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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 12 Summary January 20, 2013

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The twelfth episode starts with Hiro painting on a canvas and then he flashbacks to a time where he is showing Haruka his work and she finds it amazing and she starts crying, he asks what is wrong and she tells him she was suddenly overcome with feelings. She tells him that she loves his paintings and she loves them the most in the world, he smiles. Back to the present Hiro looks at his painting he painted of her.

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Mizuho is walking and she passes by Hiro and recognizes him. She grabs him and says Narumi, he pulls away and she recognizes him as Hiro. He asks who she is and she tells him to wait that she wants to phone Hikaru. He tells her to stop and that he promised her that he would break off connection to him and he walks away. Mizuho follows after him and asks him if he means her to be Haruka and he then stops. He flashbacks to Haruka and Hiro. Hiro is painting and she comes up behind him and he freaks out, she steps away and asks him if he dislikes her and he says no he doesn’t dislike her but that it is he is scared. She tells him he is very kind and that she wants to know his good points, his weaknesses, strong points, unbecoming points and everything about him and that she will accept them all.

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Back to the present Mizuho and Hiro are in a restaurant and Mizuho asks him why Haruka was in Ibaraki and he says she had come in search for someone Sakata Kouji. He flashbacks to him and Haruka sitting on a bench and she is telling him she is looking for Kouji and she shows him a picture of him on her phone, Hiro’s eyes widen and he gets up and leaves. Hiro tells Mizuho that Kouji was a name he had never wanted to hear again and that he used to hang out with Hikaru. Mizuho asks him why Haruka was looking for Kouji and he says that she was helping her friend search for him, her classmate. Hiro then asks if Haruka is doing well and that she rejected him and now he still doesn’t have the strength to face her but someday he is definitely going to meet her. He flashbacks and they are sitting she stands up and so does he she tells him that she never knew he was such a person and she tells him that he frightens her and she starts crying. She says she is sorry and then leaves. He tells Mizuho that if there is even a slight chance that he would be accepted and that no matter how many years it takes, he’ll meet her. He asks Mizuho if she is her friend and if she is well, where she is and what she is doing she tells him that Haruka is no more and she passed away last summer and was ill. Mizuho tells him she is sorry she had to tell him such sad news. Hiro says it can’t be and that she is only 19. Mizuho says it is true and he says it is a lie and he gets up to leave Mizuho goes after him and chases him.

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It is evening and Mizuho is at Hiro’s house and he tells her that she was everything to him and that’s why he told her his secret. Mizuho asks what he means by secret and he says one day he would be able to meet her again and that is what he believed in and now she has left him behind. He says it is too terrible and he picks up his paintings and throws them outside and Mizuho follows him. He tells her that the one who tried to kill Maruo wasn’t Hikaru. He flashbacks to the moment where Maruo is bullying him and he says he wanted to kill him and he wanted to escape that world of terror and panic. Hiro hits Maruo twice with the metal rod and Hikaru comes after and he says that Hikaru just covered up for him and he took the iron pipe that he had been clutching in his hand. Hikaru takes the iron pipe and wipes the blood off of it and wipes it on his shirt. Hiro says that Haruka couldn’t handle what he had done and left him. He goes on saying that was to be expected and that he has had enough and is tired. He picks up a bottle of something and says it is too much he pours it on his paintings and says it is better to erase everything of him and lights his lighter and drops it on the paintings and causes them to burn. Mizuho says what are you doing and she drops a blanket on the pile and pulls off the painting of Haruka. Mizuho says don’t destroy so easily what remains of her.

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Yanai and Remi get out of the taxi and he says this is the place. They go in and and see Mizuho and Yanai asks if it is Hiro and she says yes. Yanai walks over to Hiro and asks him if it is him who got Haruka pregnant since he is her ex boyfriend. Hiro looks confused and Yanai grabs him tells him not to act like he doesn’t know. Mizuho stops him and Yanai asks why she is sticking up for him and she tells him that he is wrong and Hiro was Haruka’s boyfriend but he is mistaken. Mizuho tells him that the one who got pregnant was her friend. Remi speaks up and says it was her and that she was the one who was played with and made pregnant was her not Haruka. Remi says she got exposed and she wanted to keep it secret and never tell it to anyone as long as she lived but she guesses it was impossible after all. Mizuho asks her if it true and she says yes Haruka just advised her and lent her support and she even sent that guy the mail in her place telling him about the abortion. Mizuho asks her about the guy and she says it was Kouji and that she got pregnant with his child.

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Remi flashbacks to them leaving the hotel and as they are walking he asks how she is and she says she is fine. He asks her if it was her first time and she says that she was a bit scared of doing it but she is happy and this is the happiest she has been until now. He goes up to her and hugs her and then kisses her. He then says he will call her later. She is in her classroom and trying to phone but she leaves him a voicemail telling him she will be waiting for his call. Remi is then at the bookstore buying books from Haruka and Haruka recognizes her, Remi panics and drops her change. Remi is picking up the change and Haruka helps her pick them up and tells her to wait for her at the coffee shop in front and she will settle her bill later. They meet up and Remi thanks her for the books and says she didn’t expect she would be seen by a classmate in such a place and that she is the worst. Haruka tells her that she won’t tell anyone that it is okay and she doesn’t have any friends. Remi says that she has a lot of names in her contact list but now when she needs a friend there is no one. She goes on saying that she did it with someone and she didn’t want to admit it, so she bought those books but she knew it was no good in her head she understood. Haruka stands up and holds her hand and then pulls away and says sorry and that she couldn’t find words to cheer her up properly. Remi then grasps her hands and says thanks Haruka. Back to present Remi says that she was the only by her side and the only one who came to know about her pregnancy and that she was the one who tried to contact Kouji and search for him. Hiro then asks Remi if the reason she was searching for Kouji  and she answers for her sake and that it was the most difficult time in her life and she was the only one there for her and that ends episode 11.

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Well this episode has answered a lot of questions! I feel like I have understood everything a lot better. Remi was the one who got pregnant and that makes sense I guess I should have figured it out when earlier she was brought to the hotel! I guess I couldn’t place her and Haruka together which is explained in this episode. It is sad that Remi couldn’t be honest with Mizuho but I mean if I was Mizuho I would question a little more of why she wanted to come with soo badly all the time but I guess she could tell Remi didn’t want to talk about it.

I was shocked that Hiro didn’t know that she had died that was very sad!! One thing that i don’t understand is why they were not together after he had told her about what really happened? We learned earlier that Haruka had come to Maruo and said that she felt bad about running away from Hiro and that he is the most beloved person to her so what had she not found him? I wonder why she couldn’t find him? I would think that there will have been some way to try and find him that doesn’t make sense?? Another thing I don’t understand is why she told Hikaru to stay away from him? Was it because he brought up bad memories or because Hiro becomes too dependent on Hikaru??

I am not sure what is happening with Hikaru and Maruo and why the two of them need to go look for Hiro? especially at this time? why did he need to deliver the letter now? maybe because he knew that Mizuho was close to finding out about Hirio and he wanted to beat her and Yanai to him?? This story is coming to a close in the next episode and I hope the ending will fully explain and give all the answers!!


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  1. koinakasan Says:

    I am very pleased that you recapped each episode of this great drama but please learn to punctuate. You could at least separate the clauses with comas – reading your long sentances and making sence of them is nightmareish!

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