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Nail Shop Paris Episode 9 Summary June 24, 2013

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The 9th episode starts with Yeo-Joo writing her story and Yeo-Joo can’t make her decision who to trust and Kei shoots Alex in the arm and pulls Yeo-Joo out. Alex comes after them and he still tells her that he loves her and Kei tries to shoot again and Yeo-Joo pushes the gun out his hand with her powers. Alex runs at Kei and they fight and Kei pins Alex down and pulls out his knife. Ji-Soo interrupts the story and asks if Alex is going to die and if something happened. Yeo-Joo tells her that she kissed Alex and that the next day he ignored her and avoided her so she feels that he thinks she is a freak. Ji-Soo complains of a stomach ache and Yeo-Joo tells her to go see a doctor and she says she will just take a digestive.

Picture 1

The next day Alex avoids her and Kei comes in and pulls her aside. He gives her couple rings and he puts it on her finger and he puts his on too so that no one can come in between their relationship and then he hugs her. The whole staff gathers and the Boss tells them that Alex is going on vacation for a week.  Yeo-Joo phones Ji-Soo and tells her about the vacation and that he is doing it because he doesn’t even want to see her anymore.Ji-Soo tells her to focus on Kei because she heard from Jin that he really worries about her.

Picture 2

As Ji-Soo is leaving a man asks if she can do a makeup touch up for someone. A man comes in and she can tell he is nervous so she tells him to sing and dance to calm down. He sings Nobody But You not very well and she laughs but tells him to keep singing.

Picture 3

Alex goes to visit a lady in a wheel chair and you find out she was the one he did surgery on and made a bad decision. She tells him that she does exercises and that by fall she might have to walk on crutches but she can stand up and that he can stop coming here. She tells him that it was her fault that she asked him to treat her at the hospital. She also tells him that after the accident that not just her but he also lost something that meant a lot like passion, ambition, spirit and that when they meet again she hopes they will both be different.

Picture 4

Yeo-Joo and Kei are going out for lunch together they joke around and he tries to kiss her but she won’t let him because people will see. They joke around and she bumps into a woman. The lady says she is okay but Yeo-Joo gives her her card in case she doesn’t feel good. The girl goes back to her work and the boss gives her a  hard time because she took too long. The boss asks her to get another one to bring tea because she is ugly. She tells the other girl to bring the tea and they are annoyed because they are always be asked to do things because they pretty and no one asks her to do it because she isn’t.

Picture 5

Yeo-Joo is studying for her exam and Kei goes to check her work and he gives her advice while sitting very close. He makes her hug him for the good advice and then asks if she doesn’t like being hugged she tells him it isn’t that she doesn’t like it and then he picks her up and then puts her down and tries to get a kiss but she sends him home.

Picture 6

Jin and Ji-Soo are out for supper and Jin was worried she lost her appetite. He feed her and she gets sick and is taken to the hospital. Yeo-Joo comes and they are told it is Crohn’s disease. One of the interns is the guy that sang for Ji-Soo and they are friendly with each other.

Picture 7
 The next day Yeo-Joo and Jin are working and he is obsessing over the intern that Ji-Soo was friendly with and he feels jealous. The girl that Yeo-Joo bumped a few days ago comes in and wants a manicure from Yeo-Joo. Yeo-Joo is able to give her a hand massage and her name is Jeong-Ah and Yeo-Joo compliments her on her hands and tells her that from the her hands she can tell that she is honest and has a soft heart.

Yeo-Joo goes to the hospital and the intern and Ji-Soo are talking together and playing with their hands together. The intern leaves and she tells Yeo-Joo the story of how they met. Yeo-Joo asks her why she isn’t wondering where Jin and she tells her that he had an interview for a nail artist show.

Picture 8

Jin is at the interview and she asks why men are good nail artists and he tells her that you can feel stability and warmth through touch while getting a manicure from a guy and it always gives a nervous tension from male to female. She asks if she is single and he tells to put whatever she thinks is best.

The next day Jin reads the article and Yeo-Joo reads it and finds the part where it says he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he says that he did it for the fans. Jeong-Ah comes in again with a different hairstyle and asks for a hand massage from Yeo-Joo again. Jin and Kei notice that Jeong-Ah has a crush on Yeo-Joo. Jeong-Ah at work is admiring her nails and the other girls make fun of her.

Picture 9

Yeo-Joo goes to the hospital and finds Ji-Soo outside with the intern and Ji-Soo looks really surprised to see her and Yeo-Joo waits in the room. She tells her that nothing happened between her and the intern that they were just talking. Yeo-Joo asks is she likes him and Yeo-Joo says no, but she tells her that she has known her for years and that it is hard to control feelings but not to be so harsh to him because he is a good guy. Yeo-Joo leaves and meets Jeong-Ah and she tells her that she burnt her hand. Yeo-Joo tells her that she will walk her home because she could be her future client and that she should be nice to her. Jeong-Ah invites her in and makes her spaghetti for supper. Yeo-Joo notices a knife with blood on it. Jin is at the hospital with Ji-Soo and she asks if she should leave because she is feeling better and she says she is worried about the bill and that she is fine now. He tells her that he doesn’t like her with the doctor and agrees that she should leave. While Yeo-Joo is eating with Jeong-Ah when Kei phones her and wants to meet up with her . Jeon-Ah asks if it is her girlfriend and she says it is something like that. Yeo-Joo gets up to leave and Jeong-Ah begs her to stay a little more and Yeo-Joo says no Jeong-Ah grabs her and kisses her.

Picture 10

Yeo-Joo pushes her away and Jeong-Ah asks if it is because she is ugly and fat and Yeo-Joo asks what she is talking about and says it isn’t right and runs out. 

Picture 11

Kei meets her outside and he asks what is wrong and she asks how he knew where she was and he says he got lost trying to find the Paris. He offers his arm and she links arms with him they go shopping together.
Picture 12

Yeo-Joo and Kei go to the restaurant to have beers and the owner comes and she tells them that everybody is busy and he asks what happened between Alex and the girl he likes and he tells them that there is a girl he likes but another guy took her away. Kei asks if it is the boss and he tells them that the boss told him that she gets severe anemia and dizziness and since he studied oriental medicine he helps her. Yeo-Joo spills her beer and Kei drags her outside and asks why she is having feeling for Alex still and she tells him that she didn’t know how he felt. Kei tells her that the guy in front of her is him and that she should concentrate on him. He takes off his couple ring and throws it on the ground and walks away.

Picture 13

Kei goes to Alex’s house and he asks who is the girl that makes him in pain and if it is bunny. Alex asks what is he going to do if it is Yeo-Joo and Kei grabs him shirt and says that he knows full well what she means to him. Alex says it is hard for him too and there is nothing to worry about because Yeo-Joo doesn’t know and he is just a coworker. Kei says he doesn’t want him backing down because of him and that he doesn’t want pity or be afraid of him and tells him to be brave and fight to see who will win. 

Picture 14

The next day Alex comes back to work. Ji-Soo phones Jin and tells him she is leaving and the intern asks for Ji-Soo’s phone number and address. Yeo-Joo pulls Kei aside and tries to give him back the ring and says sorry for last night because she was flustered and that she won’ do it again. Kei tells her she can keep it for now and doesn’t want to keep the relationship vague and when she is ready to give all of her heart to him then she can give it back.

A policeman comes in asking for Yeo-Joo and Alex goes to he police station because she has been accused of sexual harassment by Jeong-Ah. Jeong-Ah comes in and accuses Yeo-Joo of coming for supper and then trying to take off her clothes and that Yeo-Joo ran away when she grabbed her knife and she shows them a scar on her arm. The police are going to take her away when Alex interjects and tells them that Jeong-Ah would have figured out she is a girl if she touched Yeo-Joo’s body. Yeo-Joo shows them her ID and the case is dropped.

Picture 15

As Alex and Yeo-Joo leave Jeong-Ah grabs a pen and goes to stab Yeo-Joo but Alex shields her and gets the pen in his back and he bleeds a little bit.

Picture 16

The cop has Jeong-Ah in a room and Yeo-Joo asks if she can talk to her and she tells her that Alex is okay and he didn’t get that hurt. Jeong-Ah says sorry and that Yeo-Joo was the first person to smile and say her name brightly and she couldn’t stand the thought that Yeo-Joo hated her for being fat and ugly. Yeo-Joo that she could do those things because she did it to her first and that she wants to be her friend.

Picture 17

Yeo-Joo goes to Alex at the hospital and she asks when he knew she was a girl and he says when Kei asked her out and that was when he realized that she is more than just a little brother to him. She asks why he pretended and he did because Kei was as precious to him as her. He apologizes for being cranky because he couldn’t control his feelings and that he is going to let it free and tells her that he likes her.

Picture 18

That was a crazy episode!! Alex and Kei are going to fight over Yeo-Joo!! I am very curious to see who she picks? I wonder if she is going to be with Alex and she might like it but then realize something is missing and goes back to Kei because there is a spark there?? I really do not know how it is going to end up!! In this episode they made Kei slightly needy with putting a ring on her finger so I am happy that he decided to make it a fair fight and not get the girl because Alex wasn’t  trying! What is going on with Ji-Soo I am wondering if the intern is going to become a stalker in the next episode because he asked for her address from the nurse. Also Ji-Soo was ready to leave the hospital and I think that the intern might have confessed his love and she doesn’t know what to do. One thing that made me curious was that the boss said that Alex was in love with someone else? how did she know? it would be weird if Alex would tell her because she might guess it was Yeo-Joo and he wouldn’t want her to know because then she would fire Yeo-Joo. I have had this feeling that the Boss knew from the beginning that Yeo-Joo was a girl  and maybe let her stay because she knew that Yeo-Joo needed this job to become a better person. They have not really gone any further with the gumiho story and the Boss! I wonder if she is really a gumiho??


3 Responses to “Nail Shop Paris Episode 9 Summary”

  1. Mai Linh (Minzy) Says:

    Actuály at first I thought the internet guy will turn out to be gay and having crush on Jin XD But your stalker idea is much better xD I also think that the boss knew from start that Bunny is actually a girl. If she is a gumiho she surely can tell a male from female. I’m going watch the finale and happily waiting for your recap. You are the first one to do the recap seriously. I found two others recaps but they were so hateful and bashing the drama too much that I got upset lol

    • Mai Linh (Minzy) Says:

      *actually, intern
      Sorry for mistakes im using phone with auto correct T_T
      Keep up the good work btw :3

      • That was an interesting idea about having a crush on Jin! I can see that because Ji-Soo was acting so weird and so was the intern!! Thank you so much for the kind words I am honored that you have enjoyed my recaps!! and you have made my day!!

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