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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 8 Summary January 11, 2013

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The eight episode of Piece starts with Mizuho going into Hikaru’s house. Mizuho gets inside and stares at his place and remembers when she first went there. She thinks she doesn’t know what drew him to her, but she wanted to know Hikaru more and more. Since the day he told her he didn’t need her she has kept her emotions locked up. Hikaru comes back to her and she shows him the painting that was done by Haruka’s boyfriend and she asks if it is Hikaru’s work because of the initials. He says that she has got the wrong guy and that there are many people with the same initials.

Mizuho walks into his living room and exclaims at the mess around them and he says that she is just in time to help her clean. She asks if that is why he let her in and he says jokingly he was in a fix and had no place to sleep. She asks what happened to Nanao-san and he says that she drops in sometimes. She says that back then she came once a week and he says it was because she was fond of her and that 3 years ago she saw her that time. He goes on saying that since then she hated him so much that she only comes once in a while, he goes on saying that her contract will expire on his birthday since she said she would help his mom until he was 20. Mizuho asks when his birthday is because he turns 20 this year and he says next month. He says that this house will be sold off then and she asks what he is going to do and he has no idea. He says he will probably die worthlessly somewhere and he can’t imagine what the future holds.

Picture 1

She thinks that Hikaru will never change, irresponsible and never letting his true self out. He then grabs her head and gives her a plastic bag telling her he is leaving it up to her. She thinks that no matter how close you get to someone, there is always a wall in between. She then thinks stubborn, impossible to understand that it scared her but as she opens her eyes more she thinks that isn’t that person just like her. She thinks that she may have been afraid of her own reflection in the mirror but that is no longer the case. She drops her bag and gives him a back hug and he what she is doing, she says being nice to him. She thinks she has always wanted to do this for herself and Hikaru. She says she can smell his scent and then that she will come again. She thinks she wants to share a world of color with Hikaru. She then gets her stuff and leaves.

Picture 2

Mizuho, Madoka, and Yanai are at a cafe and she has told them she forgot the painting at Hikaru’s house. She tells them that she will go back and Madoka asks if she is using it as an excuse to go see Hikaru again. Mizuho stutters and tells them that it isn’t that. Yanai tells her that he could be Haruka’s ex boyfriend and that there is no one from the alumni other than Hikaru with the initials H.N. who could have any connection with Haruka. Mizuho says that Hikaru doesn’t smell of paint. She thinks she remembers Hikaru’s smell clearly. She explains that Hikaru doesn’t have the will to express anything and that Haruka’s boyfriend is supposed to kind and gentle and Hikaru is nothing like that. Mizuho thinks Hikaru is messed up but at the same time she wanted to trust the warmth from the hand that touched her with gentleness.

Hikaru is lying on his couch looking at the painting.

Madoka says that she thinks they have come to a standstill on the search and Yanai agrees and thinks there is no need to tell her parents but that he still wants to know the truth. Yanai then says that they should look for people in the art club since it has  to do with painting and that they may know something. Mizuho phone rings and she sees it is Hikaru, she answers and he tells her that he is out of orange juice and jelly. She asks why her and he says because she said she would come again and that she should also get some other things. Mizuho sits down again and Haruka asks if she will buy them and she says no. Yanai says that she will go though and she nods. Yanai tells her not to let him hurt her and that she shouldn’t show him sympathy.

Picture 3

Mizuho is back at Hikaru’s with some groceries he requested and sees him on the couch. She is amazed he can sleep in the mess and he says he was hoping she would help him clean. He complains about the groceries she got and she tells him she is not his housekeeper. He asks what she is to him then, he pulls her down on the couch and tells her not to think too hard because he loves her. She is shocked and then says that he means that she comes in handy and he says yes. She then thinks that there is no way this person will ever want her or want to get deeply involved with her. He is lying on the floor while she is trying to vacuum, teasing her and she is thinking that to have a person who can cherish her deeply it sets her heart at ease that why to give him what he desires is not such a bad idea at all. They are sleeping on the floor together and he is grasping her pinky and she thinks that even if it doesn’t last or she gets hurt it is better to think about that all later. Mizuho shuts his front door and runs into Nanao-san and grasps her hand and says thank you.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Mizuho and Nanao-san are at a restaurant and Nanao-san tells her that she was the one who left the door open that day, three years ago, she wanted someone to find out about that child and how his mother gave him unnecessary stress to see how he would react.  She goes on saying that she wanted to raise Hikaru to be kind and gentle and it didn’t matter if he wasn’t perfect but she wanted him to interact with others but that seemed to confuse him more. She says she shouldn’t have gotten those 2 people together and she says there is one more person involved. She takes out a picture of two boys and on the back it says Hiro age 7 and Hikaru age 6. Nanao-san says that it is Hikaru’s brother older by one year. She says that his mother had them separated and raised apart not letting them have any contact with each other.  She continues saying, she wanted to see how they would be affect by their environment. She thought it was too cruel so she would let them meet secretly because she believed the presence of the other would have a positive effect on them and they got along well. She thought everything would turn out well between them but circumstances led Hikaru to grow up biased and prejudiced. Nanao-san then says she wanted to tell someone this because she wanted to knock down the thick walls he has built around himself. Mizuho asks her where Hikaru’s brother is and she pulls out her book with the directions to get there.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Yanai is eating dessert and Matsuura-kun recognizes him and Yanai tells him he wants to ask him some questions about Haruka.
Picture 8

Mizuho is on the train and she is looking at the address and she thinks that he has come here before with Nanao-san when he was a child to meet his brother. She flashbacks to when they rode the same train and they got off at a stop and had a run-in with some guys. She thinks that perhaps they had mistaken Hikaru for his brother.

Matsuura-kun is telling Yanai that in the winter holidays of 2nd year he went to visit his grandma and used to spend time at the station drawing and he saw Haruka there he thought it was someone else but after seeing her many times. While they are talking Yanai is looking at his sketchbook with sketches of Haruka he comes across one and she is holding a canvas. Yanai asks where his grandma lives.

Picture 9

Mizuho gets out of the station and realizes that it is the same station Hikaru got off three years back. Mizuho phone rings it is Yanai and he tells her that Matsuura saw Haruka many times in Ibaraki and that he thinks that her ex boyfriend lives there and he asks if they should go together because Mastsuura can show them around. She tells him that she thinks she is on her way to see Haruka’s ex-boyfriend right now. She tells him that she thinks Hikaru’s brother is Haruka’s ex-boyfriend. She says she will tell him the details later.

Mizuho is walking to the address and thinks she will see Hikaru’s other half and couldn’t wait to meet him. Hikaru is staring at the painting and he is holding the picture of him and his brother. Mizuho thinks that she wants to touch the smile and see what lies behind his guarded look and that finally she will be able to touch his heart. Hikaru tears apart the picture. Mizuho sees the house and is surprised. She starts running and thinks that the house stood on raised ground, overlooking the city. It was identical to the house that she had loved.

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

First of all it so creepy that Hikaru’s mom basically turned their lives into experiments. I mean that is so cold and cruel! and is she even their biological mother I mean that is so wrong. My guess will be that Hiro will have a much happier life and will be treated the opposite of Hikaru because she will be testing a theory about the environment and it looks like Hikaru got the stressful one so I bet Hiro will have gotten the loving and peaceful one. If Hiro is the ex-boyfriend which it looks like it is because Hikaru seems to recognize the painting and even pulls out the picture how did the two of them even meet? Of course I am intrigued as to why Hikaru is angry with his brother by the fact he ripped up the picture? This journey is so interesting especially the way it is changing the people who are trying to figure out her life. Mizuho is discovering who she is and why she was so afraid and intrigued at the same time of Hikaru which is that she sees they are alike. She is afraid of seeing the truth about herself. She is so interested in figuring out Hikaru which I think at the same time she is trying to understand herself at the same time. This is so psychological and that is what I love about this drama!! I love how all the little things are tying in together!!


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  1. nielyngrace Says:

    even though your blog says you love kdramas, i’m so glad to read this here. pice. a japanese drama. your summary is very precise. i like it so much. yoroshiku!

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