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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 3 Summary December 30, 2012

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The third episode of Piece starts off with Mizuho speaking with Haruka’s mom and explaining that she wasn’t close to Haruka. Haruka’s mom realizes that Haruka pretended to get cards from Mizuho and that they weren’t friends. Her mom leaves and tells her to forget everything they talked about. Hikaru comes up to Mizuho after and says it was cruel of her and that she should have pretended longer. Mizuho agrees with him and he ruffles her head and then says they should go for a walk.


Mizuho and Hikaru have stopped during their walk and he asks her why it was her that was picked to Haruka’s friend. Mizuho says she doesn’t know but she went lent Haruka her handkerchief once when she was being bullied but they didn’t even speak. Hikaru says that’s typical of Mizuho not speaking and giving her the handkerchief. Mizuho replies that she hates how he speaks of others as if he knows everything. It flashes on the screen that Hikaru’s mere existence always provokes her.

Picture 1


It flashes autumn of 2nd year high school. Mizuho is walking down the hall and she sees Hikaru talking to a girl and she is asking whether his remodeling is done yet and he replies it is taking time.


Hikaru and Mizuho are in bed when she hears Hikaru’s phone buzzing and she sees it is Noriko phoning. She gets out of bed and Hikaru wakes up. Mizuho leaves and tries to open up a door and she can’t, she sees a lock by the top of the door.


Mizuho is sitting at the table with Nanao-san and she asks why the door was locked and that she found in search of the bathroom. Nanao-san tells her that it belongs to Hikaru’s mother but that she hasn’t been there in forever. She also tells her that is locked because it is full of important work-related documents and that she works at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the hospital and that she is quite well known. Mizuho then asks what Hikaru was like when he was young because she is interested in knowing how a person like he was raised. Nanao-san cuts her off and asks her if she loves him and that she wants to know because she wants to make him hers.

Picture 2


Mizuho is at the bus stop and she thinks why does she respond to Hikaru and why no one else? She also wonders how she can make Hikaru hers even if it’s just for a little?


Mizuho is at home and she is reading a book, Intro to Clinical Psychology by  Narumi Risako who is Hikaru’s mother. She felt she could not find the answers she wanted from the book.


The girls are eating lunch and teasing Remi about her going on a diet for a group date. They ask if Mizuho is also on a diet and she says no and excuses herself. Mizuho is walking the halls and she wonders and she see two girls talking and one is saying she likes Yanai-senpai and wonders if it is selfish of her to want him to fall in love with her and she says she can’t confess because he is too charming. The girls continue to sit when they see Yanai-Sempai with a boy student and the student notices Madoka (one with hair down) and she smiles at him, bows and he hits his head trying to bow to her.

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Hikaru and Mizuho are in his bed again and he goes in for a kiss and she says to him not to touch her. She tells him that she can’t come here again and that it is so stressful being with him.


It flashes 1 month later. Nanao-san is with Hikaru and they are having tea she notices that Mizuho hasn’t been coming around. He tells her she got tired of this house. Nanao-san says that Mizuho is a lot like him and that she is bad at expressing herself and clumsy, cold, self-centered, selfish and immature.

Picture 5

Mizuho is in class and Megu-chi finds her and asks what is wrong and Mizuho says that she isn’t sleeping well. Megu-chi gets a lovey text from her boyfriend and Mizuho asks why she slept with her boyfriend. Megu-chi replies that she found someone she cared about and casually dated but she still didn’t understand and that is why she slept with him. She wasn’t sure what she thought but she is simpler and naive than she thought. Megu-chi says that Mizuho is cute and has good points but that she lacks self-confidence and that if the guy is stupid enough to not want her after she has shown him all that she is then he deserves to be kicked out. She says that she won’t get hurt and then she asks her if she has someone that she likes cause then she would have been laughing at all of this. She goes on saying she uses her head too much and that it is deeper inside. Mizuho then sees that it is Friday.

Picture 6


Mizuho is walking outside and sees her young self in the puddle and has a flashback. Her mom and her are watching some kids play in the mud and her mom praises her for not getting muddy. She then wonders what it takes to fall in love and that she has always thought with her head. She then steps in the puddle and has flashbacks of being with Hikaru. She thinks she wants to be moved by Hikaru deeper and deeper. She then walks through all the puddles.

Picture 7


Mizuho is ringing Hikaru’s doorbell and there is no answer. She goes and opens his door and goes into his bedroom but he isn’t there and she decides to wait for him. She wonders if she falls deeper what will happen and wants to know where this desire will lead her. She hears a door click and walks out and sees that Hikaru’s mom door is open. She goes into the room and no one is there and goes out she wonders if she was worried about running into Hikaru and wonders if before giving in to him there is things she wants to know like how to make him mine and to be needed by him a guy who has no attachment to anyone. She wonders if there is things she could learn from his mother.

Picture 8


She goes back into his mother’s room and reads some of his mothers article about how to raise a child and she is wonders why his mother doesn’t takes care of him. She knocks off a book and sees a child-care journal of Hikaru’s then she notices that all the binders are of Hikaru. She realizes that more than anything she wants to analyze him and that it is a selfish desire of hers. She opens another binder and reads that he broke a camera. She then notices a case full of videotapes of Hikaru. She puts one into the VCR and watches a tape and she sees one where his mother is talking to the housekeeper and she tells him not to give him what he wants and she tells him that this is child abuse. His mom says that she is providing him with safety and food and that there is nothing wrong with parents controlling their children. She then hears her name and sees Hikaru sitting at the table watching her in her chair and he asks what she is doing and that is how episode 3 ends.

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Wow what an intense ending we are no closer to figuring out anything about Haruka but I think there is a better understanding of Hikaru. I mean the ending was pretty intense it almost seemed like a thriller when Mizuho was walking around his house and no one is around but the door was unlocked. I mean how long was Hikaru seating there and watching her? Creepy! I mean she really shouldn’t have been going through that and watching the video she should have asked him about it because he is going to freak on her!! I guess it makes sense why he knows how to read people and understand them because of his mom. The whole watching recording him like no wonder he has problems attaching to people because the parent that he is supposed to be attached to does not really let him do that. Hikaru was basically a science project for his mother and was the basis for her research, which is pretty sick and twisted!! Yikes I am soo curious to see what is going to happen!!


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