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To The Beautiful You Episode 13 Summary October 1, 2012

The thirteenth episode starts off with Tae-Joon stopping Jae-Hee from leaving and tells her not to go to America. Eun-Gyeol opens the door and tells them that their cell phones got switched.

Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee get out of Dr. Jang’s car and Tae-Joon carries all the luggage back to the dorm.

Tae-Joon tells her to take a shower and pushes her even though she doesn’t want to and then tells her after the shower that they need to talk. Jae-Hee wonders if he found out that she is a girl.

Dr. Jang is alone and has noticed that Tae-Joon has feelings for her and sends a text to Jae-Hee saying that she should be even more cautious of Tae-Joon. He gets a text back from Tae-Joon saying that he sent the text to the wrong person. Dr. Jang meets Tae-Joon outside of the dorms and Tae-Joon tells him that he knows that Jae-Hee wasn’t a guy. He tells them that he found out that she is a girl when her brother came and Dr. Jang realizes that Tae-Joon has feelings for Jae-Hee. He tells him that if she finds out she has been caught by him that she will ultimately have to leave.

Tae-Joon goes back and she asks what they wanted to talk about and he says nothing. She asks what he meant when he said those things the other night and he comes up with excuses that don’t sound like he has special feelings for her. He grabs her arm and tells her not to think of other people when she is around him and to stay with him. She agrees and says she will stay by his side.

Tae-Joon is getting ready to in the morning and finds a note from he saying to its not good to exercise on an empty stomach and a bottle of some kind of drink. She wakes up with a note on her face saying that thanks for the drink and to make sure to eat breakfast too.

Tae-Joon rides bike and goes to his high jump practice, gets over and sees Jae-Hee watching. Hyun-Jae also goes and he knocks the bar down. Tae-Joon then goes again and makes it over, the coach tells Hyun-Jae that he is too aggressive and to not just attack the bar.

Hyun-Jae is in the locker room and flashbacks to the meeting where he was told he has to beat Tae-Joon to get the contract.

Jong-Min is doing a tarot card reading for Eun-Gyeol and tells him he is going to win a goal at he nationals, he is going to win something pretty and lastly that he is going to find love. Eun-Gyeol tells him to do Jae-Hee he agrees begrudgingly and she gets the death card and tells her there are dark shadows around her.

Eun-Gyeol is on some crazy peddling scooter and tells a sitting Jae-Hee not to worry about the card. He then lets her ride the scooter, he then shows her his move he is going to do after scoring a goal. He folds his body down and tells her its a Gu, for Gu-Jae-Hee.

Jae-Hee is walking and she sees Hyun-Jae hanging around the railing, she walks away and sees Tae-Joon, she calls out to him and a falling potted plant falls right next to his feet.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are sitting and eating, she tells him that she saw Hyun-Jae acting suspicious earlier. She asks if Hyun-Jae has something against him, Tae-Joon tells her it was just a coincidence and he wouldn’t have done that to him. Jae-Hee then remembers the death card she got and she warns Tae-Joon to be careful.

Ha-Na is with reporters and she tells them that she is not retiring but that she is taking a rehab break. They ask about Tae-Joon and against her manager’s wishes she tells them that she broke up with him because he was boring and she wanted someone more exciting.

Ha-Na is in her hospital room crying and she picks up Jae-Hee’s card and looks at it.

Tae-Joon comes back after riding his bike and Hyun-Jae in a hoodie has pliers and looks like he is cutting the brakes on Tae-Joon’s bike. Jae-Hee sees this happen asks him what he is doing and he runs away.

Hyun-Jae goes into his room and Eun-Gyeol scares him, Hyun-Jae strongly yells at him and Eun-Gyeol throws him a birthday present. Hyun-Jae opens it and it is a tube of something, Eun-Gyeol jokes around with him a bit. Hyun-Jae then doesn’t go to sleep right away.

In the morning Jae-Hee tells Tae-Joon to not take his bike but he says that is part of his training. She doesn’t want to tell him so she just grabs his bike and leaves, she is riding and she wonders if she overreacted and figures that there is nothing wrong with it. She continue biking and the wire breaks and she becomes out of control, Eun-Gyeol sees this and chases after her with his scooter and jumps off blocking her bike and she falls into him on the ground. She notices that his ankle is bleeding and he tries to get up and walk and he is limping.

Dr. Jang is wrapping up Eun-Gyeol and is told that he can’t play in the next match. They are sitting outside and she says sorry and he tells her that he will heal quickly. He tells her to leave and he is actually in a lot of pain but is still glad that Jae-Hee didn’t get hurt.

Jae-Hee approaches Hyun-Jae about the weird things that he is doing and she tells him that because of him Eun-Gyeol is hurt. He grabs her collar and she pushes him off and warns him that next time she won’t let it go. Eun-Gyeol overhears and questions Hyun-Jae about what that all means.  Eun-Gyeol scolds him outside for a while and Hyun-Jae says sorry, Eun-Gyeol says that he is disappointed in him.

Tae-Joon runs to class and asks Jae-Hee about the accident and she tells him Eun-Gyeol got hurt and that he can’t play in the Nationals match.

Seung-Ri goes to Ha-Na’s room looking for her but she isn’t there, he finds her outside. He goes up to her and she pushes him off again, he gives her a drink and he says he read the article about the serious injury. He tells her that he was hurt in a car accident 3 years ago and was told he would never be able to play sports either but that was nonsense and he started playing sports right away and even won 1500m competition. He tries to show her his scar on his back and she freaks out and hits him because she thinks he is showing her his bum. He asks if they can be friends and she says no thanks but that she wouldn’t mind if he brought her tabloids.

Jong-Min in class finds the article that Tae-Joon and Ha-Na broke up and they starting bugging Tae-Joon because she broke up with him. They mimic Gangnam style with Grandpa Style, the Coach interrupts them and tells them to sit down and be quiet. Coach asks where Hyun-Jae is and he finds it strange because he never misses class ever. Tae-Joon flashbacks to all the weird things happening and wonders if Hyun-Jae is related.

Jae-Hee is walking and she sees the Coach and Tae-Joon’s father talking she says hello and the coach introduces them. Tae-Joon’s father asks to talk to her and he tells her that he doesn’t know what Tae-Joon is thinking with his name splashed in magazines all the time. He tells her that he wonders if it is his fault and that Tae-Joon blames him for his mother’s death and that he isn’t wrong.

Eun-Gyeol is limping along and he flashbacks to his coach yelling at him for getting hurt and that he is missing a great opportunity. Eun-Gyeol wonders why Hyun-Jae had done something like that. He meets a little girl looking for Tae-Joon, he sits with her and calls Tae-Joon who doesn’t answer. He tells her to go home, she yells no.

Jae-Hee is folding laundry and Eun-Gyeol comes in with a cart with a bag on it, he asks for Tae-Joon because his little sister was here and opens the bag to show the little girl. She tells them that she isn’t Tae-Joon’s little sister but that he is her boyfriend, there is a knock on the door and they stuff back in the bag. Coach comes in and he is wondering where Hyun-Jae is and where Tae-Joon is and they both give different answers. He tells them to tell Hyun-Jae and Tae-Joon to go see him when they see them. The little girl comes out again and she tells them that her older brother is Hyun-Jae.

Hyun-Jae is sitting in some bleachers, he pulls out a paper that says athletic club withdrawal form.

Tae-Joon is in the locker room and the Coach comes in asking about Hyun-Jae and if he has heard anything about him. He tells him that his father was here earlier and was worried about him. Tae-Joon doesn’t respond and leaves.

Hyun-Ji is being fed by Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol, Hyun-Jae comes in and greets him. Hyun-Jae is surprised and she asks him to phone Tae-Joon because he told her that they are close, Jae-Hee says that they are close but that Tae-Joon is busy training now. Jae-Hee says that she will get his autograph for her later and Hyun-Jae takes her home. He gives her a bag and tells her to go inside and she is sad that he doesn’t come in with her. She asks when he is going to win the gold medal soon so that they can all be together again.

Eun-Gyeol is in his room, Hyun-Jae comes in and he says thanks for being nice to his little sister after what he did. Eun-Gyeol asks why he did it and he says that all he could think of was winning and starts crying and goes on saying he thought that if he just worked hard he could do well but after watching Tae-Joon he realized all his hard work couldn’t compare to Tae-Joon’s talent. Eun-Gyeol says that there is no such thing as a fruitless effort and that in the end his effort will pay off in the end if he tries. Hyun-Jae tells him that he committed an unforgivable sin and that he will not ignore but will take responsibility for it. Eun-Gyeol tells him that he will know be his slave until he is healed up.

Tae-Joon is practicing, Jae-Hee comes in and Tae-Joon says that he knew that Hyun-Jae messed with his bike and she took it so he won’t get hurt. He gives her a back hug and says thanks and to not ever do that again.

Tae-Joon meets Hyun-Jae and he tells him that he was the one responsible and that he knows he should resign but he can’t. He then says if he tells him to quit, he will quit. Tae-Joon asks if something happened and pretends that nothing happened and tells him that he should be getting ready for the competition and to stop be so relaxed about it.

Jae-Hee hands Tae-Joon his phone because his father is calling, he ignores the call. She asks why he never goes home on the weekend and he says its too much of a hassle. He asks if she has met with his father, she stutter and he guesses that she did meet him. She tells him that Tae-Joon should make up with his father and that she thinks he might be mistaken about some things. Tae-Joon gets upset and leaves to visit Sang-Chu. He flashbacks to his mother’s birthday and they are waiting for him to eat supper, his father sends flowers instead of coming. Another flashback is when he is a teenager and he finds his mom lying on the floor unconscious, later on he is talking to his father who doesn’t take it serious. Another flashback she is coughing and he tells her that she should go to the hospital and he talks to her dad that he should persuade her to go to the hospital. Another flashback is at the funeral and afterwards he asks his dad why he lied to him that it wasn’t anything serious. His father says sorry, and Tae-Joon says if she would have gone to the hospital sooner when he told him to get her checked out by the doctor they could have fixed it.

Jae-Hee is in the room and hears Tae-Joon’s phone ring, she answers the phone call from his father. Jae-Hee goes looking outside and finds Tae-Joon and tells him that his father has collapsed and this is how the thirteenth episode ends.

What an unlucky episode so many bad things happened or almost happened.

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