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Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 Summary June 9, 2013

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The seventh episode starts with Yeo-Joo and Kei and he has just confessed his love for her. She pushes him away and tells him his joke has gone too far and she thinks he is doing it because he found out she was a girl. He tells her that was not the reason and that he likes her and gets frustrated. She says sorry and says she has to go. Alex is waiting outside and he now knows that Yeo-Joo is a girl too.

Picture 1

The next day Yeo-Joo is mopping and Jin and Kei comes in and she makes an excuse to get away from Kei. Jin asks Kei if they fought again and Kei asks Jin how to apologize to a girl. Yeo-Joo gets called to the office and the boss and Alex are there and she gives her an application to take the nail exam and she agrees to take it. Alex follows her out and wants to say something but awkwardly tells her to study hard instead. An older woman comes into the shop and pulls a color off the wall and says she wants it, Alex comes and takes her to the back. Alex notices a cell phone around her neck and he takes it and gives it to Yeo-Joo to phone while he gives her a manicure. Alex notices there is something wrong with her nails.

Picture 2

An older man comes in and says he was called they take him to the woman in the back. Alex takes the older man outside and to talk and Alex tells him that she looks unhealthy. The older man tells him that she was fine a couple of days ago but that she has been forgetful and that she may have Alzheimer’s disease. He asks him that if she comes again to phone him because all the speed dial numbers are set for his number.

Picture 3

At the end of the day Jin and Yeo-Joo meet Alex and Kei leaving and Alex suggests getting some beer and Yeo-Joo says she can’t because she has to study for her exams and she leaves. At home Ji-Soo asks her if something happened between her and Alex and guesses that he said something mean. Yeo-Joo then works on her novel. In the story Yeo-Joo and the owner of the restaurant have Kei tied up and he tells them that Alex is the captain of the hunters who kill all of the gumiho’s in the world. Yeo-Joo doesn’t believe him and he tells her that is why the sticker was dropped in the parking lot for her to find. He tells them that he is hired by the hunters to kill gumiho but that doesn’t make him a hunter and he tells them that she is in danger and has been following her for days and that is why he wants to help her. He tells her that the man approached her because he wants to kill more gumiho and that it was not a coincidence her best friend died. He also tells her that the fight won’t be over unless either her or Alex dies. Ji-Soo interrupts and Yeo-Joo won’t give her any spoilers in he novel.

Picture 4

Picture 5

The next day Kei is waiting outside the shop for Yeo-Joo, she tries to walk past but he stops her and asks why she is avoiding him and says she hasn’t and he tells her that he avoids eye contact and is never alone with her. Jin comes and Kei tells her that they are going to talk later and leaves. Jin asks what happened and she just nods her head. Kei scolds  Yeo-Joo for not filling the decoration boxes. The same man comes in asking if Soon-Young come and he tells them that she disappeared again when he was busy. Jin and Yeo-Joo go help search the area with her picture and no one has seen her.

 Picture 6

They go back to the shop and Alex tells the man that Mrs. Oh was not able to draw a pentagon as a test and that he thinks that she probably has cerebral infarction and Yeo-Joo went to phone 911. Yeo-Joo gets off the phone and says that she is there.  They go to see Soon-Young in the hospital and the doctor tells them that she probably has cerebral infarction and that they can do a surgery. The man tells them that he is not actually family and a group of people come running calling mom. The son asks why the man is there and threatens that if he does anything to his mother he will not let it slide. The man just apologizes.

 Picture 7 

Picture 8

The man comes to the shop and everyone is there and he tells them he met her at a health department and heard his departed wife’s name Mrs. Oh Soon-Young and he felt bad for not being a nice husband to his departed wife and she acts and looks like his departed wife, so that is why he wants to do everything for her that he couldn’t do for his departed wife. They wanted to marry and her children did not want this and thought that he was just after her money and told her that they don’t approve and won’t see her if she does it. He tells him the promise he made that on her birthday they would go to this place and he takes out a picture that she had cut out. Everyone agrees that they would help make it happen.

 Picture 9

After, as they are getting ready to leave Kei asks Yeo-Joo to talk and that he will be waiting at the bar. Yeo-Joo goes to meet him and he tells her that he is sorry he yelled at her today and about that night but he is not going to take back what he had said about him liking her because it is true. She tells him that she likes Alex and that she is sorry and if he is uncomfortable around her she will quit nonsense. Kei disagrees and says that he will quit Paris because he caused everything.

The man comes back to see Alex and he asks him if he will teach him nail art for Soon-Young. Alex suggests they do nail extensions and paint them here and he can glue them on for her.

The next day Alex notices Kei is late and Jin hands him a note from Kei that says he is resigning for personal reasons. They find that Kei’s locker is empty and that he is not picking up the phone. Yeo-Joo opens her locker and finds a note saying good luck on the exam tomorrow from Kei and a bunny toy for her phone.

 Picture 10

 Picture 11

Kei is walking with a duffel bag and he gets a text from Yeo-Joo asking where he is and he ignores it. Jin asks Yeo-Joo if Kei found out she was a girl and wonders if he wanted her to quit, Yeo-Joo doesn’t answer Jin. Jin tells her that Kei cared a lot about her and even though he understands how she feels that she should care about how others are feeling.

The man is learning how to glue with Alex and Alex asks if it has hard to have the relationship even though everyone opposed and he tells Alex that if he ends the relationship just because it is hard, that’s not love and a selfish thought. That real love is receiving.

 Picture 12

As the man leaves he sees Yeo-Joo sitting outside and realizes that she is drunk. She is upset and starts crying and Alex hugs her and apologizes for not recognizing her feelings and for calling her a younger brother. She then says for Kei not to go.

 Picture 13

The next day they have planned to take Mrs. Oh out of the hospital today. Alex and Yeo-Joo dress up as doctors and wheel Mrs. Oh out of the room when the daughter leaves. As they are leaving with Mrs. Oh Yeo-Joo realizes that she forgot the nail glue and Mrs. Oh pulls some out of the pocket and says the guy with the mean face brought it because he thought she would forget.

 Picture 14

 They drive the couple to the light display place she had always wanted to go and he wheels her around. Jin tells Yeo-Joo that he thinks he knows where Kei is and after that Yeo-Joo starts running. In the display the man pulls out the decorated nails and then Mrs. Oh becomes unconscious. Picture 15

 Picture 16

They get her back to the hospital and her children come in again threatening the old man. Mrs. Oh tells them to stop and the man goes to her and holds her hand and he starts crying.

 Picture 17

He is sitting by her bedside alone and he pulls out the nails again and shows them to her and he puts them on her. After he finishes the first hand she has gone to sleep and he puts them on the next hand while crying.
 Picture 18

Later on, he goes to the Paris and talks with Jin, Alex, and the Boss and he tells them that she passed away in her sleep. He thanks them for what they did for him and shakes each of their hands and leaves. Jin wonders if Yeo-Joo found Kei and that she should phone. He asks Alex why did he want him to tell Yeo-Joo about where he was because he knew that he always go to the place.

 Picture 19

Kei is outside somewhere and is drawing Yeo-Joo’s face, Yeo-Joo asks if that is supposed to be her. She tells him that he shouldn’t have just left and asks if he really does like her. As she looks at the painting she tells him that she missed him, he asks her what she said and she repeats it and tells him not to go anywhere and he hugs her.

 Picture 21

 Picture 23

 Picture 24

They are sitting on a bench and he asks her if she came all this way on the train for him and she says she was worried sick something bad had happened to him. He asks her if he can do that thing and goes in for a kiss she tells him he can’t do that all of a sudden. He then grabs her shoulders and says to tell him if she doesn’t want it but later and goes in for a longer kiss.

 Picture 25

 Picture 26

OH MY!! SOOO CUTE!! I think this has been my most favorite episode so far!! Kei’s face when she comes and when he wants to kiss her! It was just adorable!! I think it has been very fulfilling to see Kei change so much because of love. It just feels so good to see that change in a person. At the beginning of the series they really have me fooled I really did not think Kei and Yeo-Joo would end up together because he was pretty mean and seemed like he would just become this mean character throughout the series! but they really made his personality more interesting to fit the lead role. I really did not expect Yeo-Joo to come around that quickly for Kei and they even kissed twice already. I have to say I enjoyed the first kiss it seemed so innocent, cute, and almost real. The old couple well they were also touching and it made me sad to see her die in the end but I really liked them as a couple and they way he wanted to care for her!
One thing that bothered me was when Alex says he thought that the woman had this problem but didn’t tell the man? why didn’t he tell him? that seems a bit odd?
Alex finding out about Yeo-Joo I would think that he would have been more bothered by this that she was lying. Kei didn’t seem bothered much either but wasn’t it supposed to be only men at the shop? are they going to bend the rules for her?? Kei was going to quit instead of her? that is just weird he is an accomplished nail artist and she hasn’t even passed the exam and she is a girl so she should probably have been the one to quit. I wonder now if the feelings have been awakened in Alex because he knows that she is a girl now? because he seemed a bit bothered that Yeo-Joo was so concerned about Kei and he made Jin tell her where he was, like he wanted to put some distance from her. I have really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait for the next one. I can’t quite picture them as a couple yet and wonder how they are going to make it work in the next one!!


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