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Her Legend Episode 9 Recap/Summary September 4, 2013

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The 9th episode starts with Jung-Soo and Manager Kang going to her house and he asks if he can borrow her design book and she agrees. They find Jin-Hoo and Kyung-Hee at Jung-Soo’s house and Jin-Hoo explains they came for the view. Manager Kang says he gave Jung-Soo a ride home and Kyung-Hee shows her jealousy and gets a ride back from Manager Kang. Jin-Hoo asks what Jung-Soo was doing with Kang and she tells him he was just helping her out and bringing her home and he shows his jealousy and drives away. In the morning Kyung-Hee goes to Jung-Soo’s house and questions her relationship with the men and she tells her that their is no relationship between either of them. Kyung-Hee tells her that she dated Manager Kang and doesn’t want her to date him and that currently she is testing the waters with Jin-Hoo and doesn’t want her near him either.Picture 1

Picture 2

Kyung-Ho comes home and is in bad shape and his mom finds him he tries to apologize because he lost all the money.

Picture 3

Jin-Hoo gets scolded for messing up the date that he set up for him and he tries to apologize and ask to not have him set up anymore.  Kyung-Hee comes in and she apologizes for her actions in the situation and the President thinks they are dating. Jin-Ho tries to explain that they have no relationship and Kyung-Hee doesn’t say anything.

Picture 4

As they walk away together Kyung-Hee suggests giving it a try and that she tells him that she may have asked him out first but that he will propose to her and that she wants to have a wager. Ah-Ra goes to see Manager Kang and he confronts her about stealing Jung-Soo’s design and see starts crying and admits her guilt.

Picture 5

Kang, Jin-Hoo, Kyung-Hee and Manager Goo have a meeting. Jin-Hoo and Manager Kang want to just hire Jung-Soo and it is decided to have an internal investigation. Manager Kang tells Jung-Soo what will happen and that if they find that she has stolen the design there will be a public announcement of her resignation. Jung-Soo runs into Jin-Hoo and they go out for coffee so she can ask him to help Ah-Ra so she won’t be fired and ruin her career. He agrees he will help if he can. 

Picture 6

 Kyung-Hee makes a call and talks to someone in English about having a once in a lifetime favor. The Aunt goes to visit Do-Young and finds out they have no maid and offers to become theirs and Do-Young can’t turn her down. At the investigation Ah-Ra is asked if she stole Jung-Soo’s design and she says she did not, that she stole it from the Italy fashion group Red Milano. Kyung-Hee hands out a fax from the Red Milano with the same design. So they come to the conclusion that Jung-Soo and Ah-Ra both have stolen from Red Milano.

Picture 7

Jung-Soo freaks out a bit saying that she never stole the design. Jung-Soo goes to talk to Kyung-Hee and she has figured out that Kyung-Hee will have set her up and then tells her that she knows she is afraid of her but doesn’t know why. Kyung-Hee ignores that and tells her to get out. Jin-Hoo tries to talk to the President and help him not to fire Jung-Soo but he disagrees because they need to do what is best for the company. Director Choi and Manager Kang talk and he tells him that the President wants to have Jin-Hoo liable for Luna and that it will be a holding company. Director Choi gives him the advice that since he will have to choose the company or a friend one day he should prepare something that he can use to his advantage and be able to have some leverage or he won’t survive.  Jung-Soo clears out her desk and resets the phone to give back to Jin-Hoo. Jung-Soo leaves and the staff think something weird is going on because how would they get the design that hasn’t come out yet. Director Choi and Manager Kang are walking together when Jung-Soo is leaving and he recognizes her from earlier and he excuses Kang. Kang runs after her looking for her but misses her.

Picture 8

  Jin-Hoo also looks for her but misses her. Jung-Soo goes to the cafe and gets her free drink card she got earlier with Jin-Hoo. She notices all of the cards are filled out for Jung-Soo and she takes them.

Picture 10

Jin-Hoo tries going there but she had left 10 minutes earlier. Jin-Hoo goes back and sees the phone given back and sees that Manager Kang is trying to phone her and leaves her a message saying he will wait for her where her stand normally is at 7. Jung-Soo goes to visit her friend and explains what happened to her and the decide to go drinking. Jin-Hoo waits at Jung-Soo’s house and Manager Kang waits on the street. Uncle and Kyung-Ho ask who he is and he tells them he is waiting for Jung-Soo and gets invited inside.  When Jin-Hoo is leaving Jung-Soo and her friend who’s name is Soo-Kyung come stumbling up.

Picture 11

Soo-Kyung goes with the family and Jung-Soo talks to Jin-Hoo alone. The family tries to figure out what is going on but Soo-Kyung doesn’t explain anything. Jin-Hoo  asks if she has a picture for proof that she didn’t copy the design and then pulls out the old picture of her that she had taped to the window.

Picture 12

Manager Kang tries phoning Jung-Soo again and just as Jin-Hoo is going to give her back the phone he feels it vibrating and decides not to. He looks at the message later and it says he is still waiting and that if she can’t come she should call. Jin-Hoo drives down there and finds Manger Kang and asks him if he as feelings for Jung-Soo and doesn’t let him answer.  Jin-Hoo tells Manager Kang that if he has feeling for Jung-Soo, he needs to stop because he has just realized he has feelings for her and this ends episode 9.

Picture 13

Picture 14

Wow quite an exciting ending to this episode! I didn’t think that Jin-Hoo was going to understand his feelings already! I mean it was quite obvious he did because he was always getting jealous whenever Manager Kang had anything to do with her. I love that Jin-Hoo has zero interest in Kyung-Hee and of course Kyung-Hee is going to be so upset in the end and that Jung-Soo is going to take everything away from her even the guy that she likes. To be honest I feel the same about Jin-Hoo and Manager Kang, I would be happy for either of them to end up with Jung-Soo although I do find it funny when Jin-Hoo gets upset and has little tantrums. Of course Jung-Soo is oblivious to the way he acts towards her!! I think it was dumb that Jung-Soo got fired because first of all Jung-Soo didn’t submit any design so therefore, she never plagiarized, and secondly if Jung-Soo had plagiarized to start off with why would she even want it to be investigated that would be more dangerous! such as her losing her job. Anyway it looks like she has 2 knights fighting for her so of course it is going to work out for her in the end. I love that Jung-Soo recognized that Kyung-Hee was afraid of her! I am sure that put Kyung-Hee in her place a bit. This was an awesome cliff hangar!


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