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Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 May 15, 2013

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I did not do a full summary of episode 3 because I found that the content was something that I did not agree with and do not want to even write about. I skipped over the parts because I did not full watch them and instead just did a summary of the storyline of the main cast without the side story.

Yeo-Joo writing her story and she has flashbacks to where the boss asked her why she was at the shop so late and that Jin didn’t see her when he locked up. She tells the boss that she forgot to get her phone at home. The boss accepts this and tells her not to stay late at the salon anymore. Ji-Soo comes in and Yeo-Joo tells her that her boss could be the gumiho that she met when she was six.

Picture 1

At the shop Yeo-Joo gives the boss some Sundae (liver) and everyone thinks she is weird for bringing it for breakfast. The boss says that she doesn’t like liver. Yeo-Joo wonders if gumiho’s only like liver when it is fresh. Ji-Soo comes to give Yeo-Joo the key for the apartment and she is holding a kitten. Yeo-Joo shoos her away because she doesn’t want her cover blown. Jin asks Yeo-Joo is she is dating Ji-Soo and she tells him that they are friends. Jin wants to be introduced because Ggong-Chi the kitten doesn’t like anybody else except him and that the kitten liked Ji-Soo. He tells her that the girls he dates have to be 1. cute, 2. like cats, 3. a cute girls that likes a cat.


Picture 2


Picture 3

Yeo-Joo is writing her story and she meets up with Alex and he hides her again from Kei the bad guy. He talks about how it is fate and not a coincidence that they met again. He apologizes for kissing her without her approval and she goes up to him and kisses and says that they are even now. She walks away affected by the kiss. Alex steps out and Kei sees him and they just stare at each other. Ji-Soo interrupts exclaiming that they are on the same side. Yeo-Joo is annoyed and Ji-Soo looks for the remote and Yeo-Joo hands it to her. She decides then that she won’t introduce her to Jin because she is too forgetful and might blow her cover.


Picture 4

Picture 5

The next day Yeo-Joo gives her boss dried squid because the man from the restaurant told her that if a gumiho would eat one there true form would come out. She watches from outside trying to see if the boss will eat one and Kei comes up behind her and notices she is spying and asks if he will get a turn.

Picture 6

He gets her to dust a high shelf while he hold the ladder for her and they argue for a while. Jin talks to Alex and he tells him that Kei is bullying Yeo-Joo and that he doesn’t usually show an interest in people.

Yeo-Joo notices that Jin has eaten all of the squid.
Picture 7

Yeo-Joo is sitting on the nail bench and Alex asks what is wrong and she tells him that she doesn’t know how to help when she hears all of the guys hurts and almost wishes she hadn’t heard it. Alex tells her that the best way to comfort someone is to be beside them even if they show you the ugly part of themselves. He then tells her that she has become a part of the Paris family. He takes her hand and starts working on her nails and that to be a nail artist she has to start by taking care of her own nails. While he is working Yeo-Joo gets uncomfortable and pulls away and she gets cut and is bleeding. Alex puts a band aid on her finger for her.
Picture 8

Picture 9

At home Ji-Soo notices that Yeo-Joo is wearing a dirty band aid and won’t throw it away and she asks if Alex gave it to her. Yeo-Joo says she doesn’t have a crush on him and Ji-Soo freaks out because Alex thinks she is a guy.

At work Yeo-Joo remembers Alex putting on the band aid and she takes it off and sticks it on her locker door while smiling. She goes to speak to Jin but he is giving her a cold shoulder. She tells him that she will always be next to him and he says that she is acting weird and wonders if she has a crush on him, she argues that isn’t true. Kei interrupts them and tells them to go wash the brushes. While washing the brushes she wonders why Kei doesn’t just say he doesn’t like her. Jin suggests drinking and then hitting it out.

Yeo-Joo goes to an outdoor tent vendor and has alcohol and phones Kei to come because she wants to talk to him and she is already drunk.  He comes and she stands up on a cement pillar so that he can hit her. He comes really close to her face with his fist and stops. She then falls into him and they almost share a kiss.
Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

She wakes up the next morning at the shop because he doesn’t know where she lives. He becomes more aware of her lips and he apologizes for stressing her out. Picture 13

Ji-Soo is eating the last can of tuna and Yeo-Joo is upset so Ji-Soo goes out to get more tuna. Jin finds their place and comes in, Yeo-Joo is in the shower and Ji-Soo comes back and finds Jin and he figures out they live together. Yeo-Joo comes out of the shower and is so surprised she drops her towel.
Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

I found that the content of this episode was disturbing and surprising that it was taken in such a route because this is a show I am assuming for teens and probably younger audiences.  I do not feel comfortable with the portrayal of ghosts and to mean just seems demonic. I do not like that they had put that in this series. This series almost is starting to be predictable with a person coming in and needing help and only the Nail Shop Paris staff is able to help them which can seem a little silly. They become so involved in these peoples lives it seems unrealistic. It is obvious that Yeo-Joo is in love with Alex and that it will pain her when he will find out that she is a girl but they probably will most likely end up together. I think Kei will most likely find himself liking her but will be mad at himself because he considers her a boy. The time when Kei caught Yeo-Joo and he acted like their lips touched which I definitely did not really see as she fell. I think that it will be very funny in the next episode when Jin will discover she is a girl and all those problems that will go with it. I have to say I did not expect Jin to find out Yeo-Joo was a girl first!!


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