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Her Legend Episode 7 Recap/Summary August 28, 2013

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The 7th episode starts with Kyung-Hee revealing who she is and she explains that she had recognized Jung-Soo but had just avoided her. Kyung-Hee tells her that she was adopted by a family while in the States and that is why her name is changed. She tells Jung-Soo that she wants her to quit the company. Do-Young gets her memories back and goes home and finds the white shoes that Jung-Soo had worn on the 1st day when she had been rescued. Aunt tries to convince Jung-Soo to leave the company so that she won’t stress out Kyung-Hee. Kyung-Hee at home finds the letter Do-Young had written for the day and it says that she remembers their first meeting and being rescued. Uncle gets drunk and tries totell Jung-Soo about Kyung-Hee but Aunt stops him and shuts him up. Picture 1

Aunt brings home some papers and wants Uncle to write a memorandum that if he ever comes home drunk again all he is getting is the clothes on his back. Jung-Soo tells Kyung-Hee that she is going to keep working because the owner of their shop went bankrupt so their business is on hold and all the victims are trying to file a joint action and they need money for that. Kyung-Hee tells her that she will give them all the money for that but Jung-Soo also doesn’t want to leave because the job makes her happy. Jin-Hoo and Jung-Soo meet and she asks for her cover back so he gives it back to her and he notices that she is upset but she won’t tell him why. After she gives Manager Kang the tablet cover instead.

Picture 2

Kyung-Hee aunt, uncle and Kyung-Ho are at home and Kyung-Hee gives them money to restart their business again. Uncle refuses to accept the money and then she leaves.

Picture 3

At work as they go to lunch Kyung-Hee treats but forces Jung-Soo to stay back and work through lunch. As everyone leaves Jung-Soo notices that he is using the cover and he thanks her. As the group is leaving they catch Jin-Hoo and forces him to come along. Jin-Hoo notices that Jung-Soo is missing and Manager Kang tells him she had to work. Ah-Ra asks who that women was from the club and he tells her that it was not his girlfriend.

Picture 4

Someone points out to Manager Kang’s new tablet cover and everyone likes it and Kyung-Hee thinks they should include tablet covers with their Luna project. Jin-Hoo tells Jung-Soo that he wants his tablet cover by tomorrow morning. Director Choi is told that the President is preparing to branch out the Luna project into it’s own company and then plans to turn it into a holding company and Jin-Hoo would be in charge of it. Director Choi doesn’t want that to happen and is told the board of directors don’t want that to happen either and he decides to play along with it for now.

Picture 5

Director Choi visits Yoon Suk’s grave who is Jin-Hoo’s father and Jin-Hoo comes because he is visiting his mom’s grave. Jin-Hoo explains because he lost his parents when he was young he doesn’t miss them but he feels the absence instead.

Picture 6

Jung-Soo works on the tablet all night and is on Jin-Hoo’s desk in the morning and seems pretty pleased.

Picture 7

Jung-Soo is in trouble with Kyung-Hee because the reseach data is a mess that she handed in and Jung-Soo tells Manager Goo that she had done what she had asked and doesn’t know why it is only missing the report folder. Manager Goo scolds her and says that it is still her fault that it happened. Jung-Soo is selling bags on the street and Manager Kang comes and helps her sell a bag.

Picture 8

They eat icecream and he talks about New York, Jung-Soo asks if he lived on West 89th street because she sent letters to an address for 10 years and he looks at the address she has and realizes that she was the one sending all the letters to his address and he sent it back to him. Jin-Hoo goes to Jung-Soo’s address because he wants to give her a new phone and he has to wait for a long time and as he is wating he sees Manager Kang walking Jung-Soo home.

Picture 9

Jin-Hoo gets mad and drives towards them and Manager Kang grabs her out of the way.

Picture 10

Do-Young has another memory come back where they planted a tree for each of them and phones Kyung-Hee asking about it. Kyung-Hee asks Jung-Soo about trees at Do-Young’s cottage and so Kyung-Hee goes home and finds two trees with a name plate and Do-Young says she found the trees and that she is getting her memories back and that is how the 7th episode ends.

Picture 11

I do not get those girls that do not understand when a boy likes them. Manager Kang is so nice to her and he even finds her and helps her sell a purse and does all kinds of nice things for her. I do not think a guy wants to come hang out with her like that if he doesn’t have some romantic feelings towards her, even if he hasn’t figured it out yet!! oh I feel bad for Manager Kang because he is a nice guy and I have a feeling he is just going to get a broken heart!! I understand why she hasn’t figured out that Jin-Hoo likes her because he is mean and their has been no blatant signs that he likes her but if he does give her a phone that should ring alarm bells. I am surprised that Manager Kang doesn’t recognize the names from Jung-Soo’s letters because he does know Do-Young through Kyung-Hee. I think that Kyung-Hee could easily kick Jung-Soo out her job if she wanted to, I mean she has a lot of power but then again Jin-Hoo and Manager Kang are both on Jung-Soo’s side. It seems like Kyung-Hee wants to get in Jin-Hoo’s favor but I am not sure if it is for the business side or that she actually likes him, but he has no interest in her. I think she is figuring out that Jin-Hoo likes Jung-Soo and she was also noticing Manager Kang being nice to her as well. Maybe Kyung-Hee will be the first one to figure it out and again she will be all sad because Jung-Soo gets all the love. I thought it was so cute that Jin-Hoo was all jealous because Jung-Soo gave the tablet cover to Manager Kang! It seemed like Manager Kang thought that Jung-Soo had made it specifically for him, maybe making it easier for him to start liking Jung-Soo. This was a very entertaining episode and I can’t wait for Kyung-Hee to be caught and not be able to pretend she is Jung-Soo. Kyung-Hee asks Jung-Soo about Do-Young’s cottage and Jung-Soo doesn’t even seem suspicious at all why Kyung-Hee would care. I mean wouldn’t Kyung-Hee think it would be easier to get caught if she would ask her a question like that?


5 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 7 Recap/Summary”

  1. jellypeaches Says:

    thank you so much for recapping this! it seems like there isnt so many ppl liking this drama, i wonder why.

    i think manager kang is such a nice second lead that i cant help but to feel sad for him since he wont get the ger. i hope he dont reunite with kyung hee at the end, kyung hee deserved to be alone and redeem her sins. such a horrible person who is so mean to her parents.

    as for jung soo i will take it as she is an innocent and naive person so she wont suspect when kyung hee ask her about the cottage.

    was sad that there isn’t much interaction between jin hoo and jung soo in episode 8 😦

    • Your very welcome!! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!! I think there may be a lot of other dramas that are getting more attraction because of the actors in it, like Taecyeon in Who are you. I know Do-Young’s husband is the only recognizable actor to me because he was in Full House 2. The plot may be considered a little predictable? but I am really enjoying the drama so far! I am not sure what to predict for Kyung-Hee? is she going to end up with nothing in the end because it doesn’t seem like it is in Jung-Soo’s nature to have revenge? I hope Manager Kang won’t be hurt in the end that always breaks my heart when the nice guy is never picked but the girl always leads them on accidentally!

  2. modupe Says:

    Hello..pls season 2 isn’t complete and when will it be, when will season 3 be out too..hope to hear frm u soon.

  3. modupe Says:

    Pls notify ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ on d follow up comment

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