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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 1 Summary December 24, 2012

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The first episode of the Japanese drama Piece starts off with Mizuho going to a man’s door and she is surprised to see a girl there and tells the man that she heard he had a cold and was on leave from work. She then gets a call from Remi and she tells her that Haruka, a classmate from second year got sick and passed away.

Mizuho is talking to the man and she asks him if that girl is from the literature department and he nods yes and then she says she is leaving and tells him they will settle this later and that she will be waiting to hear from him.

Remi and Mizuho go to the funeral together and Remi tells her that she didn’t ask many questions when she heard that Haruka passed away. Remi recognizes Sugawara and he barely acknowledges them. Remi tells Mizuho that she heard that Sugawara did not pass the exam this year either. They look into the church and see the photo of Haruka and her parents crying. She flashbacks and sees Haruka sitting in her desk.
Picture 2

Hikaru is getting dressed in a suit in his apartment and a lady is banging on the door telling him that she knows he is in there. A girl in the apartment is worried about this and he tells her that she will eventually stop. She wonders how he is going to leave, he opens his door to the balcony and she yells at him that it is the third floor. He jumps and lands on his feet and keeps walking, she stares at him as he walks away. He turns around and smiles at her.

All of the classmates are gathered and talking before the funeral and they are catching up on the gossip. They talk about Narumi and how he had bad grades. Yanai Sempai comes and all of the girls gets excited. They also notice that Miyamoto Sempai from Physical Education and that he sexually harasser.

Mizuho sits on a bench in the church part alone and she writes a text asking is they can meet tomorrow and that she will be waiting at the school cafeteria after the second period is over. Hikaru comes and grabs the phone out of her hands and says he wanted this new model of phone, he reads her text aloud and questions if its a boyfriend. She tries to grab the phone out of his hand and he pulls it away, he then sends the text and gives it back. He then puts his head down and tells her to wake him up when the funeral starts. She tells him that she heard that he is at Meiwa University and she tells him that he could have aimed higher. He tells her that even before she has always overestimated him and he tells her to stop talking because he is sleepy. She thinks that if you are in the same class every day with your desks lined up against each other, somehow you get to see each other’s colors but that this is the only guy she doesn’t understand at all. She wonders what he is seeing, thinking, desiring, disliking and that she has no clue.

Picture 1

It flashes on the screen three years ago. A bunch of rowdy boys go into the classroom and bother Haruka by closing her book and pushing her desk. Sugawara is sitting in his desk and is coughing a girl asks if he is suffering from summer colds and gives him a lozenge. Remi comes running up to Mizuho and a group of girls and she asks them if they consider class 2’s Naomi a friend and one girls says they have been in class for a year together. She tells them that she is pregnant and they ask if the father knows and she says yes. She tells them that she is helping gather money for an abortion. All of the girls put money except Mizuho and she says that she needs to take responsibility for her actions and that she is not close to her. The bell rings and Mizuho excuses herself and one girls says that Mizuho is not attractive, another says she likes that about her.

Picture 3

Mizuho is walking down the stairs and she runs into Haruka and all the papers go flying. Mizuho says its her fault and they clean up the papers together and they hear guys talking about Mizuho and how she is a cool beauty but difficult to like and cold hearted. That once he tried confessing and she cut him off and that she is mean. Haruka then goes up the stairs and tells them to move aside because they are in the way and they call her ugly. Mizuho watches from the bottom and sees them walk away.Picture 4

Mizuho is in the classroom reading and Hikaru is watching her, she looks up and he tells her that it seems she is not popular that she does not let her guard down around other people and that they seem tiresome to her. That she is reasonably pretty but not popular. Mizuho just stares at him and girl comes in asking if they can go for drinks he says sure but has no money and she says its fine and they walk away together.

Picture 5

Mizuho is in the washroom with other girls and they agree that Hikaru is usually goofing off but when he opens his mouth he lets out a bombshell. Remi says he said something like that to her that she is not chubby but really fat the other girls seem to agree with him but pretend they don’t. One girl says that she still likes him and that he is kind to girls. Another says that she doesn’t like him. They ask Mizuho is she likes him and she says she doesn’t really know and that he is not easy to read.

Mizuho is in the classroom and she is at her desk and can’t find her workbook. The teacher comes in and asks her to come to the front and solve some problems. Before she can say anything Hikaru sitting in front on her throws his workbook to her and she gets up and look through the book that is completely filled out.

The teacher tells them that during summer vacation they should study hard and take care of themselves. Hikaru gets up and Mizuho says thanks and he says not to forget her book next time. She asks him if he always slacks off during exams and she goes on saying that he prepared so much for this lesson and that these are not notes of somebody stupid. He smiles and says oh yeah and walks away.

Hikaru is standing in the hallway and a girl runs up to him saying she has to talk to somebody first and to wait here for her. He agrees and she runs off.

Mizuho is sitting in class writing in a journal of some sort. Hikaru comes in and notices she is writing in the daily journal he notices it is methodical, vague and diligent. She tells him that she doesn’t like it when the teacher complains about it not being enough. Hikaru sits looking at her saying that she always weight the pros and cons carefully, rather than acting on emotion. She tells him that he shouldn’t make fun of people by pretending to analyze them.  She tells him that she will keep in mind what he is saying. He then touches her lips with his finger and leans in for a kiss. She is in shock and asks why and he says it was just because her lips looked so pretty and shiny. She tells him that she just barely put on lip gloss and he says oh. The girl then interrupts and asks if they should go and he then leaves with her.Picture 6 Picture 7

The girls are at lunch and Remi says that Hikaru and Natsuki have broken up. Kyouko wonders if it is her fault because she and Hikaru met on the train and he dropped her off at home once. Another girl says that he probably just did that because they were going the same way . Kyouko disagrees and says that he smiles at her a lot and that she is sure he has special feelings for her. The other girl says that he is like that to everyone. Mizuho says that he is close to everyone and that is why he can easily step into other people’s private space but doesn’t have any particular feelings to anybody. The other girls stare at her and Remi says that she sure has studied him in detail.

The girls are looking out the window and they see Hikaru with a third year girl. They joke around about how many girls he has dated. Kyouko watches them and gets mad and walks away the others follow after her and Mizuho stays. The third year girl leaves and Hikaru stands up and she watches him.

Hikaru walks down the hallway and Natsuki comes up to him and asks why it turned out this way and that they loved each other. Hikaru snorts and she asks what is funny and he says that he never intended to go out with her and he asks her if he ever said that he liked her. She says that he didn’t have to say it and that he was nice to her. He says that he did that so that she would sleep with him and that they had fun and they shouldn’t hold grudges.

In the classroom Mizuho gets her test back and gets a 93 she looks at Hikaru’s test and he got a 33 and the teacher says that those who got under 35 will take the test again next week. Hikaru says to Mizuho sorry and if she can meet him later.

Mizuho and Hikaru later are by some railing in the school and she asks why they are here. She sees the third year girl running around the hallways and she says that his girlfriend is looking for him. He is copying out her notes and says that they are just going out with no strings attached.  He then says that no decent woman would go out with him unless she was totally insane. They walk back into the school and the third year finds him she asks why she is avoiding her. He tells her that she looks scary and she gets angry asking is he is trying to make a fool out of her. She asks if Mizuho is his new girlfriend, Mizuho says no and he says what if she is. The girl says she won’t allow it and he says they can work it out with each other and walks away. Mizuho tells her that it is a misunderstanding and then runs away the girl runs after her. Hikaru then grabs Mizuho into the mens room and the girl stops and then runs past them. Mizuho hits him and asks him what he was doing and he tells her that he thought she could persuade her because she is smart. She tells him that he shouldn’t decide things on his own and then he tells her that this is the men’s washroom and she runs out.

Picture 8 Picture 9

Mizuho is walking home and Hikaru comes behind and says not to be mad and if that girl comes after him again what she should do? He tells her that she could tell the truth that he set her up and that with summer vacation she will give up eventually. He then asks her if she will go watch the fireworks.

They are together while he sets off fireworks. She then says busted, he tells her that he likes the smell of fireworks. She thinks that she is not supposed to be interested but she wanted to know and was mistaken all the parts and pieces.Picture 10

Back to the present and Rumi finds them and tells her that the service has started and hits him to wake him up.

Three years ago summer vacation. Mizuho is at her desk at home finishing her work and she says that the vacation has just started, she has finished her homework. She then flashbacks to Hikaru telling her that she is diligent and she then says no more today. She goes downstairs and finds a note from her mom to have Soumen and she wanted something heavy and rich instead but since the prep had already started she starts to make it. She then remember when Hikaru told her that she weighs the pros and cons before making a decision. She then just gets mad and turns off the stove and then says sorry to her mom and she says she will have junk food.

She goes into a restaurant and has some cutlet and really enjoys the food. She then sees Hikaru and he joins her on the patio and laughs at her because she is always so prim and proper and she is enjoying the food so much. He asks if she can have some, she says no. He says that it is too big for her and she says she will eat it all. They walk out and she says she is full, she asks if he is on his way someplace. He says no and she says that he is probably on his way to his new girlfriends. He says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. She then says that she will be heading home and she walks the other way. Hikaru calls her and says that isn’t it a waste because it is a great chance that they bumped into each other and that they don’t live in the same neighborhoods. He says don’t you think its a miracle of them meeting and she says is this how you pick up girls and he says nothing like that. He asks her if she wants to go someplace? and that doesn’t she feel that today’s somewhat special? He then asks her if she wants to go or not? She smiles and says she will go.
Picture 11

They are looking at a map in the train station and they have no idea where they are going. They run onto the train and she loses a sandal. She is sitting on the train wearing one of his sandals on his foot.

They get off the train and Hikaru sees some characters dressed up and he runs after them and tries to find them but they can’t . Then she finds a place to buy sandals. Hikaru then gets her onto a bus, she says she loves riding the bus because she could ride alone when she was a kid. When she was riding she felt free and wished it could go on forever. That though she seems diligent and reliable to those around her but really she is just a spoiled kid. She looks over and Hikaru is sleeping.
Picture 12

They get off the bus and go to a restaurant and have shaved ice. He watches her enjoy eating, he tells her that he will be in trouble today because she looks extremely cute. He tells her that things look weird when looked at under a microscope, grotesque she agrees. He then even so it exists in this world. He then says just kidding.

They ride a bus and she notices they came really far and says they did pointless things. She says that the things that are important are very few. The things a person remembers are important.  She then thinks that she noticed something resonate with Hikaru’s aimless presence. He then says that he wants to get off at this next stop.

They are walking along the beach. He says he wants to go into the water and wishes they brought swimsuits. He then says they could rent a hotel room and he teases her about taking it the wrong way. She thinks he is such a strange guy through and through, he has such a strong presence but all of a sudden he will disappear. Two guys come up and recognize Hikaru, he says they have the wrong person, one guy grabs his hair back. She yells and they grabs Mizuho. Hikaru grabs his hand away from Mizuho and says they are Nagato and Morita senpai and  he says something about his old girlfriend to piss him off. The guy punches Hikaru and Hikaru says in self defense and takes out his key and punches the guy with it. Hikaru is on top of the guy and the guy says sorry, Mizuho pushes him off and grabs him and they run away.

Picture 13

Picture 14 Picture 15

They are sitting outside and she gets a towel to wipe up the cut on his face and he asks why she stopped him and that he was not going to do it. She asks why he provoked them on purpose and that he is immature. He asks why she is angry and she angrily says she is not. He says her hands are shaking and she yells shut up. He grabs her hand and asks if she was scared, he says sorry. He touches her face and then kisses her cheek. He asks why her expression doesn’t change even when she is being kissed. He says weird girl and gets up and starts walking away. She thinks that she likes the person that she is when she is with Hikaru a lot but she equally hates the person that reacts to such a guy. A guy that always gouges his way deep into her heart.

Picture 16

At the funeral Rumi is crying and she says that to think she was only 19 and that maybe she had lots of things she wanted to do and somebody she loved and if it was her she would definitely regret it. Everyone goes up to her casket . Mizuho remembers her sitting in class and then as she walks away she drops her handkerchief and Rumi whispers her name and says she dropped it. Haruka’s mother comes up and says her name and tells her that she wants to talk to her.

Haruka’s mother is talking to Mizuho and tells her that she is thankful that she was Haruka’s friend. The mother asks her if she knows the man that Haruka was dating. Haruka’s mom tells her that Haruka was pregnant with his child and she doesn’t need to hide it. That is the end of the first episode of Piece.

Picture 17 Picture 18

This seems like it is going to be a very interesting drama!! It seems like it is going to be a mystery of trying to understand Haruka! Even though nobody seems like they have a connection to this girl that seems nerdy I bet there is going to be a very interesting story behind everything!! I love that it is very psychological and trying to understand the different characters. Mizuho and Hikaru are trying to understand each other but it seems like they have a hard time understanding each others way of thinking. I love that it goes into the past and present and everything seems harsh and cold in their world. I do not really have a good handle on the characters just what they have shown so it is hard to know what is really going to happen. I have been waiting for this drama to be subbed so that is why I am only reviewing the episodes now! I really enjoyed this first episode! I think the next episodes are only about 20 minutes.


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