is she still so fixated on her?They hardly ever show her thinking of or missing her own mother. Her uncle is a semi-well intentioned idiot, her aunt is a b*tch, and her oppa is a bum, but over the years, they have developed their own family unit. She doesn’t get treated as bad as she did when she was a kid. Plus her uncle and cousin pretty much treat her how they would have treated Kyung Hee (probably even better)

    • I totally understand what you are saying Ha Ni! She did only know her for a short time and will have developed a place for herself within the family unit she has now! especially with Kyung-Hee gone! I mean she has said before that she just hopes that Do-Young is okay and that would be enough for her! I guess she just wants to be able to talk to Do-Young and maybe because it was an unresolved problem and she may need a resolution to move on?

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