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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 9 Summary January 13, 2013

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Episode 9 starts off with Mizuho going to Hikaru’s brothers house and she realizes that they grew up in identical houses. She thinks that she has always badly wanted to know more about Hikaru, she wanted to touch his smile and see what was behind his guarded look and thinks by meeting his brother she will finally be able to reach Hikaru’s heart. She sees the name on the door is Naruse not Narumi. She thinks then that his brother is in the same situation and she recalls Hikaru telling her that he is dependent until his is 20 and then the house will be sold off. She realizes that he turned 20 a year ago so he had to leave the house.

Mizuho is sitting down with the current owner of the house and she tells her that Narumi-san was the person that lived here before and he was a painter. The owner takes her into a room and Mizuho smells the oil paint that permeated the room. She asks her if she knows where Narumi is now and she says sorry that she doesn’t know anything about him. Picture 1

Mizuho is walking away thinking that she thought she would find the hidden piece of the puzzle is she came here and that until a year ago his brother used to paint there and that Hikaru will have to also leave his house on his birthday next month. She wonders if he will disappear from her sight. Mizuho gets out her phone and tries phoning Hikaru.

 Hikaru is on his couch picks up his phone and sees that it is Mizuho and then turns off his phone. Hikaru looks at the painting and has a flashback he is with Haruka in a cafe and she has the same painting with her. She asks Hikaru not to see him from now on and to move on that he is different from Hikaru because he is weak, innocent and kindhearted.

Picture 2

Yanai and Matsuura have met Mizuho and she has explained the situation with Hikaru and his brother living apart in different houses. Mizuho says based on the description that her ex-boyfriend smelled of paint and was kind-hearted she thinks that Hikaru’s brother is the one. Yanai says that he doesn’t think that they should jump to conclusions based only on that. Mizuho says she wants to stay here and ask around the neighborhood and the minute she finds anything she will report to him. Mizuho starts walking away, Yanai asks her to stop and grabs her arm saying that it is getting late and to keep it for later and that if she should ask Hikaru about Haruka being his brothers ex. She tells him that it is impossible because Hikaru is not answering his phone and that she thinks he is doing it on purpose. Yanai tells her thats an assumption on her part . She goes on saying that Hikaru has always played the fool, has been aimless and reckless and that he is not honest about his feelings. That they have never talked about anything essential and he doesn’t trust her enough to talk about his fears and things that matter. Yanai tells her to calm down and she says she is calm and tells him to go back before her because she is taking his desire to find out about Haruka’s ex very seriously. Mizuho starts walking away again and Yanai goes after her yelling that even though she has reached her limit to not selfishly shut other people out and then tells her to wait until she calms down because these things are hard to talk about and that once she has explained everything properly, he’ll understand

Picture 3

Picture 4

Yanai, Mastuura and Mizuho are at a restaurant and Mizuho says sorry to Yanai and that it could be because she is bad at conveying her feelings to others. She goes on saying that people think she is cool but the truth is she has come this far without being able to convey her feelings properly to others. Matsuura joins in and says that there are lots of people like that if they are not goo with words, they try to express themselves by singing or painting. He goes on saying that if he was the only one in the world he would never paint, sing or argue and that there would be no point in thinking or feeling. Yanai agrees and says that we start doing something because they want to connect with others. Matsuura agrees and says that even those who are hard to understand and he also wonders if Haruka was also like that.
Picture 5

He goes on saying that how he came to know Haruka was, he flashbacks to his class sketching outside. Haruka is sitting on a bench in front of him and he comes over and talks about the colors she is using in her picture of a tree. He is very friendly with her and tries to grab her sketchbook out of her hands to look at the painting and she runs away. Matsuura explains that to him Haruka was just overflowing with the bright colors that kids love like yellow, pink or green. He goes on saying that he it is quite different from what she seems and that he is sure she had feelings that couldn’t be expressed through words. Matsuura goes on saying that even if you feel like you can’t express yourself properly, if you try hard one day your feeling will get through.

Picture 6

Hikaru is lying on his couch and has a flashback he is visiting Haruka in the hospital and she tells him that she is going to die soon and that she would like him to do her a favor. He says he doesn’t want to and why him, she says because he is part of him and that she believes in him. Hikaru is holding a letter that says to Hiro-san and he throws if on the floor.

Picture 7

Picture 8

Yanai and Mizuho are walking and she tells him that tomorrow she is going to visit Hikaru but she doesn’t know if he will talk to her but she will make an effort to convey her feelings to him. He agrees and says that he wasn’t lying when he said that through this search for Haruka’s ex-boyfriend he wanted to meet his unknown girlfriend and that maybe at some point he wanted to change himself and that she shouldn’t give up because the person she loves is still alive. They then say goodbye and she thinks as he walks away reality is something like this and to not shut yourself again, shine brightly and give your all to create a future full of rainbows. She calls out to him and tells him that he is very kind and that he is not incompetent and is a good man and that she means it.

Picture 9

Mizuho is ringing Hikaru’s doorbell and wonders if he has gone out and tries to open the locked door. Nanao-san asks is something is wrong and she says she has come to help her. Mizuho goes in and they both can’t find Hikaru and Mizuho waits for him. She goes into the living room and the painting is broken into two pieces. Hikaru is shown in the room earlier and he kicks the painting into two. Mizuho tries phoning Hikaru and his phone is turned off. Mizuho thinks that if she continues with her efforts to convey her feelings one day the closed world will break apart and when that happens even if its imperfect, she thought that a shining rainbow-filled future will open up but she was naive, dreaming more worthless dreams than others. Mizuho falls to her knees in front of the painting and clutches her chest, Nanao-san comes to her asking if she is alright. She says she is and Nanao-san tells her that the reason she is feeling anxious is because he is important to her and that it is such a wonderful truth. Mizuho then thinks that she had always wanted to know about Hikaru and that curiosity led her to hold much guilt but if there is even a little bit of this wonderful feeling mixed up with that desire to know Hikaru she would like to affirm this desire. She then says that she wants to meet Hikaru’s mother.

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Hikaru is walking with a letter in his back pocket.Picture 13

Mizuho is walking with Hikaru’s mother business card in her hand. Her name is called by Yanai and she thanks him for coming and he says lets go. They go in and are sitting at a table with tea and he asks if she is alright and she says yes. The doors open and Hikaru’s mother comes in, Mizuho thinks Hiro and Hikaru were both made by this person and this is how the 9th episode ends.

Picture 14

Picture 15

I was expecting something different to happen in this episode!! I thought Mizuho was going to meet Hikaru’s brother but instead it gets her to meet his mother instead! It has been made clear to us that Hiro is Haruka’s ex-boyfriend and that Hikaru has known this the whole time. He has been leading her down rabbit holes telling her that Yanai liked Haruka and this lead her to other places. No wonder Hikaru has been kinda weird in the past episodes he knows the truth will come out eventually and it is as if he is waiting around for her to figure it out and to question him about it. It makes sense why he has stayed out of the investigation which doesn’t seem like his personality, he seems like he is also a curious person needing to know all the answers but he already knew it.

 I am curious though why Haruka came to Hikaru and told him to stay away from Hiro? that is just weird and almost possessive! Of course it probably has to do with Hikaru and Hiro having a falling out because the picture and painting obivously angers him and he wants to destroy anything that has to do with his brother. I wonder if Hikaru is on his way to deliver Haruka’s letter? Or if he is too angry and he is going to destroy it in front of his brother or something really mean?

It was interesting with Mizuho who wants to try to convey her feelings better and that it seems like she is really similar with Yanai. Yanai and her both were unable to convey their feelings to their loved ones they were both scared of the rejection and decided against it.  It seems like Yanai has realized this and encourages Mizuho to be truthful with Hikaru and she reassures him that he is a kind person and that she is not incompetent which is what she also struggle with. I wonder how Hikaru’s mother is going to act towards her visiting her maybe she will not talk to them or maybe she will be very honest with what she did to her sons? It just keeps getting more intriguing!!


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