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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 7 Summary January 8, 2013

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The seventh episode of Piece starts with Mizuho and Sugawara are discussing Miyamoto the gym teacher and Haruka.

High School Days. Miyamato is flexing Madoka’s foot in gym class. Sugawara is listening to a couple of guys talking about how Miyamoto finds an excuse to touch Madoka in every gym class. They also wonder if it is true that he calls girls to his house and Haruka tells the guys that Miyamoto-sensei is not that kind of person and that the rumor is false.

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Mizuho is listening to this story and she wonders out loud why Haruka would do that, Sugawara tells her that he saw Haruka together and that it was disgusting they were having an affair.

Miyamoto is at his house and he is looking at a picture of him and Haruka by a fair.

Mizuho is with Yanai and Madoka and Yanai is surprised by being told that Haruka and Miyamoto had an affair and he says that there was no way that she would have done that. Madoka says that she also finds it hard to believe that they were having an affair. Yanai says he refuses to believe it and Madoka says that the information came from Sugawara and she wonders if it is okay to believe him. Mizuho says that she thinks it is okay to believe him and that she is going over to Miyamoto’s, Madoka asks if she can come too and Mizuho agrees.

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Mizuho and Madoka are walking ahead and Yanai is walking farther behind them. They tease him about coming and he says he doesn’t want to come because he refuses to believe they were involved. The two girls are walking ahead and Madoka tells Mizuho that her mood has changed and that in high school she found her very hard to deal with and thought she was so cool and mature and had a barrier around her which made it difficult for people to approach her. She goes on saying that she likes the present her better and Mizuho jokes that it is like she is confessing. Mizuho thinks that if she puts up a barrier nobody can hurt her or get in her way but she won’t be able to mingle with anyone.

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Sagawara is at his home and his mom comes in and brings food, and says that she thinks they should hire one more home tutor this time and he tells her that if he doesn’t get into Tokyo University this time he will enter another one. He goes on saying that she must know that he is not as smart as they want him to be and that he would like them to forgive and accept the him that is in front of them.

Mizuho thinks that she is sure that if she squeezed the feelings growing in her that made her want to connect with someone. Mizuho and Madoka are ringing Miyamoto’s doorbell and Yanai farther away says that he isn’t home and that they should go now. A little boy comes around the corner and asks who they are and then Miyamoto comes around the corner. Miyamoto says to the boy that they are his students and they say hello.

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The boy is playing with a helicopter with Madoka and Miyamoto, Yanai and Mizuho are at the table. Mizuho says she wants to ask him about Haruka who has passed away and then the boy gets up and asks if Haruka is dead. He calls to his dad and is upset that his dead didn’t tell him about Haruka dying. Akito the boy is upset and Miyamoto goes to hold him and tells them they should leave now but he will visit Haruka’s home to pay his respects later with Akito.

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The three have gathered with Haruka’s parents, Miyamoto and Akito. Haruka’s mom asks if he is the gym teacher and then asks what he has to do with Haruka. Akito says that Haruka came to take his mom’s place and that she was part of their family. Miyamoto says that he will explain and that he and his wife divorced and around that time Haruka started coming over. he pulls out a picture with the three of them at a fair. Akito explains that when they first moved here they didn’t have any friends so he started hanging out a bookstore but the manager didn’t like it and Haruka was working there and came to his rescue. She dropped him at home and they became friends. 

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He flashbacks, Akito and Haruka are at his place and she shows him her new phone and tells him she just got it and that she doesn’t have anyone to call and is feeling lonely. She asks him if he wants to be her friend and he says okay, she says she is really glad. Back to the present he tells them that they would go to a lot of places and even went to the amusement park with his dad. Miyamoto says that he was so happy that Akito had found a friend but it was Haruka and once he realized it he should have pulled back, but Akito was so happy, he couldn’t. Haruka’s mom asked when this started and he said summer of Haruka’s second year. Yanai asks Miyamoto if he had a weird relationship with Haruka and he says no but he can’t deny they were the cause of misunderstandings. Miyamoto pulls out a note made of the same paper that Madoka’s notes were made of and it says that so you are Miyamoto’s partner. Adulteress! Miyamoto says that he found it on Haruka’s desk. He says that he had no idea something like that happened. Haruka’s mom asks him urgently to tell her everything about Haruka.

Miyamoto flashbacks, Akito is throwing things in the water and Haruka and Miyamoto are sitting on the bench watching. She tells him that in her house even though they are biologically related she is always lying to her parents. She couldn’t tell them she is being bullied or that she has no friends and as long as it wasn’t something she hated she would tell them she liked the food and began to hate going home. She lied that she wanted to work at the bookstore to get a phone. Back to present Akito tells Haruka’s mom that the last time she came over she told him that if you want to cry, cry, if you feel angry, show it and that his emotions each of them are like a treasure and now he is able to tell his dad anything. Miyamoto pulls out a canvas and Akito tells them it is Haruka’s treasure. Miyamoto says that Haruka had someone she liked and that even though she had no friends to call her on her phone over winter her behavior started to worry him so much that he asked her.

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Miyamoto flashbacks to him and Haruka at his home and she is looking at her phone. He asks her if she got a boyfriend she says no that it is nothing like that but that he stirs up her emotions and that when he is not near she feels anxious and sad but when he is she is filled with such joy it takes her breath away. He asks what he is like and she says he is very kind, gentle and good with painting always smelling like acrylics and paint. Back to the present Akito says that she told him she was entrusting him with the painting done by the person she loved and she told him one day she would come back for it. Yanai asks Miyamoto that around the time Haruka got her boyfriend in the winter of 2nd year of high school but it is strange because he heard her on the phone with him the summer of that year. Akito says that it was probably him because he used to call her while school when she was bullied and pretend to be her boyfriend.
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Haruka’s mom wonders if the reason Haruka got a job and phone was not because of a boyfriend but that she didn’t want to come home, she walks over to Haruka’s picture and is upset wondering if that is her real smile. Akito tells her that Haruka wanted to hang this picture in her house. Haruka’s mom asks if she can open and Akito says yes. Her mom is opening the picture and Mizuho thinks that the painting caused an explosion of feelings for her, it gave her the chills. It is a grey background with red in it. Akito says that Haruka’s initials are at the boyfriend and they see it is H.N. Mizuho thinks and realizes that it could be Hikaru Narumi but then backtracks and thinks that it can’t be him and that he doesn’t smell of paint. Mizuho thinks that Hikaru wouldn’t be able to show his feelings so openly, Makoto asks if Mizuho is okay because she looks pale and she says she is fine. Haruka’s mom says thank you to Mizuho. Miyamoto says that he will leave and the rest of them also get up to leave.

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Mizuho thinks the Haruka’s existence she almost forgot was beginning to gain a little more color within her and she wanted to speak with her and back then what part of her did she see. Mizuho is standing outside holding a canvas and is transported back in her memories to school. She starts seeing different people and thinks that with her eyes close and feelings locked in, she couldn’t see anything, but she sometimes thinks that maybe everyone sees the world in a different way and that she too wants to see the world painted in different shades. A man bumps her out of her daydream and then she walks away.

Mizuho walks over to Hikaru’s house with the canvas and he comes out and tells her that she should send him a mail before coming over she says that is right and says sorry. She thinks that it always confuses her when it come to this guy it is always like that. She says she is sorry and should go home, he says since she is here she should come in. She thinks that if she ignored him she won’t be able to move onward. He says that three years back she used to frequent this place. She thinks three years back, free, inhibited, self-indulgent, confused, naive, beloved that the house was just like a child’s hiding place and she loved it as she walks up the stairs to his house. He says come in and she does and this is how the seventh episode ends.

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This episode was very good! I feel like it showed a better picture of what Haruka was like. They really had me going thinking that Haruka was having an affair with Miyamoto and I am relieved that they were not. I loved that she was friends with Akito!! Hikaru I kind of wondered how he is going to fit into the story because he is not like the rest of the characters who are helping Mizuho figure out who Haruka was. Instead he was stayed away it is almost like he knew who Haruka really was and therefore is not curious like the others and want to help look into it. I really do not know if he would be going out with Haruka because he made it seem like it is up to the girl to be the active one in the relationship and I don’t really see Haruka being the aggressive one? The thought did cross my mind earlier wondering if Hikaru was the one who got Haruka pregnant because he is a playboy and seems to talk to all the girls around him. Then they started going down different rabbit holes and that didn’t make as much sense. It does seem weird how they keep showing him sulking so I wonder if it could really be him and he had real feelings for Haruka or feels bad about the way he treated her?? I don’t know I guess I will just have to watch the next episode!!


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