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Idol & Romantic Review January 13, 2013

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The latest show that I have been following is Idol & Romantic! I realize that this title does not really make sense or maybe I am not really getting it but I would have named it the Romantic Idol but maybe that is just me? I have enjoyed this show immensely! It is a Korean variety show and is about 4 male idols and 4 female idols and they get to spend 4 days and 3 nights together on a holiday where they get to date each other.

riIt is always surprising because they have fate dates where they do not know who they are actually going to get on dates and then they also get to say who they want to date. There is a big element of surprise through out the show and I find myself really becoming invested in the show! It reminds me a bit of the show We Got Married which is another Korean variety show where the show sets up to famous people and they are in a marriage. I have followed We Got Married for awhile but have not watched all of the seasons because sometimes I did not always find all of the couples interesting. This show keeps you watching and really makes you wonder what is going to happen.

I have to say that I really enjoy Korean variety shows there is nothing like that in American or Canadian television shows the closest I think is the Bachelor which I have never really watched because it seems so unrealistic especially if they are supposed to get married after the show, which never happens! I realize that they may not even date after the show, I mean if they do it may not even be allowed! Anyway I have really enjoyed the first season of this show and I am going to start watching the second season. I won’t talk about the  idols specifically because I think everyone should go watch for themselves but I have felt sorry for some of idols and I have felt angry at others. It was nice to have a variety of people and interesting to watch how different people like others and they may not be liked back and to just watch everything unfold. Go watch Idol & Romantic right now!!!



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