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Her Legend Episode 3 Recap Summary August 16, 2013

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The third episode starts with the car accident and Jung-Soo wakes up and starts screaming that Do-Young is hurt. They are taken to the hospital and Do-Young’s husband is there and he sends Jung-Soo to treat her arm from the accident

.Picture 1

Do-Young’s husband talks to the doctor and is told that she will be in a vegetative state when she wakes up.

Picture 2

Jung-Soo’s uncle and aunt come and they have to take her home with them. Do-Young’s husband talks to his dad and tells him that he is going to take her to America to be treated and that he has not given any thought to Jung-Soo because Do-Young is his first priority. The aunt and uncle have had Jung-Soo for a month and the aunt is fed up and wants to take her back to them but the uncle says no and slaps her. The aunt is upset and the next day when the uncle is not around she takes Jung-Soo to Do-Young’s husband. Do-Young’s husband eventually agrees to give money to the aunt every month while they are in America. Picture 3

Jung-Soo leaves her wishing bag with Do-Young when she visits her before they leave. Do-Young’s husband reads the note from Jung-Soo on the plane and Jung-Soo had written about their times together and that the pouch will bring her luck.

Picture 4

Kyung-Ho and Jung-Soo have a closer relationship because she makes him bibimbap when he gets in trouble. The aunt goes to the bank and it has been a month and there is still no deposits from America. Jung-Soo is in school now and she got invited to a birthday party but the aunt won’t give her money for a present but the uncle does when the aunt is not looking. Kyung-Hee sees her buy something from the store and when Jung-Soo comes home Kyung-Hee tattles on her and gets her in trouble. Kyung-Ho stops his mom from hitting Jung-Soo and tell her to run away and she does. She runs to visit Do-Young’s old house.  It is 8 years later and Jung-Soo is in high school.

Picture 5

She has been visiting Do-Young’s house and leaving a note every time she comes to visit it. 

Picture 6

 Jung-Soo is selling the bags she designs that her uncle makes a man comes  up to her and complains that she copied Le Mina’s newest bag that hasn’t even come out yet and Jung-Soo says she designed it last year and has proof.

Picture 8

She goes home and finds a picture of her with the bag from date stamped a year ago. She goes to Le Mina’s store and tapes the picture on the glass where there bag sits.

Picture 9

The aunt has been depositing all the money from the state into a college fund for Kyung-Hee’s education.  The aunt shows Kyung-Hee the fund over dinner and the aunt gets a call about Jung-Soo. Jung-Soo gets a package from the states and it is all the letters that she has sent to Do-Young because the owners had moved. The aunt tells Kyung-Hee that Do-Young has come out of a coma and they want Jung-Soo to go to the States immediately. The aunt is upset because she thinks she has to give all the money back and send her to the states and that now if she leaves the will have no money coming in. Kyung-Hee finds Jung-Soo crying over the letters and she remembers when she changed the American address 8 years ago so that it was wrong.

Picture 7

 In the morning they get a call from America and they want to send her today. The aunt and Kyung-Hee discuss what to do and they want to come up with a plan and the uncle overhears that Jung-Soo brought in money. The aunt explained that they did get money for child support it just came late and he is mad at her for the way she treated Jung-Soo. She gets mad because he does not care about Kyung-Hee. The lawyer comes to the house and explains that Do-Young has amnesia and can’t remember before the accident so they need Jung-Soo to help her remember. Kyung-Hee comes home and the aunt introduces her as Jung-Soo and Kyung-Hee and the uncle are both shocked.

Picture 10

Picture 11

This was an exciting episode and kept me wondering what is going to happen!! I thought that Jung-Soo was going to just move into Do-Young’s house and stay there instead of going back to her aunt and uncles but I guess she had to! I do would not think that the uncle would be willing to let Kyung-Hee take Jung-Soo’s place in America. How are they going to explain her absence?? I am finding this quite upsetting that she would be able to take Jung-Soo’s place. I have a feeling that if she does take the place something will go wrong and she won’t be able to play Jung-Soo very well and she also will not remember giving the wishing bag to Do-Young. I am not sure why they are so concerned with the money why can’t they just keep the money for Kyung-Hee that they have already saved up and keep it saved up? I mean they would not have to return the money she could easily say it went for the house expenses?  I have to say that Jung-Soo’ personality through everything she has been through is so positive and I really enjoy her character. Kyung-Hee’s character is just horrible! changing the address for Jung-Soo was so mean and just dirty! she has got major issues. I think Kyung-Hee is going to take the letters and use them as a reference so she can pretend to be Jung-Soo. I just want everything to work out for Jung-Soo the story does a really good job at making you want to root for her!!


2 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 3 Recap Summary”

  1. Suki jiang Says:

    This recap is so short could be longer and i believe the aunt should be ashamed of herself

  2. ha na Says:

    Kinda annoying but fun.jung soo really dungsin yeppeyo

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