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Nailshop Paris Episode 6 Summary June 4, 2013

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The 6th episode starts with Alex going remembering when he was a doctor and another doctor is mad at him for treating a patient without the permission from the other doctor. The doctor fires Alex. Picture 1

Alex is drinking at a bar and the boss comes in and asks him to come help her heal people that can’t be helped in the hospital. She was a former patient of Alex’s and he saw that she had anemia by looking at her nail.

Picture 2

In the present Alex is sitting with the boss as she sleeps in her bed. He asks her if she is dizzy and nauseous and she sends him home.

Picture 3

Yeo-Joo is sulking in her bed and Ji-Soo tries to get her to go to work. Ji-Soo phones Jin and tells him that Yeo-Joo isn’t going to go to work today but she doesn’t know why. Alex overhears and asks if she is sick and Jin just nods his head.

Yeo-Joo then decides that she is going to work on her novel. Yeo-Joo and Ji-Soo as gumihoo’s go to the restaurant and the owner has been hurt by the hunters.

Picture 4

Ji-Soo goes after she hears a shot she kills 2 hunters but she gets shot by one. Yeo-Joo comes to her side and Ji-Soo tells her to never trust a human.

Picture 5

Ji-Soo dies and Yeo-Joo goes to the Kei and he tells her to watch out for the man in the nail shop and the story is interrupted by Alex phoning her and asking if she is going to go to the nail class today and she tells him that she will.
Picture 6

A lady comes into the shop and Jin notices that she didn’t come with her friend and she tells them he is her boyfriend Hee-Cheol and she asks that they do not tell her friend Joon-Young that she came here with her boyfriend.

Picture 7

After nail class Jin is waiting and he tells her that Alex told him to meet her because he thought something was worrying her. They eat and Jin tells her he is thinking of breaking up with Ji-Soo because girls want to talk to him and he cannot say no. Ji-Soo gets mad at him for having a conversation with a girl at the bar. Yeo-Joo gets mad at him because he isn’t talking about her problems she tells him that she saw Alex and the boss go into the apartment together and then waited for Alex to come out 3 hours later. She also tells him that in Alex’s wallet there was a picture of him and the boss. She tells him that she is going to get over Alex.

At work Jin asks Kei if the boss and Alex are really in a relationship but Kei has not heard and then Kei asks if that is why Yeo-Joo is so depressed. Jin laughs it off and says that he wouldn’t care about something like that. Joon-Young comes through the doors with the girl that came in earlier who is Yeon-Hee and asks who she came in with earlier and if it was the boyfriend. They separate the girls and the girl with the boyfriend Yeon-Hee explains to Alex and Jin that they are roommates and have been for a long time and that after she started dating Hee-Cheol all she does is gossip about him. She tells them that she even threw away her ring that Hee-Cheol gave her. Joon-Young is talking with Kei and Yeo-Joo and she tells them that she is doing it for her and Kei tells her that it just sounds like she is jealous. Kei asks what is the problem that he thinks Hee-Cheol’s personality is good and has good manners. Joon-Young says that she hates everything about Hee-Cheol.

Picture 8

The staff are at the restaurant and the boss says that she thinks the friend has a problem and she asks Kei what he thinks and he says he thinks it is one-sided love and Alex says that it probably hurts her more since she saw the man fall in love with somebody she knows. Jin says that she said she hated everything about him and Kei says that 2 negatives makes a positive. They decide they need to see them interact before they can know it that is the problem. They tell Yeon-Hee that they are going to try a double date and Kei is the one going with them.

Jin goes to meet Ji-Soo and tell her they need to talk. They go to a park and he tells her that he thinks they should break up because he admitted his mistake and doesn’t want to fight over little things and that he doesn’t want to cling to somebody who hates him and he starts walking away thinking that he has played her and she tells him that she agrees and starts crying and sends him away. A bunch of punks come up to them and want to play, they punch Jin and grab Ji-Hoo she knocks them all out.

Picture 9

Hee-Cheol, Joon-Young, Kei, Yeon-Hee are all on the date.  Kei tries to talk to Joon-Young and Jin told him a girl with a crush remember everything about the person and Joon-Young doesn’t really tell him anything about Hee-Cheol. Jin also tells him that a girl will keep everything that the guy gives to her and cherishes it so Kei says they should get a souvenir for the girls. Hee-Cheol puts a headband on her and she takes it off and walks away.

Picture 10
Yeo-Joo is practicing her nail art when Alex comes in and he forgot to bring his book home. He helps her with work and takes her out to eat. When they are done he asks her if she is mad at him and she says no. She asks him if he has a girlfriend and he says he doesn’t. He notices her shoe is untied so he ties it for her. She asks him why he is so nice to her and he says because she is like a younger brother to him. He goes to pat her head and she pushes his hand away and says she needs to go back to the salon. She runs away to the bus stop and starts crying and phones Ji-Soo and tells her that Alex doesn’t have any special feelings for her and that it is breaking her heart.

Picture 11

On the date Kei remember that Jin told him that a girl with a crush like skinship from the crush and that being touched would make them go crazy. Kei takes Yeon-Hee on the ride and Joon-Young goes with Hee-Cheol. Kei tells Hee-Cheol to put his arm around Joon-Young because she was scared and she pushes him off of her. After the ride Joon-Young complains about Hee-Cheol touching her on the ride Kei says that he was just helping her because she was scared. Kei asks if she likes Hee-Cheol and she gets mad and walks away. She had dropped her phone and Kei picked it up and found pictures taken of Yeon-Hee sleeping and everyone comes to the realization that she had a crush on Yeon-Hee.

Picture 12

Joon-Young goes with Kei to Paris because she doesn’t want to go home because Yeon-Hee knows the truth. Yeo-Joo is there practicing and Joon-Youngand Kei go to the back and he sets up a bed for her and she tells him that they knew each other from school and that she was surprised when a pretty and popular girl wanted to be her friend and she then hid her feelings so she could keep staying close to her.

The next day Alex wants to talk to Yeo-Joo but Jin interrupts. Alex talks to Kei and says he did a color personality test on Joon-Young and that it showed she was half dead and needs help desperately and decide to wait to see.

Joon-Young goes back to her place and Yeon-Hee is waiting for her and they talk about why Joon-Young was acting and she tells her that she doesn’t want to lose Joon-Young and invites her to her engagement party. Joon-Young decides to move out instead of Yeon-Hee.

Yeon-Hee goes to Paris and she talks to Alex and Kei about Joon-Young and invites them all to her engagement party.

At the engagement party Jin, Kei, Alex, and Yeo-Joo are all there and Hee-Cheol puts a ring on Yeon-Hee finger and says his vow and she can’t do it because she is upset about leaving Joon-Young alone and she leaves the room.

Picture 13

As she is leaving Joon-Young comes in with flowers and says sorry she is late and they hug and the staff comes out to and sees them.
Picture 14
At the shop Alex and Kei are doing Joon-Young’s and Yeon-Hee’s nails and they do a keep the faith manicure for their eternal friendship. After they are done Hee-Cheol comes and Joon-Young had called them to take them out for lunch and Yeon-Hee is surprised. She says she didn’t want to be the reason that she lost a great guy.

Picture 15

Joon-Young pulls Kei aside and tells asks him if he likes Yeo-Joo and he asks how she knew and she says she could see it from far away. She wants him to release the wild cat of love so it doesn’t scratch up his heart. That after he tells her that he will know what to do next.

Picture 16

Yeo-Joo is practicing nail art and Jin wants her to go out and she doesn’t want to he calls her a girl and she yells at him no to. Kei is watching from above and when Jin leaves he comes out. Yeo-Joo is shocked and Kei asks her if she is a girl and she says she will quit tomorrow if he wants her to.Picture 18

He asks who told her to quit he then pulls her into a hug and tells her that he doesn’t want to have a secret crush anymore and would have told her this even when she was a boy, and that he doesn’t care if she has a crush on Alex or not.
Picture 19

Picture 20
Wow what an exciting ending!! I cannot wait for the next episode!! I have come to like the idea of Kei and Yeo-Joo together!! I think it would be soo good!! I have to say this was one weird episode a girl liking her best friend and then in the end they go back to being friends. It is kinda weird at the engagement party inviting the staff of her nail salon and not for example family and friends!!?? and then she runs out and what she is just going to go back to being friends and not deal with her fiancee?? I don’t know this was just a bad concept the whole way through!! not sure I really love the side stories very much!! I loved how Yeo-Joo finally admits that she has feelings for Alex and then is heartbroken when she knows she can’t really expect anything from him because of the situation. She seemed more honest and real and then Kei finally admits that he has feelings for Yeo-Joo and becomes like her more honest. So funny when Jin thought he could trick Ji-Soo by wanting to break up and then she beats up the guys which makes him love her even more!! I am soo happy that Kei finds out she is a girl and can finally understand why he is having feelings for her. I do not think that she will be able to reciprocate his feeling at first obviously because she thinks he doesn’t even like her. I have to say I love the softening of Kei and how more lovable he has gotten in the more recent episodes!!


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