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To The Beautiful You Summary Episode 10 September 15, 2012

Episode ten starts off with Eun-Gyeol seeing them in bed and then going back to his dorm room. Hyun-Jae asks him what is the matter and he goes to lie in his bed and sighs.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are in their dorm and it is awkward, Jae-Hee goes to use the bathroom and Tae-Joon grabs her and asks if she is better, he touches her forehead and tells her that her fever dropped. As Jae-Hee leaves for the bathroom she drops a bag and what looks like tampons come out, she quickly puts them back in. Tae-Joon turns away pretending not to see, he gets a text from his manager telling him that he has an interview today and to leave time open.

Jae-Hee in the bathroom tells herself to get her head on straight and she flashbacks to being in bed with Tae-Joon. She also tells herself that she can’t keep developing feelings for Tae-Joon.

Eun-Gyeol is in his room trying to figure out what happened between Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee. He imagines that Jae-Hee found some money by Tae-Joon’s bed and they both go to get it bump heads and fall into bed together. He then imagines that Jae-Hee flips out of her bed and into Tae-Joon’s while she is still sleeping. He then imagines that Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee having a pillow fight and when they are done she asks to sleep down here because she is lazy and they jump into bed.

Tae-Joon is in an interview and they want to know if he has YIPs syndrome, Tae-Joon says it was just a slump. Tae-Joon tells them that he has decided to stay here and not go to Canada with Coach Holten because he can get the training in Korea. The reporters ask why he is staying and he tells them that he has someone he wants to show his jumping to. They ask who it is and guess that it is Ha-Na.

Tae-Joon and his manager are in the car and she asks him if he is dating anyone and he replies no. She asks if it is Ha-Na he says no and that he told them because he didn’t want to lie.

Johnny is in his studio looking at a picture of Jae-Hee, his secretary tells him what his schedule is and she tells him that Jae-Hee looks a little like a girl in the picture. Johnny tells her that it is a girl that she is a frog princess and he is going to try to remove the spell. He then flashbacks to Tae-Joon and him playing basketball and telling him that he is not going to step back from them.

Eun-Gyeol comes into Tae-Joon’s dorm room asking where Jae-Hee is and gives him a book to return to her. Eun-Gyeol also tells him that there is going to be a dorm inspection soon and that he should throw away things he doesn’t want to be seen. Tae-Joon then remembers Jae-Hee’s tampon bag and he goes into another dorm room asking for x-rated dvd or magazine. The guys give him 2 magazines that were very well hid and he goes back to his room seeing Jae-Hee and he hides the magazines behind his back. They hear someone call out for dorm two to come in the hallway.

Everyone comes into the hallway and the principle in charge of the dorms comes out and starts going through each room. When they get to their room the principle finds the x-rated magazine and gives Tae-Joon a hard time about it then leaves.

Jae-Hee goes to Eun-Gyeol and returns a soap she had borrowed and asks about his training. Eun-Gyeol then talks about Tae-Joon having the magazine after he even told him about the check.

All the students who had stuff in their dorm that weren’t supposed are running laps around the field at night.

At Ha-Na’s school girls are talking about the person in the article that Tae-Joon wants to stay for and they all assume that it is Ha-Na. She agrees and all her friends are envious.

Jong-Min, Eun-Gyeol, Jae-Hee and Seung-Ri are sitting and reading the article and they also think that it is Ha-Na in the article. Eun-Gyeol complains about Ha-Na and Seung-Ri stands up for her.

Jae-Hee visits Sang-Chu and Tae-Joon goes up behind her and pokes her cheek. She isn’t surprised and instead slightly sad, Tae-Joon sits next to her and jokes with Sang-Chu. Jae-Hee asks him about the article and why he isn’t going to Canada he tells her that he has a reason to stay and that it isn’t Ha-Na. Jae-Hee gets mad, and Tae-Joon asks because she wants him to go to Canada and she says its not like that. Tae-Joon says that she wants him to jump no matter what and that is all that she wanted from him. Jae-Hee questions him more and tells him that he had wanted to go badly and there isn’t a reason for him not to go. He doesn’t answer her and she says sorry for meddling and leaves.

Tae-Joon sits there for a bit and then calls after Jae-Hee, who is walking and crying. Tae-Joon is running after her but Johnny pulls in his car in front of her and he wants to borrow her and shows her the note he got from the school to take her out. Johnny sees Tae-Joon in the distance and then helps push Jae-Hee in the car and they leave.In the car Johnny ask why she is in a pig mood and makes some jokes.

Tae-Joon goes back to the dorm and gets a call from Ha-Na asking if he was going to his cousins Chan-Jo exhibition and basically forces him to go.

Eun-Gyeol is playing soccer and flash backing to finding the two in bed together. His coach comes up and tells him that the youth national entry is going to be announced this week.

Johnny takes her to his studio and says that she is going to be his partner to go to a function since he doesn’t know anybody in Korea. His secretary goes to help her get dressed and ready for the event.

Tae-Joon and Ha-Na are dressed up and driving to the exhibition. She asks him about not going to Canada and he says he just not. Then she says its good and badmouths Canada.

Eun-Gyeol is in a clothing shop looking at clothes.

Jae-Hee is dressed up and getting food from a buffet, Johnny comes over and she complains about wearing a wig. Tae-Joon and Ha-Na come to the party and they see Tae-Joon’s cousin and welcomes them.

Eun-Gyeol practices giving clothes to Jae-Hee in the mirror. Hyun-Jae comes into their dorm room and looks at the bag of clothes and says to Eun-Gyeol that thanks because it is his birthday. He grabs it out of his hands and then he feels bad and says that he will buy him something later. Hyun-Jae says forget it and goes leaves angrily as Eun-Gyeol gives him a birthday punch which makes him more angry.

Jae-Hee is with Johnny and he says he is going to show her something fun and they leave the room but as they leave Tae-Joon gets a glimpse of them. Johnny tells her to go into a room and she finds pictures of herself and is touched. She asks about one frame with no picture, Johnny goes into a speech and tells her that he is confessing to her right now, he tells her to think about it and tell him later.

Jae-Hee rejoins the party and sees Tae-Joon and Ha-Na sitting outside and then again inside. Ha-Na sees her and Jae-Hee runs away Ha-Na runs after her. Tae-Joon chases after Ha-Na and tells her that he has something to tell her and tries to get her to leave. Johnny comes and tells them that they are not allowed to be back here and sends them away, he says sorry to Jae-Hee.

Tae-Joon is walking to the dorm and finds Johnny sitting on the steps waiting for him. He tells him that if he doesn’t make Jae-Hee happy that he should let her go and that he likes Jae-Hee. He tells him that he has confidence and doesn’t put needless pressure on her.

Tae-Joon to his room and checks on Jae-Hee who pretends that she is asleep.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer, he sees Jae-Hee walking so he grabs the clothes and goes to her. He gives her the clothes and says that it was a bit small on him, she says thanks. He tells her that he has something to tell her but only when he makes the nationals.

Jae-Hee sits with Sang-Chu and asks him why she feels emotional when she sees Tae-Joon. Tae-Joon joins her, she tries to leave he grabs her shirt and pulls her back and takes her on the bus. He tells her that they are going to take pictures because he is bored. He pulls out some eggs and cracks it on her head, she tells him to give her the yolk and he gives it to her. She chokes and he pulls out a canned drink for her. They go to a park and take pictures together and they play together. They stop and sit and he tells her that he is not going to Canada because of Ha-Na but the reason why is something he can’t tell her because it is a secret. He says that he isn’t going anywhere and that she shouldn’t go anywhere either.

They go back on the bus and Tae-Joon has fallen asleep and falls on her shoulder, she touches his hair and then tells herself not to be greedy.

Ha-Na is in her bed and flash backs to seeing Jae-Hee at the exhibiition. She gets a phone call from her manager and tells her that she is booked live on friday, she says she doesn’t want to. Ha-Na goes to her desk and sees the yearbook with Jae-Hee in it and goes through the pages and finds Jae-Hee.

Teacher Lee is looking for Teacher Oh and meets Coach and she bugs him about eating ramen. He makes her some ramen and she asks him why he quit sports since he got silver at the world championships. He tells her that after his injury he learned something she asks him what and he touches the pot and burns himself, she grabs his hand. He then continues that he learned that high jump was his everything in his ability.

Johnny is looking at pictures of Tae-Joon and then of Jae-Hee.

Eun-Gyeol and his soccer team got on the bus, he sees Jae-Hee running towards the bus and he goes out and meets her. She gives him a shirt with the Korean flag that she embroidered onto it.

Jae-Hee goes to the dorm and Ha-Na is waiting for her, she drops all of Jae-Hee’s makeup on the floor. Jae-Hee begs her and Ha-Na does not agree and walks out of the room she meets some guys and asks where the office is. Ha-Na meets Dr. Jang and asks him if he knows that there is a girl living in the dorms. Dr. Jang pulls her aside and he texts Jae-Hee asking how she got caught and that he has detained her for now. She tells him that he is going to the school president, he has pulled her into his office and is trying to calm her down. He tells her that it isn’t good for Tae-Joon because it would look bad for Tae-Joon since he was sharing a room with a girl and people would talk. Dr. Jang says that they should settle this quietly and that during this time before it is settled that she should keep it a secret.

Ha-Na walks away and runs into Tae-Joon and she tells him that Jae-Hee is a girl, she figures out from his expression that Tae-Joon knew and start crying and then asks him if he is not going to Canada because of her. She hits him and she tells him that she has had so many heartaches because of this. He says sorry and asks her to keep it a secret because Jae-Hee should be the one to tell her that she is a girl. Her cries while walking away and her driver comes out trying to console her and then tells her that he is driving her straight to the broadcast.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing at the match and is wearing the shirt Jae-Hee gave him underneath the other shirt.

Dr. Jang is with Jae-Hee and tells her that he has managed for her a day or two to get things figure out. He tells her not to be too heart broken because this wouldn’t have lasted that much longer. She flash backs to all the moments that she had with Tae-Joon.

Tae-Joon is sitting outside and he gets a text from Ha-Na and she tells him that she will keep his secret if he does her a favor and that she thinks he knows what the favor is.

Eun-Gyeol is getting off the bus and his coach gets a call and then call him and tells him the youth national announcement was out and that he didn’t make it. He is sitting in the stands holding onto the shirt that Jae-Hee made and starts crying.

Tae-Joon finds Jae-Hee and they are about to talk when they see Ha-Na on the tv on the live broadcast. She tells them that she has come to like somebody and that she and Tae-Joon are dating and she tells him that she blurted it out and that they are an item now. This is the end of the tenth episode.

I thought for sure that the favor that Ha-Na wanted was for Tae-Joon to go to Canada and then Jae-Hee would not get to be with him. I guess I underestimated her childishness and selfishness.  I feel sad just thinking how Eun-Gyeol is going to react when he finds out she is a girl and that she loves Tae-Joon anyway. I really hope that they will give him someone else that will make him happier than Jae-Hee but knowing Korean dramas they leave the guy who lost with nothing. I am happy that Johnny is not going to end up with her but I guess Tae-Joon needed a push for him to figure out his feelings for Jae-Hee. It was so cute when Tae-Joon went to get a dirty magazine to draw attention away from her things!! This was a very entertaining episode but I really wish that Tae-Joon would just tell her how he feels and maybe she could go back to being a girl.


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