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Her Legend Episode 2 Summary August 9, 2013

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The 2nd episode starts with Jung-Soo getting into the lady Woo Do-Young the woman who can’t have children car. The men try to stop her but Do-Young gets them off and she drives away. Jung-Soo continues to have pain and frequent urination.

Picture 1

Do-Young takes her to the police station and she files a report for her because her uncle had not filed her missing. Do-Young takes her to her old house so she can get her stuff because Jung-Soo realizes that she lives in the same area that she used to.

Picture 2

They go to Do-Young’s house and makes Jung-Soo spaghetti but Jung-Soo is in pain and they go to the hospital. 

Picture 3

The doctor tells them that she has a  aseptic cystits bladder infection caused by  extreme stress or anxiety.

Picture 4

Jung-Soo’s uncle and aunt find out where she is and they go to her and the aunt complains about the medical bills they will have. Do-Young as she leaves pays her bill. The aunt stays with Jung-Soo for one night and then leaves Jung-Soo alone at the hospital. Jung-Soo comes home and then the uncle buys Jung-Soo new shoes and the aunt thinks he bought them for Kyung-Hee and when she finds out she didn’t the aunt and Kyung-Hee are mad. Later Jung-Soo gives the shoes to Kyung-Hee and she is mad and doesn’t want them and tells her to stop trying so hard because her mom doesn’t want her living here.

Picture 5

Do-Young starts sketching Jung-Soo’s face and remembers spending time with her.She goes to Jung-Soo’s old home and it is being emptied so she fills up her box with Jung-Soo’s belongings.

Picture 6

Aunt Mi-Yun is sick so Jung-Soo makes her some porridge and has medicine for her. Jung-Soo then remembers that her mom used to make her medicine made out of honey so when her boy cousin Kyung-Ho comes home, she asks him where the honey is and he finds it for her. It is on a high shelf so as he is bringing it down the honey hits the ground and shatters. The aunt comes out and is so angry because it is expensive and is complaining loudly and Jung-Soo helps her pick up the glass. Do-Young has made it down to their house and sees them picking up the glass. Do-Young takes Jung-Soo aside and tells her to tell her honestly what she is feeling because that is what brave girls do. Jung-Soo tells her that she missed her and Do-Young says she must have heard her telepathy. 

Picture 7

 Jung-Soo goes back home and gives her aunt honey from Do-Young. Do-Young talks to her husband and she tells him that she has a girl in mind to adopt. Kyung-Ho asks him mom for some money and she says no. Jung-Soo asks her aunt if she can go to school and her aunt tells her that she hasn’t allowed her to stay so it is not necessary and that she has a grudge against her mother because her mom ran away her uncle would still have a decent job. Kyung-Ho phones home and Jung-Soo answers and since her aunt is away he lies to her and tells her to bring some money that is hidden to school because his mom forgot to bring it. Jung-Soo is caught taking the money and throws her out, Do-Young watches this and tries to console the crying Jung-Soo.

Picture 9

Do-Young talks to the aunt and she asks if she can have Jung-Soo since she is not wanted here and that she wants to adopt her. Jung-Soo hears this and just as Do-Young is driving away Jung-Soo comes running out and yells for her and she stops the car. Jung-Soo tells her that she wants to come home with her and not to leave her there and Do-Young hugs her. The aunt visits Do-Young’s house and they talk about how Do-Young cannot conceive and that is will be official once her husband comes back from his trip. The aunt then asks for some money because they are family now and she gives it to her. The aunt convinces the uncle that Do-Young should be allowed to adopt her and he does agree.

Picture 8

Do-Young comes and takes Jung-Soo home and shows her the room that she had furnished for her. Picture 10

The aunt takes Kyung-Hee to visit Jung-Soo and she gets jealous and runs out of the house and she tells her mom that she wishes she was an orphan so that she can be adopted by rich parents. 

Picture 11

Jung-Soo and Do-Young are on the way to pick up her husband and they get into a car accident and this is how the 2nd episode ends.

Picture 12


Oh my!! this episode made me so emotional! I did not expect that a beginning of a drama could be this sad! Aren’t they supposed to save it for the end of the drama? I guess if they do it now maybe the ending will be less emotional?? Do-Young is soo sweet with her and I was soo happy when she wanted to adopt her! I was rooting for the 2 of them to end up together. I can understand how Kyung-Hee feels a bit since her parents are not very sensible and everyone in the family is struggling because of them and then they bring in another child how angry she must feel. Then the girl gets to become rich so I understand where she is coming from but doesn’t excuse her behavior or anyone else’s in the family.  As soon as the good things were happening to her I just felt like it is going to come crashing down soon because it is too early in the drama for their to already be a happy ending! then the car crash happened!! and it sucks again for Jung-Soo guessing from the next episode preview!! I am really getting sucked into this drama and I am finding it fun to watch!!


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