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Nail Shop Paris Episode 4 Summary May 21, 2013

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Jin is at Yeo-Joo and Ji-Soo’s apartment and she has told him that she followed Alex to write her internet novel and disguised herself as a man to work at Paris. Ji-Soo attempts to convince Jin that Yeo-Joo had needed a model for her novel and he happily agrees to it because he likes Ji-Soo.

The next day a woman comes in complaining that her manicure was coming and made a big scene and leaves and she is not even one of their customers

Picture 1

Alex gives Yeo-Joo some books to study to pass a test to become a nail manicurist.
Alex gets a visitor Mrs. Lee and she asks him to talk to her son for him because he quit university and wants to get married to a “bad” girl.

Picture 2

Yeo-Joo continues her novel her friend Ji-Soo gets hurt because the hunter attacked her home and she brings her to Alex. Alex is going to help them and she tells him that she couldn’t take her to the hospital. Alex than requests that she date him because it will take a couple of days for her friend to heal. Ji-Soo interrupts as she just came from dinner with Jin and is texting him. She tells Yeo-Joo that she told JIn that Kei is doubting her and that she likes Alex and that he is going to help her. Yeo-Joo is angry and embarrassed by what she told Jin.

Picture 3

Alex meets Mrs. Lee’s son Hyeon-Woo at a restaurant and Alex tries to convince to go back to school. Hyeon-Woo tells him that Hee-Young is not a bad girl and that she works day to night and is preparing her GED to get into college and that she lives life to the fullest. Heyon-Woo wants to introduce Hee-Young to him.

Picture 4

Yeo-Joo and Jin go out to get food and she tells him that Ji-Soo lied to him about her liking Alex and Jin teases her. They see a new nail salon open and the girl that complained in the shop advertising for it. Yeo-Joo confronts her and goes to grab her and knocks her bag down Jin notices she has copies of Alex and Kei’s nail designs. Kei comes and interrupts them. Back in the salon he criticizes Yeo-Joo for making a scene in her uniform. Alex comes in and they explain that a new salon opened and the owner had sent the girl here to make a scene. They had forgot about lunch and Kei tells he to get fried tofu because the boss likes it. Yeo-Joo remember the owner of the restaurant telling her that gumiho’s love tofu.Picture 5

Yeo-Joo is called by the boss and is told that Kei is going to be participating in the International Nail Competition as a rep for their salon and she wants her to help Kei. The boss takes off her necklace and is going to leave for the day and that she wants Yeo-Joo is clean up her desk and tell the others she is gone. Yeo-Joo gets the necklace and sees a made in china sticker on the back.

Picture 6

At their apartment Ji-Soo is laughing at a gumiho who would wear made in china necklace. Yeo-Joo is studying the books and Ji-Soo asks if she is going to get certified and she says it wouldn’t be bad. Yeo-Joo sees a band-aid at the front of the book.

Kei comes in and Yeo-Joo asks if he stayed up all night and he says yes. She asks if he needs help and he says he need a nail model and she says her friend Ji-Soo could do it. Yeo-Joo goes back to work and whistles, Kei imagines the lips touching and tells her to stop whistling.

Yeo-Joo asks where the boss is and Alex tells her that she is at a seminar for 4-5 days. Hyeon-Woo comes in dragging Hee-Young and she won’t take off her helmet. She takes it off and it is the girl that made a scene earlier in the shop. She apologizes and says she didn’t want to do it but her boss forced her. Hyeon-Woo says that she quit the salon because of it and now works at a restaurant and the nail designs were only for reference and she wasn’t going to copy. She tells them that her dream is to own a nail salon but to do that she need a hairdresser license. Alex asks if she wants to work here until she gets another job for about a month but he will have to ask his boss.

Picture 7
Yeo-Joo, Ji-Soo and Jin are at the apartment and Ji-Soo tells her that she is changed and care about others more and that she was selfish and not nice before. She gets mad and Jin pretends to protect her.

Picture 8

At work Hee-Young asks Yeo-Jee is she can leave early tomorrow and that it is a secret from Hyeon-Woo and she agrees. Kei comes in and Hee-Young asks is she can talk to him and she shows him her nail design and he says it is good and that she should show it to him when she is completed. Hyeon-Woo’s mom comes in again and she slaps Hee-Young and asks her where her son is and she tells he to stay away from her son before she gets humiliated and knocks over a tray on her way out. Hyeon-Woo comes and he realizes that his mom came and slapped her and he takes her out.
Picture 9

As Yeo-Joo and Jin are leaving Kei asks her to get all the colors on his list for his nail design and Jin agrees to help. Yeo-Joo gets mad at Jin because she thinks he will make it seem like she is a girl.

Kei, Alex, and Yeo-Joo go shopping together and Alex tells her that he goes with Kei because Kei has no sense of direction. Yeo-Joo goes to the washroom and tells them she will catch up. They have to remind her to go the men’s washroom. Alex grabs his chest a bit and Kei asks if he is alright and he says yes. Kei tells him to call for him if he needs help and to not make others worry.

Picture 10

Picture 11

Hyeon-Woo picks up Hee-Young and walks her home she tells him that he should go back home and go back to school because she doesn’t want his  mom to hate her anymore. Hyeon-Woo gets mad and tells her to go home alone.

Yeo-Joo is falling asleep while Kei works on his design. He tells her to go home because she snores and she says she doesn’t and decides to stay because tomorrow is the competition.

Picture 12

Ji-Soo comes in the next day and can’t be the model because she burnt her hands making coffee that morning. Jin suggests Yeo-Joo become the model and she is wary because she might be found out. In the end she comes a s a girl and gets her nails done by Kei in the competition.
Picture 13

Picture 14

Mrs. Lee gets handed an envelope at a cafe and smiles after seeing the pictures.

Hyeon-Woo is working Alex calls him and goes to Alex and is told that Hee-Young hit someone with her scooter and the victim’s family is making her pay lots of money or she will go to jail. Alex convinces Hyeon-Woo to go back home to his mother. Hee-Young comes out and tells him that he promised, and Hyeon-Woo realizes he had been tricked and storms off.

The staff is at the restaurant and Jin is telling Alex that Yeo-Joo was so pretty as a girl. Kei takes away Yeo-Joo beer because he doesn’t want her to get drunk again. Yeo-Jee sneaks Jin’s drink and they fight over it, Kei says he is tired and leaves. As Kei leaves he remember back to earlier today and he won first place in the competition. Kei walks back to the salon and he sees Hyeon-Woo sitting there and asks him if he has come to punch Alex. Hyeon-Woo whines and Kei slaps him and tells him to grow up and to become mature before he talks about marriage

.Picture 15

Picture 16

The next morning they call Mrs. Lee in and Hyeon-Woo begs for forgiveness and tells her that he will go back home and go back to school. His mom shows him pictures of Hee-Young with her boss. Hyeon-Woo walks out with his mom when Yeo-Jee comes in and says Alex was right and that Hee-Young was hanging with the boss because of dried powder pig pancreas and that it was hard to find and her boss showed her where to get it. It is good for people with diabetes and Mrs. Lee has diabetes. Alex tells Mrs. Lee that Hee-Young was the one who convinced Hyeon-Woo to come home and she apologizes to Hee-Young. She says she doesn’t approve the relationship yet that he needs to go back to school and she needs to get her GED. Hee-Young pulls Mrs. Lee in and gives her the Queen manicure she showed to Kei.

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 19

The staff are outside talking when Alex falls to the ground clutching his stomach. At the hospital the doctor tells Kei and Jin that Alex has acute gastritis and asks if he has been hurt lately. They tell him of the incident with glue and he tells them with rest for a few days he will get better. Jin goes to close the salon. Yeo-Joo is sitting in the room with Alex and she wonders why even though he is sick it is her heart that hurts. Yeo-Joo then goes and kisses Alex, Kei opens the door and sees, he goes to turn and look back.Picture 20

Picture 21

Picture 22

The fourth episode again seems to follow the pattern of helping someone in need which is not bad because there are always fresh faces and story lines. Things progress quite a bit in the story and I have enjoyed that part. First of all Jin was sure able to let go of Yeo-Joo being a girl pretty fast!! but I guess because of his love for Ji-Soo I guess it it believable that he would let it go. I totally think that the boss put a fake sticker on her necklace or that was the decoy necklace and left it their for bait for Yeo-Joo. When Kei sends Yeo-Joo to go shopping and Jin volunteers but in the end Kei and Alex go with her? that was kinda weird because Kei and Jin made it seem like she was going to go by herself? What I found really ridiculous was Ji-Soo burning all her hands by lifting up her cup of coffee?? I do not think she could get burns that severe from holding a cup. Another thing that was weird was that Alex made Yeo-Joo investigate Hee-Young and why she was with her boss? How did Alex even know anything about that? and why did he think it was a concern? It only became a problem because the mother investigated Hee-Young and it did not seem to look like Alex even knew that. One thing that was shocking was at the end when Yeo-Joo kissed Alex? WHAT? that was crazy!! and then Kei saw, I mean he has got to be wondering if she is a girl by now!! I mean she has fallen on him a couple of times and you think he would realize?? the way the clothes fit her, she just looks like a girl!!  I wished they would have shown more of Kei at the competition!! Anyway this was an alright episode but I found that there were a lot of distracting problems in this episode this time.


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