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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 10 Summary January 16, 2013

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The tenth episode starts with Mizuho and Yanai visiting Hikaru’s mother. Mizuho asks where Hiro is living now and she replies that it is odd and wonders why Haruka’s parents were so eager to find their daughter’s boyfriend. His mom asks her what Haruka’s ex-boyfriend did and Mizuho tells her that Haruka was pregnant with his child and had to get an abortion. Yanai yells what and stands up in surprise and Mizuho says sorry that she couldn’t tell him before and then he sits back down. Hikaru’s mother says if that was the case it was not Hiro and Mizuho explains that his personality and situation point to it. Hiro’s mom says that the one who got her pregnant was definitely not Hiro because Hiro can’t touch girls because he has heterophobia and it makes him physiologically unable to be with a woman let alone get her pregnant. Mizuho think that it is not right and in that case who is it? Hiro’s mom says obviously thinking shouldn’t it be Hikaru and Mizuho jumps in saying that Hikaru is different from the image we have of that person. Picture 1

Hikaru’s mom then asks Mizuho who she is to Hikaru and she tells her that she was his classmate and they used to hug and kiss but she wasn’t his girlfriend and she used to run errands and they slept together. His mom smiles and says tells her that Mizuho wanted to see a thread of sincerity in Hikaru so she is trying to set someone else as the culprit. Mizuho says that is not like that and that she has talked to various people and taken into accounts only facts and his mother says that people are easily deceived by their own minds and that she fell in love with such a guy and now to suit her convenience she is trying to justify her action by distorting the facts. His mom goes on saying that he is not a bad person but he is just a little weak and a pitiful person and that she gets a lot of girls here saying things like that as patients and she touches Mizuho’s shoulder and leans in saying that if she doesn’t have confidence in her judgement she is free to come here anytime. His mom is walking away and Mizuho asks her to tell her where Hiro is now and that she wants to find out on her own whether Haruka’s boyfriend is Hiro or not. His mom tells her that she doesn’t know and that he left the house on his 20th birthday and hasn’t been in touch after that.
Picture 2

Yanai and Mizuho are at a restaurant and she tells him that she is sorry that she kept Haruka’s pregnancy a secret from him. Yanai says its is shocking and that he is more than shocked but he did say he wanted to know more about his unknown girlfriend. He then asks what about her that when she finally got to know the Hikaru that she didn’t know will she be able to accept him. He continues saying that in high school he saw him lashing out whenever he broke up with a girl and that he doesn’t think that he would be able to accept a person who treated him like that and that he doesn’t think he can or want to understand such a person. Mizuho says that Hikaru’s mother did not want Hikaru and his brother to have any connection with each other so she had separated them early on whether it was the house or housekeeper they were brought up in similar environments. Yanai asks why she would do that and Mizuho recalls what Nanao-san told her which is that their mother separated and raised them apart without having any contact because she wanted to see how they would be affected by their environment. Mizuho continues and tells him that it continued that way and when Hikaru entered primary school he had already become emotionally unbalanced and self-centered. She continues saying that Hiro was different from Hikaru and that he was a quiet child and constantly picked on by bullies and that Nanao-san who knew about Hiro frequently used to take Hikaru to Ibaraki where Hiro lived.
Picture 3

Mizuho continues and says that Nanao wanted to raise Hikaru to be kind and gentle even if he was sightly warped she wanted him to connect with others but Hikaru, Yanai stops her because she sees that she is crying and she then also notices and wipes the tears. Yanai gives her a napkin and asks if she is okay, she takes it and wipes her tears. He says that Hikaru had an abnormal childhood and Mizuho thinks that that too is a  part of him. Yanai asks how she is going to search for Hiro and she tells him that she is going to go to Ibaraki tomorrow and that the neighbors may know where he moved to. Yanai says that he has to go to the university tomorrow but once his class is over he will catch up with her.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Hikaru is walking on a bridge and looking at letter. Mizuho is stopped on a bridge and she thinks that she doesn’t really know the parts that make up Hikaru. Mizuho phones Hikaru but his phone is turned off or he is not answering.

Picture 6

Hikaru is at an apartment complex and looks at a piece of paper. A guy comes out of a room and recognizes Hikaru saying that it has been awhile. A girl comes out of the apartment. The guys asks him why he is here and Hikaru says that it is not like he wanted to come but he was asked by Haruka.

Picture 7

Mizuho is walking and Remi greets her. They are walking and she has explained what has happened so far. Remi tells her that she also wants to come look for Haruka’s ex-boyfriend and Mizuho is surprised because at first she had hesitations about doing it. Remi explains that she still feels the same but that she is like Mizuho because she had a change of heart that the Mizuho who didn’t care about others all of a sudden started meddling in other people’s affairs and she wanted to know the reason for the change. Mizuho thinks that ever since back then Remi would often say things that would stab at her heart. Mizuho asks if Remi hates her and she says no that she always had unrequited love for Mizuho and that it is one-sided on her part but even though she feels miserable she wants to be with her and that sometimes when she is with her she feels terribly sad. Mizuho tells her sorry and Remi says that it is okay and that unrequited love is like this and that she is good at one-sided affairs.

Picture 8

Yanai is walking and Koike comes up behind and jumps on his back saying that he thought he would never find him because the campus is so huge. Yanai tries to get him off and Koike says that he wants to have a class reunion and was wondering if he would help.

Picture 9

Mizuho is with Remi and shows her Hiro’s house and they decide to search the area and visit a lot of neighbors.

Mizuho and Remi are standing outside and Remi says that even though Hiro lived here there is no one that actually knows him and that it is sad that no one has a memory of him and cruel. Mizuho says that the search has just started and that until Haruka’s funeral she had forgotten all about Haruka and that no one remembered her and was a lonely girl she thought but while searching she has understood that she was loved by many people and that someone had even fallen in love with her and that is why she doesn’t think that the world that she sees now is all there is and that she is sure there is a person out there who knows Hiro. Mizuho thinks Hiro, Hikrau’s other half, having loved him so deeply, Haruka couldn’t control her feelings as well and that is what she felt too, and what is it we feel when we first start liking someone she wants to know all that and more. Mizuho phone rings and it is Yanai, she answers and he tells her that he found someone that knows Hiro his name is Kido and according to him Hikaru had killed someone before and that he met him at the class reunion in the school that Hiro had attended and from him I got the contact addresses of the guys who used to bully Hiro and he tells her to go meet a guy named Sakata Kouji and that he will get more information from Kido.

Yanai is with Kido and he says he doesn’t know where Hiro lives but he may know the whereabouts of his younger brother and that he came to see him last week because she was searching for someone.

Picture 10

Remi tells Mizuho she wants to come with and meet Sakata Kouji very urgently. Mizuho go the address and she says that it looks like he has moved and Remi walks down the stairs and they meet Yanai. Mizuho asks him if he found anything about where Hiro is and he says no but he knows where Hikaru is now and she asks where. Yanai says he is begging her to not get involved with Hikaru anymore and that he told her that he has killed someone in the past. It flashes on the screen please forgive me for thinking that I need him and this is how the tenth episode ends.

Picture 11

Picture 12

Wow!!  this episode is a doozy!! it is almost just getting weird like Remi is in love with Mizuho?? like WHAT? that is just so weird I did not get that vibe from her but whatever it seems like an unnecessary part of the story to me? Now Hikaru has killed someone that is just CRazY! I really hope he has not done it though and I am assuming he did it for his older brother who was being picked on? Hiro apparently has a phobia of women that is kinda weird because he obviously spent time with Haruka because she has his painting but maybe he wasn’t her boyfriend? but it seems pretty sure he is and so Hikaru has this complicated past with his brother but I am not sure where it is leading yet?? I kinda think Yanai is starting to fall for Mizuho because he wants to keep protecting her but I don’t think they will end up together because Mizuho is in love with Hikaru.


2 Responses to “Piece Japanese Drama Episode 10 Summary”

  1. sutekinaniji Says:

    About Remi being in love with Mizuho, I found it really ridiculous at first, but maybe it was about the friendship altogether and not romantic as what most would conclude from what she said. XD

    About Yanai liking Mizuho… GAAAAAAH I was shipping them from Episode 9 onwards >/////< KYAAAA~ lol so much for shipping non-canon pairs 😦

    • Yeah it could be true that Remi just wanted Mizuho to pay attention to her or to actually show that she is important to her. Yes I am always wanting to root for the unlikely couples!! so sad!!

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