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Episode 5 Piece Japanese Drama Summary January 5, 2013

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The fifth episode of Piece starts off with Yanai-senpai and Mizuho on the phone and tells him that she wants to ask him about Haruka. Yanai looks at the flowers and it flashes back to “High School Days”.

The same flowers he was looking at drops to the floor and the vase breaks, Haruka is apologizing and Yanai-senpai apologizes for startling her. They clean up the broken glass together and she continues to apologize and he tells her that maybe it is better to say thank you instead of sorry at such times because saying sorry too many times may make the other person feel bad and probably the other person was at fault. He then realizes that she has been bringing the lily flowers and he tells her that he always thought it was beautiful.
Picture 1

Yanai-senpai is walking with another guy and the guy notices that he has no worries with studies or that he is good looking and has a pretty girlfriend. A girl is standing waiting for Yanai and they go to the park together. He asks Miku-chan what is the matter and she is upset and she asks him if he even likes her because he doesn’t text and when he does it is short without any emotions. He says that is not true and that he isn’t good at it and there isn’t anything to talk about. She says she wants to break up and that she feels so insecure dating him and that she is not satisfied. She goes on saying he doesn’t understand girls and that she had a crush on him because she thought he was cool but he is just a mere show.

Picture 2

At school Yanai Takashi gets full marks on the third year first year term marks. He thinks that before he knew it his image had taken first priority. The expectations around him turned treacherous and as he tried to keep up and now he is just a mere show.

Yanai is on the roof with his friend and they see Hikaru with a girl below. Yanai says girls must like him because he knows how to handle them. His friend ask what so good about that guy and Yanai replies women are fools. Yanai gets up and walks away his friend joins him. He then thinks that being dumped had crushed his false pride, even though it was an absurd, worthless pride.

Yanai sits at his desk and sees the white lilies. Haruka comes in and gives her greetings Yanai asks if there are many types of lilies. She says that this lily is a Casablanca and it represents purity. He replies that it is very strange and she smiles. He says it is the first time he has seen her smile and that she should do it more often. She tells him that in elementary school a boy in her class told her that her smile was horrible and since then she have never been able smile in front of others. He tells her that maybe the boy actually liked her. She says that she doesn’t think so and he says that she is not horrible and that she can interpret it any way that she likes but altering her memories is not going to cause anyone any inconvenience. He then tells her that he is actually feeling down and that when one’s guard is down, one tends to become easily negative but she was here and he was encouraged. She asks if he has suffered from loss of confidence and he says that is right, occasionally and at times like that all he can tell himself is that he is not hopeless and raise himself up. She repeats that she is not hopeless and he agrees. She says thank you for cheering her up and smiles. He then feels his heart beat and he wonders what is this feeling.


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Picture 4

Yanai is with his friend outside and his friend is watching Madoka and wishes he could go out with her. Yanai tells him that he should just tell her how he feels and he says he can’t because Madoka is the most popular girl in not only 2nd year, but the whole school. Yanai hears some girls talking about love  and that it means to want to know, get close to but scary to them. His friend asks him if he was listening and his friend asks if girls like guys who take the initiative but that the pride of looking bad after being rejected gets in the way. He then sees Haruka walking through the school yard and Yanai says that he feels like he understands what he was saying. His friend then asks if there is someone that he likes and he replies that there is no way that he likes anyone. He then thinks that 98% of him is made of pride.

Picture 5

Yanai ending a meeting and looks at Haruka. He ends the meeting and everyone leaves but him and Haruka. He stops her but doesn’t have the courage and they both say goodbye and she leaves.

Picture 6

Yanai is walking and sees a board with a flyer advertising Yokohama Flower Fiesta and notices it is this Sunday. He then thinks if he were to push away his false,foolish pride he wonders what will happen. He thinks that it is scary but he wants to know what lays ahead. He carries the flyer and is about to go into the classroom but hears Haruka on the phone with somebody agreeing to go with them next sunday. He opens the door suddenly and she quickly gets off the phone. He asks if that was her boyfriend on the phone and she says something like that. He then crushes the flyer with his hand.
Picture 7

Picture 8

It is back to current time and Yanai-senpai tells Mizuho that he doesn’t know anything about Haruka only that she was a school committee member. Mizuho asks if there is anything else he could tell her. Yanai flashbacks to the funeral and he thinks that as if nothing happened he joined everyone else and offered flowers at her altar. Before the funeral he sees the lily flowers starts getting choked up, some girls call to him and he thinks that in front of others he is always calm and composed. It is back to him on the phone and he is staring at the lilies and thinks that back then and now he has misunderstood the meaning of that pride. Mizuho says she wants to know her and that it may be too late now but even so she wants to know about her. Yanai is crying.

Picture 9

Hikaru, Yanai and Mizuho are at a cafe and he has told them about Haruka on the phone with a possible boyfriend. He tells them that he has never seen her so happy before. He asks what the ex-boyfriend done for her mother to be looking for him and they only dated half a year in high school. Before Mizuho can say anything Hikaru says he wants to eat something sweet and goes down to pick one out , Yanai goes down too and asks Hikaru what made him think that he liked Haruka. Hikaru answers that he saw something one time when he saw them in the committee room once. Hikaru flashbacks and he is sitting on the roof and can see the two of them in the committee room and sees Yanai watching Haruka when she isn’t looking. Hikaru then says to Yanai that there was overflowing emotions.Picture 10

Picture 11

The three of them are walking out and Mizuho thanks him for today and he says sorry that he wasn’t able to offer much help. She says that it is okay and that she was able to get some hints. Hikaru then says that the bus is here, says bye and runs away. Mizuho notices that Hikaru really does whatever he wants. Yanai asks her if she is going out with him and she says no that he is just an ex-classmate. He says thats good because he is cold and somewhat inhuman and thats a bit scary, but yet girls love guys like that. She says she doesn’t like guys like that and he says she is quite level-headed. She tells him that she doesn’t quite know what it is to like someone yet. She then thinks that she has no confidence in her own feelings.

They have walked together and she asks him if he liked Haruka and he says he doesn’t know that she wasn’t his type, and that he didn’t know much about her but something intrigued him about her and that is why he wants to be sure of his feelings but that it is too late for now but next time and that is why he wants to help find Haruka’s ex-boyfriend. He holds out his hand to Mizuho and she grasps it he tells her he wants to know his unknown girlfriend. She thinks it couldn’t be that even just a little bit they are alike.

Picture 12

Nanao-san is at Hikaru’s house and she picks up some clothing. Hikaru sitting above tells her that he told her not to come again and she says she came back to check whether he was still alive and that he is her job until he is 20. He pretends to fall over and he says just a little more patience and she asks if he is going to leave this house when he is 20. He says who knows that maybe he will just die pitifully somewhere.

Picture 13

Yanai tells Mizuho that it may not be relevant but Koike-senpai a while back said he was feeling uneasy that Madoka seemed unduly troubled at the funeral service.

Madoka is sitting at her home with a metal box, she opens it and pulls out a note that says I will punish Haruka for you.

Picture 14

This episode really gets into the background story of Yanai-senpai and that he had feelings for Haruka but he definitely was not her boyfriend. What this showed was that Yanai is the opposite of Hikaru. He is not hitting on the girls even though all the girls are very friendly to him. He does not know how to control all the girls the way Hikaru is able to and he doesn’t treat them as badly either. Mizuho also realizes that she is very alike to Yanai which means of course they cannot be love interests. Mizuho lies to him that she doesn’t like guys like Hikaru even though it seems like she even now still likes him. One thing that bothers me is why doesn’t Haruka’s mother take Haruka’s cell phone and go through the list of numbers and phone them up? Or at least give it to Mizuho to figure out? I mean her mother could go through Haruka’s room to look for more clues?  What is up with Hikaru is he depressed and does he want to die? Is he feeling depressed because he is with Mizuho and remember the past with her? Next interesting thing is Madoka why did she hate Haruka? was Haruka dating someone that Madoka liked? and who is willing to help hurt Haruka? Did this person get Haruka pregnant to hurt her? cause that would be the most awful thing ever!! This drama just keeps getting interesting!! Let me know what you think of this episode?


One Response to “Episode 5 Piece Japanese Drama Summary”

  1. sutekinaniji Says:

    Interesting idea about Haruka’s mother, but maybe it was not just fully emphasized that this mother did not pry into Haruka’s affairs when she was still living, and only mustered the strength to go through her past when she’s actually already gone.

    About Madoka… you seem to have misunderstood the note, but surely it will be cleared up in the next episode 🙂

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