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Nail Shop Paris Episode 8 Summary June 16, 2013

The 8th episode starts with Kei, Yeo-Joo, Jin and Ji-Soo are eating at a restaurant and Ji-Soo figures out that Kei and Yeo-Joo are dating. Kei acts very overprotective and he gets Yeo-Joo to go study.

Picture 1

Alex is drinking alone and the restaurant owner joins him and can tell Alex is depressed he figures out that a girl likes him and he was interested and he missed his chance when another guy asked her out.

Picture 2

At the shop Jin and Alex try to boss Yeo-Joo around to do her jobs but Kei gets them to do it instead.

Picture 3

Some ladies come in and they go to the back. Jin tells her that the woman is Hye-Kyung also known as Pig Mom and that she is like a leader among other married women in this town and that if she hates you, you won’t be able to raise your kid in this town. Jin and Alex talk to them in the back and she tells them she has been very busy but she is going to go camping and she invites them to come to the campground.The Paris staff all agree that they should go camping for their gathering this year. Jin hugs Yeo-Joo in happiness and Kei hits his hand.

Picture 4

At the campground Ji-Soo comes and Yeo-Joo warns her to watch her mouth. Kei and Yeo-Joo go to wash the rice. They joke around and Alex notices.

Picture 5

Yeo-Joo criticizes his washing of the rice and he starts acting more like his usual self and they joke around some more. They see some of the same ladies before from the shop and they see one lady being left out from the group.

Picture 6

Jin and Ji-Soo cooks some meat with the boy and the Lady explains that Hye-Kyung had approached her and asked her if she wanted to have her son Si-Woo join the prestigious study group and she told them that she doesn’t want to force studying on her child. She explains that they started leaving her out and didn’t mind at first but there were so many school events and she wasn’t able to go to all of them and this led to some problems for her son. She tells them that Si-Woo wasn’t an introvert before.

Picture 7

Picture 8

Ji-Soo has to leave because her co-worker got sick all of a sudden. The boss says she is going to go lie down because she is tired Alex becomes concerned and follows after asking if she is dizzy. Kei holds her hand. Alex, Kei, Jin and Yeo-Joo then do sparklers and fireworks together. Alex watches them all play.

Picture 9

Kei is sitting outside and Yeo-Joo joins him and he tells her that she should stay here until everyone falls asleep because he doesn’t want her sleeping with the guys. She argues she already did it once and he says that was then. He pulls her head on his lap and she asks him if there are any good ideas to help Si-Woo’s mom. Kei gets mad that she is thinking about those things on his lap. She tells him he is acting like a kid and he says would a kid do this and gives her a kiss.
Picture 10

The next morning Yeo-Joo gets up and Alex is outside having coffee the others are sleeping and he asks if she wants to go for a walk and they do. As they are walking she trips and sprains her ankle. Alex gives her a piggyback ride to the camper. Kei gets mad at her for going off alone and Alex says she will be fine if she puts a heat pack on it.

Picture 11

They are back from camping and are at the shop Yeo-Joo goes to Kei and he tells her that he is not mad at her but he was mad seeing her with Alex. She leans her head against his back and he tells her that she is mean because she never says that she likes him. I says that he should bear with it because he likes her more.

Picture 12

In her story she goes to see Alex and she explains to him that 500 years ago when gumihos came to earth they got married with humans who really loved them and that is how a mutation like her was born neither human or gumiho and she shows him her nail claws and breaks some glass behind him. She tells him that the mutation meets 2 kinds of people by destiny hunters who kill gumihos and humans that make gumihos human and she asks him which one he is and he says he doesn’t know but no no matter what he wants to love her and make her happy. They are sitting and he gives her a ring and calls her Salsa and tells her that even if their fate isn’t strong enough to stop her from being gumiho forever he will never leave her. 

Picture 13

She freaks out and asks how he knew that she has to live as gumiho forever if she ends up being with a hunter and he says he knew it from a nursery rhyme. Kei comes in and pulls out his gun on Alex and grabs Yeo-Joo to his side and he asks Yeo-Joo to decide who she trusts and she isn’t able to say. Yeo-Joo in real life is frustrated with the novel.

Picture 14

The next morning Yeo-Joo comes in and Jin is posting pictures of their camping trip on their website. Alex comes in and has cookies from Si-Woo’s mother. Yeo-Joo asks if his mom is a website designer and she suggests that she make a website for the school and that they will accept her then. They tell this idea to Si-Woo’s mom  and she says in order to do this she would need pictures from her class and Yeo-Joo agrees to go take pictures. She goes to the school and takes picture Kei at one point helps her take pictures and they do it together. 

Picture 15

Later at the shop Si-Woo’s mom comes and says it was a great idea and that it has worked out for her. She wants to treat Yeo-Joo but Alex suggests that she be her first customer and she agrees. She says she is doing a black and white skeleton nail design and it turns out great. Later Yeo-Joo is at the shop studying and Alex sees her he is going to bring her a drink but Kei sits down and so he can’t. Kei tells her that she is pretty good and teases about not passing because her exam is tomorrow. She says that isn’t going to happen because of her luck charm and pulls out the stuffed bunny and he agrees and he tells her to ask him for help if she needs it and he offers to take her to the exam before he leaves.
Picture 16

The next day Kei had gotten lost and Yeo-Joo is talking to him and he doesn’t know where he is but she is already at the place for the exam and goes in. At the restaurant the owner, Alex, and Jin are there and they are celebrating that she has passed the written exam. Jin tells her to ask Alex about his relationship with the boss and she says she can’t do it. Jin then leaves her with Alex alone and she tells him that the skill test is in 1 month. He gets a call and has to leave she asks if it is the boss but he doesn’t answer and he leaves. Yeo-Joo leaves the restaurant and Kei has come he gives her a necklace because it is a bribe to pass the skill test. She then gives him a hug.
Picture 17

Picture 18

Si-Woo’s mom picks up Si-Woo and she tries saying hello to other moms and they ignore her. She tries to talk to Hye-Kyung and grabs her arm but gets slapped saying that it was her fault for what happened to Ye-Ji.

Yeo-Joo is with Jin and she tells him about Alex meeting the boss again and she tells him not to talk about Alex in front of her because she doesn’t want to have more feelings for him because it is not fair to Kei. They see Si-Woo walking and he tells them he doesn’t want to go to school anymore and wants to go home. They take him home and their is garbage in front of her door. The neighbor lady talks to them and says that Si-Woo’s mom is acting weird lately and tells her that the other day Si-Woo didn’t come home until late because he is being bullied and got locked in the storage closet.

Picture 19

At the shop they tell this problem with the others and and they look at the website and found out that Ye-Ji’s picture on the site was changed and to make her look grown up and the site was taken down.

Picture 20

They bring Hye-Kyung to the shop and she tells them that she won’t forgive Si-Woo’s mom because of this and that the people that did it were in middle school. Alex tells her that Si-Woo is being bullied because of this and she says because they don’t like the mother they won’t like him.

Si-Woo’s mom goes and finds the boy that did it to Ye-Ji’s picture and approaches him and grabs him and she pulls out some object out either pepper spray or something that could harm him. The boss grabs it out of her hands and tells the boy to quickly leave.

Picture 21

The rest of the staff bring in Si-Woo to the hospital where his mom is sleeping. Si-Woo’s dad comes and he tells them that a few days ago she had told him that they were adjusting to the neighborhood but now he wants them to come back with him and that he doesn’t want them living in that neighborhood. Yeo-Joo was in the room with Si-Woo’s mom holding her hand and starts to cry.

Picture 22

Back at the shop Yeo-Joo is crying by herself and Alex sits down with her and he says that it wasn’t her fault and she says she knows. He asks her why she is crying and she says that Si-Woo’s moms nails were cracked and that she was having such a hard time that her nails broke and cracked. He tells her that even when they help people they don’t always get a happy ending. She says she can’t stop thinking about Si-Woo’s mom and can’t stop crying. He holds her hand and kisses her forehead and asks if she can stop thinking about her. Kei has come up the stairs and sees this happen. She leans in and gives Alex a kiss on his lips.

Picture 23

Picture 24

OH MY!!  what a crazy episode!! Oh the drama that comes with a love triangle!! I guess it is logical that Yeo-Joo first saw Alex and made him the hero in her story so on her first instincts she would end up with Alex but I don’t want Kei to get hurt because of it which it seems like that is where it is going. Kei knows that he likes her more than she does which makes it so sad when he is trying so hard and yet she is unable to give him her full attention. It almost seems like she is using him because she is too scared to go after Alex but I mean won’t Alex and her both realize they like each other after she kissed him. That was really dumb of her because she doesn’t know that Alex knows that she is a girl. In her mind she thinks Alex thinks that she kissed him as a boy!!! I am not totally against Alex for Yeo-Joo because he is so comforting and nurturing but I guess he is the nice guy and Kei is the mean one so like most dramas the nice guy doesn’t finish last??
I loved that Kei got lost again!! so cute!!

One thing that bothered me was the mother of Si-Woo should have just transferred her son to a different school! I mean I am sure there is more than 1 school around? The mother that controlled everything that was a little strange that she had that much power!! to even make the other kids bully him!! that was a bit crazy! so funny when Yeo-Joo goes to kiss Alex and Alex just stares ahead looking like a robot!! why does the person getting kissed always have to look so emotionless!! it looks very weird!!


3 Responses to “Nail Shop Paris Episode 8 Summary”

  1. Anne Says:

    Noooooooo…I like Yeo-Joo with Kei better. Alex is nice and all, but he’s just so….blah. I’m looking forward to the next episode…

  2. I agree he is pretty blah!! but if they bump up his personality into full gear because he likes her now, I am not sure how I am going to feel about him!!

  3. Alaine Says:

    I hope kei doesn’t do anything stupid btw is she playing with them

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