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Her Legend Episode 5 Recap/Summary August 22, 2013

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The 5th episode starts with Jung-Soo calling out to Kyung-Hee and Kyung-Hee recognizes her and walks fastly away not responding. Jung-Soo goes to the stand where her aunt sells bags and tells her aunt that she saw a Kyung-Hee lookalike at the Shin Hwa group. The aunt calls Kyung-Hee and meets ups with her and tells her to stop working there and Kyung-Hee says she will stop Jung-Soo from being hired at the company because she has to work their for the next 6 months. Sae Kyung her fathers business is working with Shin Hwa to launch a new business together. Kyung-Hee goes home and Do-Young has found all the letters Jung-Soo wrote and is emotional over them. She tells Kyung-Hee she is going to write a letter back everyday.

Picture 1

Kyung-Hee tries to see the applicants but then realizes it was a blind test. Jung-Soo made it to the 2nd round and has to with all the other ones draw a new design based off a bag at the company. Kyung-Hee peeks in the window and sees Jung-Soo doing the test.

Picture 2

Jung-Soo gets the call that she made it into the final round and has to do well in an interview. The aunt goes to see Kyung-Hee and meets Do-Young coming to meet Kyung-Hee and they all go out for lunch together.

Picture 3

After Kyung-Hee asks her aunt to try to stop Jung-Soo and she says she can’t because uncle wants her to and won’t let her stop her. Kyung-Hee says that she wants to back to the States because she is worried about Jung-Soo finding out about her. Uncle finds the leather samples Jung-Soo needs for her portfolio and Kyung-Ho gives her a dress for the interview.

Picture 4

Aunt comes clean to uncle and tells him the situation and wants Jung-Soo to still go for the interview because she deserves it. Aunt goes in the middle of the night and pulls off all the leather samples in Jung-Hee’s portfolio except one. Jung-Soo goes the company and then realizes that the samples are missing, she calls Kyung-Ho and he is going to take the leftover samples to the company for her. Aunt finds out what he is doing and tries to stop him but he leaves anyway.

Picture 5

Jung-Soo goes to the store and gets some tools and starts making the samples from the pieces of leather in her purse.Picture 6

Jung-Soo is looking for something to replace the black saffiano sample and runs into Jin-Hoo in the hall and she sees his leather case and takes it away from him and recruits him to help her in the bathroom. After she finishes she gives him her business card and she will compensate him no matter what.  Picture 7

Picture 9

Kyung-Ho gets in an accident and falls off his moped bike. Picture 8

 Jung-Soo goes into the interview and then recognizes Jin-Hoo and then she recognizes Kyung-Hee and sees that they are the judges. They notice she doesn’t have the right samples in  her portfolio and she has to explain it was an emergency and Kyung-Hee tells her there is a penalty for not having the samples.

Picture 10

Jung-Soo meets up with her friend and her friend tells her that the leather tablet case she wrecked was a Fortuna luxury item and that it costs around 1.3 million won (around $1,150)  and that would be for a flawed one. In the Shin Hwa meeting Kyung-Hee fights hard against Jung-Soo and everyone else agrees with her except Manager Kang who still wants her in the competition. Jung-Soo gets a call and goes to see Kyung-Ho and her aunt and that he was not hurt bad but just needed some bandaids for some scratches.

Picture 11

Jung-Soo then gets a call from Jin-Hoo and she meets up with him and he wants compensation and Jung-Soo asks if she could just patch it on and he doesn’t accept so she suggests a monthly installment. Picture 12

Jung-Soo goes to see if she made it at the company but she did not and after goes to visit Do-Young’s house but she doesn’t see her. Jin-Hoo goes to visit Jung-Soo’s shop and this is how the 5th episode ends.
Picture 13

Picture 14

Well this episode did end as exciting as the past episodes but I am still anticipating the next one. So Jin-Ho I think is very intrigued with our little Jung-Soo. I mean he even went  along helping her he could have easily left her working in the bathroom but instead he seemed intrigued with her. I think he is using the cover excuse as a way to keep seeing her! I mean he is rich he could easily buy another one and not deal with the nuisance of dealing with Jung-Soo. So obviously he is going to start liking her and maybe Manager Kang will also develop feelings for her because I think he will somehow get her to work in the company!! Somehow Jung-Soo is going to be able to make it to the company. When Jung-Soo went visiting to Do-Young’s house how could she not see that people where living there again there must have been some signs like recent tire tracks or things moved in the windows. With Jung-Soo’ s portfolio isn’t she a little suspicious of how her samples where missing! I think she would have checked the portfolio before she left the house because if she is anything like me I would be obsessive over what I am handing in and I would also like to admire the work I did multiple times!


3 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 5 Recap/Summary”

  1. baduy Says:

    Just one point where you’ve been a bit misled by a wrong subtitles. The value of the tablet cover is referred to on the soundtrack in this episode (by JS’s friend) and in the next episode (by JS while talking to herself as she works all night on the replacement) as being “130”. When Koreans, talking about a large number, shorten it to “130” they mean 130 times 10,000, not (as the subber seems to think) 130 times 1,000, So the amount JS would have to find to repay JH in cash would be 1.3 million Won (around $1,150) not 130,00 Won (arount $115).

    Of course, even 130,000 Won.isn’t exactly “pocket change” as JS puts it in ep 6, but in that episode we also see that JS lays out close on 200,000 Won just to buy the leather she needs for the task, so could have bought a new item and saved herself the bother if the subber’s version of the cost had been right.

  2. amina Says:

    love the film-

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