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Nail Shop Paris Episode 5 Summary May 26, 2013

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The fifth episode starts with Yeo-Joo meeting Jin locking up and she tells him that the doctor said Alex will still in the hospital for a couple of days. Kei goes to the restaurant and talks with the owner and wonders if Kei has a girlfriend. Yeo-Joo is out with Jin and Ji-Soo at a restaurant when a man is yelling at a lady for money and disrupts the whole restaurant.
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The next day the boss gives Yeo-Joo a card and tells her that Alex requested nail classes for her and that it is set up for her. Kei comes in and they tell him that his new haircut looks good and he ignores Yeo-Joo. Yeo-Joo goes to her nail class and the girl from the restaurant sits next to her. They do each others nails and Yeo-Joo notices some red lines onJeon Mi Ae (from the restaurant) nails.

Picture 2

Yeo-Joo goes to visit Alex in the hospital and she tells him that the girl in her class has red lines on her nails but she doesn’t seem like a person who is depressed because she is smiling all the time. He tells her that maybe because she has to smile everyday for their job it becomes a habit and even if they want to cry or be angry they just smile like a robot. He compliments Yeo-Joo and tells her to help the lady if she can. At home Yeo-Joo is studyiing and Ji-Soo asks if she is not writing anymore and tells her that her fans are waiting for her. Yeo-Joo then starts writing she is with Alex and he files her nails and compliments her. He puts some nail art on her finger and one on his finger and calls it couple nail art.

Picture 3

Ji-Soo asks her if she love that man and that he can make her become human but he might be the hunter and tells her that it could put other gumihos at risk. They decide to leave and she leaves him a note saying I’m sorry and goodbye.

Picture 4

At the shop Kei yells at her for being clumsy and creates a scene with customers around. Jin tries to cheer her up and Kei wonders what is wrong with him. At nail class she sees the man taking money from Mi-Ae and later Yeo-Joo asks if the man extorted money from her and she acknowledges it. Yeo-Joo scolds her for smiling over something bad and tells her that she will help her to stop him. The two of them meet the man in a restaurant and Yeo-Joo tells him not to meet Mi-Ae anymore and throws threats at her. The man tries to grab Yeo-Joo and a staff stops him she tells him that if he bothers Mi-Ae one more time she will not let it go and she walks out with Mi-Ae. Later Jin is over and she tells him what she did and he tells her about the fanfic about the shop and that they wrote that she and Jin are dating and that Kei has a crush on her. She tells him that it is not possible because Kei always bullies her and Ji-Soo says that if somebody likes you they want to bully you so they can get your attention.

Picture 5

Kei is at the shop and is angry after reading the shops fanfics and Kei asks Jin if the  way he treated Yeo-Joo was weird and Jin agrees and says it was like he had feelings for Yeo-Joo. Kei asks where Yeo-Joo is and Jin says at the hospital and Kei huffs and walks away. Jin wonders what is wrong with him and then wonders if Kei really does have feelings for Yeo-Joo.

Yeo-Joo goes to the hospital and the boss is taking Alex for a check up so Yeo-Joo waits in the room. She opens the bosses wallet and finds a picture of her and Alex. Back at the shop she asks Jin what the relationship is between Alex and the Boss. Jin tells her that when Alex quit his job and was wandering the Boss led him to become a nail artist and so she was kinda like his saviour. Jin leaves and meets Kei outside Kei lies and says he left something there and the man that extorted the money from Mi-Ae asks for Yeo-Joo and Kei waits in the shop while she talks to the man. Kei looks for them but they are gone and he calls her cell but she left it at the shop. The man has dragged Yeo-Joo out to get into a fight with her because of what she said to him before. Other guys surround her she hits him and runs away and she hides in a garbage can. She thinks they are gone and he comes behind and grabs her. Kei has gone to visit Alex and he asks to check his hand to see if he is crazy. Kei gets a call from Jin asking if he knows where Yeo-Joo is because he can’t get ahold of him on the phone and they asks if he knew where he was going and realized that he was with that man. Kei finds a young guy and asks if he knows where the guy with a scar on his face is.

Picture 6

 The men have her surrounded and they think Yeo-Joo looks like a girl so they think they should check. Kei comes and hits his shoe at them and acts all tough. They try to beat him up but he knocks them all down and the scar face man cuts his arm with a knife. Yeo-Joo leaves with him and she scolds her for not thinking and following him without knowing how to fight and not even bringing her phone. She starts crying and saying she didn’t have time for that. Alex, Ji-Soo and Jin come running out the shop and Alex hugs her and Kei tells her that if it happens one more time he isn’t going to worry about it. Kei goes inside and sits down and sees the blood on his hand and is angry because she made him so worried.

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Alex finds Mi-Ae and he tells her what happened and she has no reaction and she has some pain in her head. Alex asks Kei if he could find Hyung-Shik the scarface man again because he might know what problem she has.  Alex says that he thinks she has alexithymia where you can’t feel or express your emotions and that is could lead to premature dementia at the worst but he thinks it is from a traumatic event that caused her to block her old emotions.

Alex and Kei go to see Hyung-Shik and he tells them that when they were in high school together she was always depressed and bullied because of this. He figured out that she was raped by her stepfather and she was going to kill herself but he saved her and since then she has never been the same and acts like a robot. Alex figures out that he has been watching her because he has feelings for her. He tells them that he followed her to get money from her because she owed him her life. As they leave Hyung-Shik asks them to help her because if they let her go she might try to kill herself again.

The staff are gathered at the restaurant and the boss decides that Yeo-Joo should be the one to help Mi-Ae.  As they leave Yeo-Joo catches up with Kei and she tells him thank you for that day and asks if his arm is okay and he acts rough. She asks him if he thinks that she can help Mi-Ae and he tells her that there is no right answer in the world but to pick anything and make that your answer and it then becomes the answer.

Yeo-Joo goes to nail class and she asks Mi-Ae on a date. They go on a date as they are walking Yeo-Joo grabs Mi-Ae’s purse and throws it in the bushes to make her angry. Mi-Ae goes to get it and is not mad. Yeo-Joo apologizes and says that she wanted to see the real Mi-Ae and she explains that Alex thinks she is sick because she can’t feel any emotions.Picture 10

Yeo-Joo takes Mi-Ae after hours to the Shop and they are going to practice glue-on nails. Alex, Jin, and Kei are in the back watching her. Yeo-Joo takes Mi-Ae’s hand and gives her a rub and explains that the shop is Nail Shop Paris because of the myth of Paris and it is the goal to comfort and cure customer’s wounds. She says that Mi-Ae is her customer and she is going to give it a shot. She tells her that she has no mother and lived in the countryside so people bullied her and as she got older she never left home and got a job she could do alone and had only 1 friend her roommate. She thought she was happy but she wasn’t and that because of other people she felt all kinds of emotions and without these emotions she wasn’t living. She decided not to let Mi-Ae’s life to be her old life.

Picture 11

She tells her that she has heard her past and that she understands why she closed her mind but she want to teach how it is to have those emotions and that like now she is never going to let her go. Mi-Ae is crying and is surprised and asks what is wrong with her. Alex and the others come in and Alex tells her that her body and heart can feel even if her brain doesn’t. Mi-Ae asks Yeo-Joo for help and what she should do next and they all smile.
Picture 12

Picture 13

Jin, Kei, Yeo-Joo, and Alex are at the restaurant and she tells them that Mi-Ae went to see a doctor with her and got her admitted for treatment and the doctor said it won’t be easy to cure but since she has the will she will be fine. Alex gets a call and leaves right away, they tease him about it being a girlfriend. Yeo-Joo is sad after he leaves and Kei can tell and he then leaves too. Jin then makes Yeo-Joo go a club together with Ji-Soo. Yeo-Joo is bored and she leaves she sees Alex stop his car and help the boss out of the car and they walk together into a building.

Picture 14

Picture 15

This was an interesting episode we were able to learn more about Yeo-Joo and who she was in her past. Ji-Soo told us that Yeo-Joo was a lot more selfish and in this episode we learn why. It is very clear that Kei has romantic feelings for Yeo-Joo but I am surprised he is not questioning or even showed as to be thinking about why Yeo-Joo had been kissing Alex. Jin and Ji-Soo are a cute couple and I think that they go well together and it is cute to see Yeo-Joo get exasperated over them. I found funny was when the Hyung-Shik was talking about Mi-Ae and he was bullying her because he was worried about her and how that was the exact situation that Kei was in with Yeo-Joo. I wanted Alex to read Kei’s fingernails to see if he could tell something!! Yeo-Joo likes Alex but he doesn’t seem to be the main focus in the story Kei gets more scenes! and Alex’s personality is not very dynamic. So I wonder if Yeo-Joo is supposed to end up with Kei?? I am not sure?

Some things that bothered me was Mi-Ae didn’t really act like a robot to me? she smiled a bit, but it did not seem like it was excessive. It just seemed like she was a little depressed maybe and smiled to cover it up? The whole story of Mi-Ae just seemed a little bizarre to me?

My guess that with Alex and the boss is that the boss is sick and since Alex has some medical knowledge he personally helps her with it.


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