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Her Legend Episode 8 Recap/Summary August 31, 2013

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The 8th episode starts with Do-Young phoning Kyung-Hee about the trees. When Kyung-Hee asked Jung-Soo about Do-Young’s cottage she is suspicious,but then lets it go. Jung-Soo gets a call that someone opened a new number on her account and finds out it was Jin-Hoo. Jung-Soo goes to him and he acts cold, she tells him what happened and he gives her the bag and says he got a new phone and this one is free. She doesn’t want to accept it without a reason and tells her that no one around him uses a crappy phone.

Picture 1

Do-Young remembers that they had never planted trees because it rained, and so they painted a picture of it instead and Kyung-Hee let Do-Young think that she was letting her remember it on her own.

Picture 2

Jung-Soo talks to her friend and they try to figure out why he gave her a phone and her friend thinks that Jin-Hoo likes her and tells her to just use the phone because he doesn’t want anything from her. Kyung-Hee is dehydrated and gets an IV drip at home and Do-Young and her husband think that it is from overdoing it on the presentation.

Picture 3

Kyung-Hee is dreaming that Jung-Soo comes to the cottage and sees Kyung-Hee come out the cottage and hears Do-Young’s voice and tries to run to her but Kyung-Hee stops her. Kyung-Ho at home gets a text from a guy that wants money and so he gets the money that Kyung-Hee gave to the family for the store. Kyung-Hee has no appetite so Do-Young phones the Aunt and she goes over there and finds out that Do-Young is starting to get her memories back.

Picture 4

Kyung-Ho gives the money to a man for some sort of investment. 

Picture 5

The Aunt looks for the money at home and can’t find it. Kyung-Ho comes home and Aunt figures out he took it and she starts beating him up and then Uncle starts beating him up and Kyung-Ho runs out. Kyung-Hee comes back to work and everyone is concerned, Manager Kang talks to her and he tells her that he was worried about her. He tells her that he never understood her that she had loving parents and yet she was always lonely and he asks if the work is too burdensome. She says the work is the only reason she is functioning and he wonders what is troubling her. Do-Young is moving and the movers find a picture of Jung-Soo’s mother. In the meeting Ah-Ra gets in trouble for her design that didn’t look like she put in a lot of work for and has to make a new one. Manager Kang asks if Jung-Soo has anything to present and that makes Kyung-Hee mad. Jung-Soo walks in Ah-Ra upset in the bathroom and Ah-Ra remembers Jung-Soo design drawings and says no to herself as if she wants to steal the drawings.

Picture 6

Jung-Soo goes to the home in New York where Do-Young and her husband have moved into. Do-Young goes to Kyung-Hee’s room with her and and Kyung-Hee finds the picture of Jung-Soo’s mother. Kyung-Hee wonders out loud who she is and then turns to the back and it says who it is on the back and then tries to recover that she hasn’t seen it in such a long time she didn’t recognize her mother. 

Picture 7

Do-Young discusses with her husband about Kyung-Hee acting weird and he agrees that when she talks about her childhood she gets nervous. They sit down Kyung-Hee and tell her they are concerned about her memory and she lies and says that she doesn’t remember her childhood after the accident and they want to take her to the doctor. Ah-Ra goes to the Shin Hwa after hours and opens Jung-Soo’s design book and takes a picture of one of her designs.

Picture 8

At work Ah-Ra hands in her new design and she when she is going to present it she sends Jung-Soo on a errand. At the meeting Ah-Ra gets praised for the bag she copied from Jung-Soo. Before the presentation of the bags from the designer while Jung-Soo is making copies of the bags she finds her design and she confronts Ah-Ra. Ah-Ra gets mad at Jung-Soo for accusing her of copying her design and deflects everything Jung-Soo says and then slaps Jung-Soo. The rookie designer Eun-Joo had overheard them talking. After everyone presented their designs Ah-Ra’s copied design gets chosen for Luna’s main line. 

Picture 9

Eun-Joo goes and tells Manager Kang about Ah-Ra copying Jung-Soo’s design. Manager Kang tells Kyung-Hee about the problem and she wants him to drop it because it would be embarrassing for them that a part timer’s first time design was picked. Manager Kang doesn’t agree and tells her that he is not going to let it go. The president wants to set Jin-Hoo on a date with a woman. The President is talking to Director Choi and he talks about turning the Luna project into it’s own company and that Jin-Hoo would be in charge and liable for it. Jung-Soo meets Jin-Hoo and she wants to pay for the phone monthly and he finds out she has never accepted a gift so he tells her to think of him as santa claus and think of it as getting all the presents she should have had, just all at one. Jin-Hoo goes to meet the woman and Kyung-Hee is at the same restaurant to meet a friend. Jung-Soo is selling bags and Manager Kang has found her again and he looks through her sketches and sees the one that Ah-Ra has copied.

Picture 10

At the restaurant Jin-Hoo meets the woman and does not like her, Kyung-Hee texts him asking if he needs help and he agrees.

Picture 11

Kyung-Hee comes over and talks in Japanese and they talk about leaving and then  tells her that he needs to spend time with his Japanese friend because he flight leaves today. The girl responds in Japanese that they should have a good time and then leaves. Kyung-Hee and Jin-Hoo wants to relieve some stress so Kyung-Hee wants to go to a scary movie and scream her lungs out even though she is not scared.

Picture 12

Jin-Hoo thinks of Jung-Soo and he takes them to the area that Jung-Soo lives in and wants to see the view.

Picture 13

As they are looking, Manager Kang and Jung-Soo drive up and they all meet and this is how the 8th episode ends.

Picture 14

Poor Jung-Soo everything that could go wrong for her goes wrong!! I guess Jung-Soo is so easy to take advantage of since she is nice and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. And how annoying that Kyung-Ho stole the money and put it into some crappy investment that will more than likely be fake. I do not feel bad for the Aunt because she has done worse things. I really wonder how Director Choi and Jung-Soo are going to meet paths and find the connection of her mother between them. If I was Kyung-Hee I would have just said that since the childhood was so traumatic that she started repressing the memories and now she can’t remember them! that seems easier to hide than doctors not being able to find anything wrong with her. I am looking forward to what happens next!!


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