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Her Legend Episode 1 Summary August 8, 2013

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In the first episode of Her legend it starts with Hye Jung singing at  a bar and she faints in the song and Eun Jung-Soo her daughter comes running to her. Hye-Jung wakes up and her Jung-Soo wants her to go to the doctor because she heard that if her mom doesn’t get a surgery she will die soon. Hye-Jung takes her to Seoul to a Purse company and she wants to see the Director Choi but he comes out of the car with a woman.

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Jung-Soo sneaks into the building and tries to touch a purse on display but the alarms go off, the security officer brings her out and her mom has pushed herself into the building because she couldn’t find her daughter. The director comes to see and he sees the two of them and Hye-Jung tries to hide away from him. As they are leaving a man runs up to them and hands Jung-Soo a package and says the director specifically told him to bring it to her and that when children visit they get one. It is a backpack and a card says if you can dream it you can live it. Hye-Jung recalls when she was with the director when they were young and he took her to that company and said that when he works there he is going to make it international and he wrote that saying on the window with her lipstick.

Picture 3

Jung-Soo at home decides that she is going to make lots of beautiful purses when she gets older. When her mom gets home she starts to have head pain and she struggles to get to a pen to write something down. The next morning Jung-Soo finds her mom dead and the note says Uncle Eun Ki Jung with his phone number. Picture 4

Ki-Jung the uncle and the aunt are struggling with his purse business and because he cosigned on a friend’s loan they are in financial trouble. They get a phone call saying that his sister Hye-Jung has died. Their daughter Kyung-Hee wins an award at school. Ki-Jung goes to the funeral and the aunt goes to work she almost get in trouble for trying to steal duck and putting it in her Kyung-Hee’s backpack and she refuses. Kyung-Hee thinks of a lie and gets her out of it. Jung-Soo goes with her uncle. Picture 6

A man and a woman are trying to have a baby through in vitro and they visit his father and they decide not to continue and ask to stay in the cottage in the same place that Hye-Jung was living because the wife wants to paint.

Picture 7
The uncle brings home Jung-Soo and the aunt puts up a big stink and doesn’t want her to stay with them but wants her to be taken care of by her father. Their son comes home and they have supper and the son asks for more soup but the mom refuses because of the expense. Jung-Soo stops eating and says she doesn’t have a big appetite and her uncle tells her to keep eating.

Picture 8

Jung-Soo goes into Kyung-Hee’s room and she tries to talk to her and Kyung-Hee ignores and tells her not to talk to her because she is bothersome. The couple at the cottage are moved in and the woman is able to keep drawing until late because she has energy. Jung-Soo has to get up a lot at night to go pee and she doesn’t know why because she didn’t even have much water. The next morning Jung-Soo realizes that she has wet the bed and so she pretends to be sick so she can sleep in and so no on knows what she did. The aunt goes to find her and finds out she wet the bed and tells her to wash the blankets.

Picture 9

The uncle goes to the adoption agency and finds out that both of them need to sign to adopt her and he cannot just sign for her. Jung-Soo goes to the pharmacy and asks for medicine because she has to pee a lot and it hurts when she does. The pharmacist tells her that she should go to the doctor but Jung-Soo just asks for medicine. The man from the couple is going to be away for 2 months and he suggests the idea of adoption to his wife and she doesn’t seem very sure about that idea. 2 thugs come to the aunt’s house and they want there money, they start trashing the place and Jung-Soo comes home and they take her with them so that the uncle will pay. 

Picture 10

As they drive for a while she asks if she can go pee, she pretends she is going to pee and with the thugs back turned she bolts and they chase after her. She meets a car and it is the lady that can’t have a child and she begs for her to help save her and this is how the 1st episode ends.

Picture 11

Picture 12

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This drama seems very interesting and not something that I really expected. I didn’t think this drama was going to start when the main character is a child so I wonder how many episodes are going to be with her as a child. It is intriguing and I think that it will make the series more interesting and not like a drawn out love story. I just thought it was going to be about a woman that wants to become a purse designer but it already has a lot more depth to the story.

I feel so bad for Jung-Soo the way that she lost her mom and having to live with people that don’t want her. My heart was breaking at the dinner table scene where she puts down her spoon because of what the aunt says, it was just soo horrible! On top of that she has to wet her bed, and I think she probably has a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection. I think she would be better off if she could go to a foster family or something, the way that the aunt treats her. The director Choi must obviously be her father and that was why she brought her there but lost her confidence to confront him because he was with a woman. I was almost happy when the thugs took her because then she can find someone that will actually help her. This looks like it is going to be a good drama because I am already anticipating the next episode.


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