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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 13 Final Summary January 22, 2013

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The 13th episode picks up where the 12th episode ends.  Remi is explaining that Haruka was there for her when no one else was. She flashbacks to where Remi is sitting with Haruka and Remi tells her that she has always hated herself, but now she hates herself so much she wants to die. Haruka tells her it is better to forget and Remi says she can’t, that she killed her own baby. Haruka says in that case it is better to pretend none of that ever happened and that she doesn’t know Kouji, that she never met him and they never met outside of school and that nothing has happened. She goes on saying that altering her memories is not going to hurt anyone and that it is going to be okay and to just forget it. She tells Remi to close her eyes and that when she opens them, her old life will be waiting for her. Haruka grabs Remi’s hand and holds it, Remi starts crying.

Picture 1

Remi is at school and she walks past Haruka on her way to school. Remi runs up to Mizuho and the rest of her friends and they start talking to each other. Haruka walks  behind them.

Remi continues in the present crying and says that she had no idea how much she took advantage of Haruka and if she hadn’t had been there at that time, but she erased all traces of existence of her from her mind. She says she is the worst and when she heard about her death she pretended to be unaffected and attended the funeral unaffected. She says she really is the worst and the lowest. Mizuho is crying at this point and goes and gives Remi a hug and says sorry for always making her laugh against her will. Remi says she didn’t and that she shouldn’t cry. Remi says she has no right to cry with all the horrible things she has done and says sorry.

Picture 2

Remi and Mizuho are sitting on a bench. Yanai is looking at the painting of Haruka. Maruo and Hikaru walk in and Maruo greets Hiro saying that it has been awhile. Hikaru says that to think that Mizuho found Hiro first and that she might be cut out to be a detective. Hikaru walks over to Hiro and gives him the envelope and tells him that it is Haruka’s last words. Hikaru says that when Haruka was hospitalized last spring, she called him and said she had something to ask of him.

Picture 3


Picture 4

Hikaru flashbacks to the hospital with Haruka and she tells him that she is going to die soon and that she would like him to do something for her because she can trust him to deliver it because he is Hiro and Hiro is him. She says that he loves him and at the same time hates him, he detests him yet deep inside he yearns for him. She says it must be the same for him too and that he is part of him and that she believes in them both. She pulls out the and says she wants him to give it to Hiro because there are a lot of things he wants to tell Hiro but now that she knows she is going to die, there is only one thing I want to tell him. She holds out the letter and says please, Hikaru watches her and then takes the letter from her.

Picture 5

In the present Hiro is opening the letter and Hikaru says that she said that there is only one thing she wanted to convey. Hiro opens the letter and it says Hiro, I love you so much. Hiro flashbacks to a time when she is sitting for him while he draws her. She thinks thank you for making me experience so much feelings, through all the joy and pain she was able to see a sparkling world from the dazzling landscape that sparkled in rainbow colors. Through the darkest despair, thank you I was happy Hiro and she loves him so much. Back to present Hiro starts crying.

Picture 6

Picture 7

It is morning and Remi and Mizuho are outside and Remi tells her that she used to be in love with Kouji, in spite of everything that happened and those days she used to be in love with him so much. She says she wonder if she should go in search for him even though he ran away because he was too much of a coward to tell me he didn’t love me and that maybe they should talk about it properly an.d bring it to a close. Mizuho agrees and says that maybe there were circumstances surrounding Kouji that she knew nothing about. Remi says hardly likely and then asks her what she is going to do about Hikaru she looks away and doesn’t answer.


Picture 8

Hiro and Maruo are in the house and Maruo tells him that he is not moving out to Yokosuka anytime soon and that he should come over anytime if he needs anything and next time he shouldn’t run away. Maruo walks away and Hiro looks at the painting of Haruka.

Picture 9

Yanai walks over to Hikaru who is sitting outside and gives him a drink. Hikaru asks Yanai if he feels better now and that he guesses he had a lot of fun digging up someone’s secret. Yanai replies that Hikaru is detestable as ever. Hikaru continues and says good thing she turned out to be untarnished after all, Haruka. Yanai replies that she turned out to be stronger than he had imagined and that he is overwhelmed. Yanai asks what about him and if he really came all this way just to hand over Haruka’s letter to Hiro and if he is really that kind hearted. Mizuho walks over to them and Yanai gets up and leaves. Hikaru stands up.

Picture 10

Hikaru is walking away and Mizuho runs after him asking why didn’t he answer his phone because she has been trying to call him for so long and tells him he is terrible. Hikaru says he lost his phone and she doesn’t believe him. She then says that he did nothing even after Haruka passed away and he pretended he didn’t know anything and then why now, all of a sudden, when it is too late and he replies he did it on a whim that all, just to pass time. He continues saying that since it concerned Hiro and he needed to contact Maruo anyways and that is why he met Kido to find out where Maruo lived and he finally able to reach him. He tells her that  is all and asks her if she is satisfied and if he can go and she asks where will he go and he says its a secret and has nothing to do with her. He tells her that Yanai and the others are waiting and she should go back. He walks away then. She starts running after him and calls Hikaru, he turns around asks what is it and she tells him that she doesn’t regret getting into the bus that time, that day even if she hadn’t gotten into the bus, somewhere else, she thinks she would surely have gotten lost. That getting into the wrong bus over and over again, she understood one thing that she likes him and she loves him and she has always wanted to know more about him, but not anymore, she tells him to take care and that she believes in him and she will be waiting and then says see you later. She gives him a hug and then walks back. She thinks that even if it is a fragment, it’s fine because one day it will be the piece that will light up his future. Hikaru starts walking away in his direction.

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So this was the final episode and I am sad that it is over now! This episode made me a little bit emotional when Hiro opened the letter from Haruka and started crying. It seemed like finally I understood who Haruka was and that now I felt like I was able to grieve with Hiro because I knew who she was and how important she was to him and the others.

One thing that slightly confused me was why Hikaru had found Maruo and needed him to find Hiro? Maybe he just wanted Hiro to deal with his past and show Hiro that he doesn’t need to punish himself anymore over hitting Maruo?

The ending was slightly disappointing because Hikaru and Mizuho didn’t end up together but at the same time it seemed to fit the drama. Mizuho got the courage to tell Hikaru that she loved him and that she will wait for him but I think she realized that the only thing she can do for him is to be honest with her feelings. She can’t force him to be honest with his own feelings and that is a step that he has to take himself but that she will be ready for him when he is. I found their bus analogy really interesting that she doesn’t really want to follow the path she is supposed to take but she is going to make her own by taking the wrong bus.

Poor Remi she thought she loved Kouji but she was taken advantage by him and then thrown away which is sad that she basically did the same to Haruka. I mean Haruka gave her permission to do that to her but I think deep down Haruka would have rather had Remi be her friend.

I really admired Mizuho as a character!! she is strong and tried to develop her character and become a better person. I really admired her because she loved Hikaru but she didn’t sleep with him even though it would have been really easy for her to do that. She wanted more from him and even if she loses him for some time I think she knows that he will come back to her.

One thing that bothered me was that Hikaru, Hiro and Maruo never talk altogether and get it worked out!! I mean I think it would have been good for all of them to really discuss it so they could move forward in life.

This was an awesome drama!! I really enjoyed the mystery and intrigue of it all. I found it refreshing because it wasn’t a typical love story! it had those elements in it but the story overall offered something deeper and more intriguing!! I really enjoy psychological elements in my story and this had a lot of introspective moments, which I loved. I would recommend this drama to anyone who loves mystery first of all and needs a break from the typical romance story.


4 Responses to “Piece Japanese Drama Episode 13 Final Summary”

  1. koinakasan Says:

    With each episode this drama imroved and it is a masterpiece of writing story telling. The circumstances of the two brothers and their mother are barely credible. The situations the other characters find themselve in are all too credibl. Their treatment of each other and sometimes themselves reveals both the best and worst of human frailty. I felt bad at times because of Mizuho’s coldness but her inner striving and basic sweet nature captured my heart. Remi had some very difficult times but she was both nieve and bitchy. She could have helped Mizuho and Hikaru avoid some pain if she had been a better person. Jdramas hit hard they can be sentimental and kawaii but also very dark, very harsh. They reflect life very authenticly.

  2. Hello! Thanks for making a review out of this drama! I first started watching this 4 years ago and rewatched it this week. I finished episode 13 last night and as if I was watching it for the first time, I was taken aback by the plot twists along the way lol It was as if I never even watched it the first time. But I went and rewatched it again and I don’t regret giving it the chance. Still, I had this lingering question ever since I watched this drama 4 years ago and rewatching this made me bring up that sentiment again. I was hoping if you might know something about this. It was the scene that was shown at episode 13( the final episode), after Mizuho and Narumi both went their separate ways. It was a nostalgic flashback from episode 1 where they lit up fireworks. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I have a feeling that Narumi whispered something back there where his lips was moving. I have a feeling that he was not sighing, nor was he just simply biting his lips. I’m sure he really whispered something there! If you happen to have the same questions as I and know the answer to it hopefully, it’d be great if you could respond to me. Thanks for reading this comment of mine!

    • I agree he does say something at the end. In the first episode they cut that part where he mouths the word, as I don’t speak Japanese I have no clue what he would have mouthed! sorry! but thanks for commenting!

      • I know Japanese since I sub for some japanese dramas and movies from time to time and that part just really bothered me so much. I kept on repeating that part, hoping I could get what he was whispering about, but to no avail at all. Anyway, thanks for replying! You make good recaps 🙂

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