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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 6 Summary January 6, 2013

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The sixth episode of Piece starts with Mizuho and Remi are at a cafe and Remi is telling Mizuho she doesn’t know anything about Haruka’s ex-boyfriend. Remi asks if she is going to talk to everybody in the class and Mizuho says she is until she finds some information. Remi tells her that she doesn’t feel good about this since Haruka deliberately hid it from her mother and finding out about it now after she went through all that is meaningless, none of her business and doesn’t seem like Mizuho. Mizuho tells her that she has had a change of heart. Remi then tells her that Asami and the others are planning to do a girl’s outing next Wednesday and Mizuho agrees and then tells her that she will call her later. Remi then says that she always says that but never calls her unless she has something to ask, she then says good luck with Madoka.

Mizuho, Yanai, Koike are all at Madoka’s house and are looking at the pieces of paper from the tin. Yanai says that it looks like stalking and Koike says that they came when they were in high school but stopped when they started dating. He says here is the problem and sets a piece of paper down saying that she should stop going out with a good-for-nothing guy because she isn’t a kid anymore and that it came the day after Haruka’s funeral. Mizuho asks when she started getting the notes and she flashbacks to high school saying that it started in the spring of the 2nd year of high school.
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Madoka is at her desk and finds a note saying that she should stop being nice to everyone because men will get the wrong idea. She is back in present and says she got the note in the summer saying that they will hurt Haruka for her and she says that she never interacted with Haruka. Mizuho then realizes that Haruka was getting badly bullied around that time. Madoka says that she may be indirectly involved and that it hurts her so much. Koike grabs her hand and tells her that she shouldn’t cry over this and that he knows her well and that she tries to get along with everyone and she wouldn’t get involved with bullying. Mizuho tells Madoka that if that guy was the one doing this then it had nothing to do with her. Yanai says that maybe this guy was hoping to meet you at Haruka’s funeral and so he sent that note. Mizuho says that he must have been one of the people at Haruka’s funeral.

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Yanai, Madoka, Mizuho, and Koike are walking and Yanai asks Madoka why she choose Koike because he had always been in love with you. Yanai tries to stop him from talking but Yanai continues saying that Madoka was very popular with the boys, an idol of the school. Madoka answers that their eyes met on impulse, but in the end they hadn’t talked once but at the graduation ceremony. It flashbacks to the graduation day and Koike calls her name out and she walks a bit towards him and he says he likes her, he apologizes and says that even though they haven’t ever talked but he always wanted to talk to her. He is about to walk away and she says she too have wanted to talk to him all this time. Back to present time she says that she thought she could trust him and she wonders if it wasn’t instinct. Yanai then teases Koike and they run ahead. Mizuho says that her instinct was right and she answers that she has always trusted that kind of feeling. Mizuho then thinks that Madoka is the type who would definitely not get on the wrong bus.

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Mizuho is in a restaurant with Yanai and she says that something isn’t right that when it comes to being obsessed with Madoka there is no difference between Koike and the stalker and she wonders where the difference lies between the person who continues to bring happiness to each other and the person who can only snatch it away. She continues saying she is not experienced in falling in love and that she is not like Madoka and cannot approach someone so frankly and that it scares her a bit when she thinks she will always be like this. Yanai asks if her heart has eve been moved by anyone and she flashbacks to Hikaru.She answers she doesn’t know and she doesn’t have any confidence in her feelings. She says she lacks confidence in her own choices and she is always wavering. Yanai tells her that she will be alright and in this way she can genuinely care for others and for some reason he trusts her.

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Mizuho is at home and she is sending a text saying that if she knows anyone else who used to stalk Madoka in high school she should tell her. Mizuho flops on the bed and recalls Remi saying that she never contacts her unless she has a question for her. Mizuho then phones Remi and Remi says that she saw the text but doesn’t know of any stalkers. Mizuho says it is not that and tells her she can come to the get together and wants to and that she is sorry. Mizuho is looking at the half moon and then it goes to Hikaru who is also looking at the moon.

Mizuho rushes to the table where Remi, Megu-chi and two other girls. Remi tells her that Megu-chi knows how is Madoka’s stalker. Megu-chi asks if they remember the photos they took during the 2nd year field day and that only Madoka’s photos were stolen and that she saw him. It flashbacks to high school and their is a boy stealing photos off of the bulletin board. It is back to present and Mizuho says Sugawara-kun and Megu-chi agrees. Another girl says the she heard he is on his second attempt. Remi asks who told her that he would get into Tokyo University no matter what and another girl says that his parents are Todai graduates and they wouldn’t have accepted anything less. The other girl says that the other day at Haruka’s funeral she wonders if he met Madoka.

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Mizuho, Yanai and Madoka are together and Mizuho asks if it is okay not to tell Koike about what they are doing and she says yes because he would worry too much. Yanai says that he would come with them but that would put him on guard so he will be nearby and he will come right away if they call.

Mizuho and Madoka ring Sugawara-kun doorbell and he lets them into his room. He asks what they wanted to ask and Madoka pulls out one of the notes and asks him if he remembers seeing the note and he says not at all. Mizuho says that it was after this note Haruka harassment started and he asks what that has to do with him. He then tells them to pick on someone else that people spread baseless rumors when they have too much time on their hands. Mizuho then grabs the note and says that the paper that the note is written on is the same as this one on his bulletin board. Sugawara-kun gets up and says that it wasn’t him loudly and that Madoka shouldn’t be so conceited and that she thinks that every guy in the class had a crush on her and that she was making eyes at every guy and that he would never fall for a girl like her. Madoka apologizes for approaching him and that to not worry she will never concern herself with him again. She runs out of the house, sees Yanai and then runs away.

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Sugawara-kun pulls out a box full of things to do with Madoka and then has a flashback to Madoka giving him a throat lozenge when she saw he was having a hard time. Back to present he stands up and starts breaking apart the box on the desk.

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Mizuho is running after Madoka and then she hears the smashing she stops and thinks that if she gets involved she will just make a fool out of herself and flashbacks to Hikaru telling her that he doesn’t need her. She then starts going back up the stairs and thinks that she always responds to such distortion. She is back in Sugawara-kun’s room and he is on the floor crying amidst all of the mess he made. She hands him tissues and he tells her to go away. She flashbacks to giving Haruka tissues. She takes the tissues and starts wiping the blood on his hand and he tells her to go away again. She tells him that he can reject others all his life but it gets a bit tiresome and that it is okay, he will make it. She puts a bandaid on his cut and asks if they should retrace their steps together. She asks if it was him who wrote the horrible things on Haruka’s desk and he nods. She asks why and he says it was to vent his anger but Haruka stood up for the pervert Miyamoto and she asks the if it is the gym teacher.

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Hikaru is at home getting a water bottle and Nanao-san tells him to stop messing up the room on purpose. She asks if it is because he is going to meet with someone, that girl he answers not to be stupid. He then says that she has confirmed he is alive and that she should go home.

Mizuho is waiting outside and she wonders which direction the bus is heading.

Back to Sugawara-kun he says that he saw Haruka and he flashbacks to Haruka bringing over something to the gym teacher’s house and Sugawara-kun says that they were having an affair.

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Mizuho is at the bus stop and wonders what she wants to know and why she is getting into the bus, she flashbacks to moments with Hikaru.She then thinks that she will confirm her destination without averting her eyes when she reaches it.

From the previous episode it seems like Madoka was supposed to hate Haruka but in this episode it is clear that Madoka has no bad feelings toward Haruka. We find out that Sugawara-kun is Madoka’s stalker and he has the idea that Madoka is supposed to hate Haruka because she is having an affair with the gym teacher. I am still unsure of the reason why Sugawara-kun thought that Madoka should be hating Haruka for this reason. Maybe the gym teacher did something to Madoka and therefore since Haruka is supporting the gym teacher this is supposed to make her hate Haruka. Everyone thinks that the gym teacher is perverted there must have been some incident that causes them to think this and Haruka must have stood up for him. It is interesting that Mizuho is starting to become more aware of herself and consciously trying to change her own actions. I love that she ran back to Sugawara-kun and didn’t shy away from him. I really admire her for that because it would be so easy to just leave him because he yelled at her to go but she had courage and stayed. It seems like Mizuho is punishing her herself for falling for Hikaru and she therefore is scared to trust herself know because she felt she makes bad decisions.


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