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Her Legend Episode 4 Summary/Recap August 18, 2013

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The fourth episode starts with the lawyer mistaking Kyung-Hee for Jung-Soo and after the aunt and uncle discuss what to do. The aunt tells her husband that he has not been a very good father for Kyung-Hee and that he should just turn a blind eye this time and let her take Jung-Soo’s place. Kyung-Hee comes in and she also begs her father to let her go and that she has hated him so he should let her go so she can stop hating him. The aunt goes to speak to the lawyer and explains that the name Kyung-Hee is her real name and that Jung-Soo is her nickname. The lawyer tells her that her name will be changed Kim Seo-Hyun because the director sees her as his daughter. The aunt explains to the whole family that Kyung-Hee is going to America and stay with her aunt to studyPicture 1

Jung-Soo congratulates Kyung-Hee and Kyung-Hee asks her about Do-Young and explains some memories to her. She also tells her that she has a secret promise with her but she can’t tell her because it is a secret. Jung-Soo talks to her uncle who is drinking and says that she was happy that her uncle let her stay and that she will repay him after she studies hard and does well. She promises with him that she will become a famous bag designer.

Picture 2

Kyung-Hee goes to the airport and her mom is crying while she departs. When Jung-Soo comes home she finds her letters missing and her key to the cottage was in there and so now she can’t go there anymore. On the flight Kyung-Hee is reading the letters that Jung-Soo wrote and finds out that the promise they made was that if by chance they are not together they promised to look for each other by the sea every year on that day they first met. Jung-Soo goes to the sea and waits and then it is 8 years later and she is by the sea again waiting. 

Picture 3

Manager Kang who works at the Purse company with Director Choi gives a presentation and later he is going to pick up Jin-Hoofrom the airport. 

Picture 4

Jung-Soo is at the airport taking pictures of peoples bags when she sees Jin-Hoo and his unique bag, she asks if she can see and it lets her. 

Picture 5


Mr. Kim, Dong-Woo and Kyung-Hee have come to Korea because her dad is sick and they are at the airport. Manager Kang meets them and they have an awkward meeting especially between Kyung-Hee. Picture 6

When Min-Ki who is also Manager Kang finds Jin-Hoo and Jin-Hoo says that he got pick-pocketed and he thinks it is Jung-Soo. They find her in traffic after she had spotted Do-Young in the car. They haul Jung-Soo to the police and while they are there the real pickpockets get brought in and they have Jin-Hoo’s wallet. 

Picture 7

Jin-Hoo refuses to apologize and does in english, Jung-Soo kicks him and leaves.  Jin-Hoo visits the company that Director Choi works at and Jin-Hoo is the grandson of the President of the purse company. Jin-Hoo is put in charge of a new brand and has become the general manager. Jung-Soo is working the purse stand and Kyung-Ho comes to her and they have lunch and he has been jail a couple of times for selling fake bags. Kyung-Hee and Do-Young go home and they find all of Jung-Soo’s notes and this makes Do-Young feel bad. Do-Young’s father dies and at the funeral Min-Ki and Jin-Hoo come and pay their respects after Kyung-Hee runs up to them and gets an introduction. Jin-Hoo is Shin Hwa Group’s president’s grandson and she is in charge of the Luna project by Shin Hwa group and gives him a usb with her presentation. Min-Ki went to the same school in New York as Kyung-Hee. 

Picture 8

Kyung-Hee goes home and gets caught by her mom, they talk and she asks about Jung-Soo and is told that she wants to be a bag designer but keeps failing her exams. Kyung-Hee tells her that she doesn’t want to see her anymore because it is too hard being 2 people and her mom slaps her and then is told that her adoptive parents want to have a meal with them this week.Picture 9

Aunt and uncle pretend they are going to a wedding and they meet with Mr. Kim and Do-Young and have a good time and after Mr. Kim notices that the aunt has become different. Mr. Kim works for Shin Hwa group and that is how Kyung-Hee is in charge of a new project Luna there. 

Picture 10

At the Shin Hwa company Jin-Hoo proposes to Kyung-Hee that he wants to bring in a designer that is fresh and they will do a blind application just based on portfolio and everyone agrees. Jung-Soo finds out about the contest and she works on a portfolio and applies.

Picture 11

After she hands in her application she is looks around the showroom she hears Kyung-Hee talking and Jung-Soo recognizes her and calls out to her and that is how the 4th episode ends.

Picture 12

Picture 13

Again, this episode is just packed full of events and again another 8 year passes. I find this drama very interesting that they cover time from so many years and I have to say that they found pretty good actors to cover all the age groups, it seems believable. So it seems that Mr. Kim Do-Young’s husband also works for Shin Hwa Group which is the same company that Jung-Soo was taken to with her mother and is also the same company that Kyung-Hee is working at as well. I think obviously that Jung-Soo is going to win the competition and she will have to work with Kyung-Hee! It seems like it is such a slap in the face that Kyung-Hee works with purses when it was Jung-Soo’s dream to work and design purses since she was a little girl. She could have worked for the company easily when she got older if she would have been able to go back to her adoptive family. The interaction between Kyung-Hee and Jung-Soo is going to be very interesting the next episode! I mean what is Kyung-Hee going to say when she has a different name and doesn’t go back home, it seems like it will be hard to explain and it will eventually come out who her parents are if she starts to work there as well.  I am really enjoying this drama and I am anticipating the next episode.


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