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Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou- Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files Review April 4, 2013


 I was having trouble finding a drama that looked interesting to me and I came across this Japanese Drama and I found it to be a nice break from the usual romance drama. I would classify it as a mystery and a psychological drama. There is a bit of romance that still peaked through in the different stories but overall it was more of a human interest story where the main characters tried to figure out how and why people did what they did in a specific situation. The main plot of this drama is it starts off with Goura Daisuke who goes to a rare second hand bookstore to sell his grandmothers books and meets Shinokawa Shioriko who runs the bookstore. Shinokawa is very talented at solving mysteries and making inferences and Goura is very interested in this and they are often working together solving mysteries. All mysteries are surrounded by books and how people have their own stories connected to books.


What I liked about this drama was that it was always interesting because there was a different case study and in every episode you are introduced to a new book that does exist. A lot of them are by Japanese authors so I pretty much had no idea who they were or how the books go but that doesn’t matter to the story because it was usually explained because Goura does not know them either. The mysteries were also not too predictable and occasionally would find myself tearing up over different peoples stories. I like the characters in this drama they are quirky and interesting and funny. Jesse Lewis (Sprout, Hayato) is also in this drama and he plays Shioriko’s younger brother. I did not even realize this after the first episode! maybe because he doesn’t look as tall because Goura is very tall next to him. I have always loved reading so maybe I have a bit of basis for this drama but I think that it is really relatable to anybody even if they do not like reading because Goura cannot read and so there is a character for everyone to relate to or whether you love somebody who loves to read. I always love a good mystery and especially if it is not about murder, those types of mysteries are not interesting to me.


What bothered me about his drama was for one was Shioriko’s shawls! I cannot stand them or wears shawls they are so burdensome!! always having to pull up and hold onto making it hard to carry anything. They just made her look like an old lady and it just looks dumb, if you are cold put on a sweater or even a poncho they at least make it easier to work with. Another thing was sometimes the inferences that Shioriko made were a little hard to believe and it was like how you would you put those things together to get that answer. Another thing that may bother people was that the ending did not exactly tie up the loose ends and that makes me wonder if they are planning to do a second season, but for some reason I was okay with how it ended.

I really did enjoy this drama and was surprised it was already over with 11 episodes and if they make a 2nd season I will make sure to watch it. I would recommend this drama to anyone who loves a good mystery, books, or likes to understand what makes people tick!! I love how the drama played with the characters and different stories of books. It was a well done drama and cannot wait until I get to Jesse Lewis in a bigger role again!!


In case if you are wondering the exciting song at the end of every episode is called “searching” which is produced by Taku Takahashi. I would find myself trying to figure what this song was at the end of every episode and I did finally find it.


5 Responses to “Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou- Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files Review”

  1. Nice post. I just finished ep3 and was wondering about the song Searching. When I searched, I saw the song everywhere but because it has (Main Theme) in the name, I thought it was the opening theme, so I kept skipping it.

    The rest of the post was good too, I look forward to reading your other reviews.

  2. demonskid Says:

    Wonderful post. I’m halfway through the show and I couldn’t take it anymore. Everywhere I looked about the music would just say “E-Girls – The Never Ending Story”. As much as I love ‘The Never Ending Story’ song and its other variations, I really wanted to know what the ending song to the show is. Thank you for mentioning it in your post.


  3. Cassie Says:

    I really like this drama. It’s not the typical rom-com drama that is so popular as of late. It is slow in term of character development but u don’t find it frustrating . The drama is a small I production to literature and those who like to read and open to mysteries will like it. The two main character playoff each other well as their friendship develop. I find my self annoyed however at how the female lead is dressed. She may be a homebody but she does not have to be dressed like an old dowdy European lady with her shawls and carpet bags and witch like boots.
    I really hope there is a second season since I want to see how Goura’s character develops. Thoroughly enjoyed the drama and reccomends to every one. The theme music and introduction scenes were beautifully done. Very fitting to the genre and ‘feel’ of the drama.

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