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To The Beautiful You Episode 9 Summary September 14, 2012

The ninth episode starts with off with Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee at her campfire and they see a shooting star, Jae-Hee makes a wish.

Ha-Na also sees the shooting star in the car with Tae-Joon.

Eun-Gyeol asks Jae-Hee what she wished and she tells him that she wished Tae-Joon would be able to fly like before. Eun-Gyeol questions her roommate love to be too much. She agrees and tells him that Tae-Joon was the reason he came to the school and that he gave her strength when things were hard. Jae-Hee asks him what he wanted to tell her and pretends he forgot. Eun-Gyeol then ask her if he was the one that gave her courage when times were hard would she have come and she says probably. Eun-Gyeol foot catches fire but he is okay.

Ha-Na angrily asks Tae-Joon if he is really going and he says that the coach from Canada was the reason for him starting high jumping but it is not for sure right now. He asks if she likes him and she says she doesn’t know because he has been there for her since she was young and has been happy around him. Tae-Joon says thanks for telling him about Canada beforehand. Tae-Joon touches her head and leaves Ha-Na crying.

Jae-Hee runs into Eun-Gyeol before class and compliments his haircut and tells him that he even looks handsome. Eun-Gyeol asks if she remember the hair and he remembers Jae-Hee finding a haircut in a magazine and tells him that it would look good on him.

The three of them are in class and Tae-Joon has a flashback to the night before where his father explains the situation and that Tae-Joon should meet coach Holten in Canada and he can go straight into training. He gives him the admission and plane ticket.

Jong-Min goes up to Eun-Gyeol and compliments his haircut, Eun-Gyeol says he didn’t change it for him. Jong-Min tells him that Serin Girl High School are dealing with a pervert. A man tried to drag a girl into his car but failed and drove away.

Jae-Hee is playing basketball with a bunch of guys and Tae-Joon finds them and he takes some pictures of her from a distance. She walks back with Eun-Gyeol, Tae-Joon and Seung-Ri someone asks for her phone but she realizes she forgot it so goes back to get it. A guy grabs her and puts her in his car, the three guys chase after the car. Jae-Hee asks what the guy is doing and he tells her that he is kidnapping her. Tae-Joon continues chasing but has to stop. The guy starts speaking in english and Jae-Hee recognizes him and calls him Johnny he stops the car at the gate. Tae-Joon then catches up with them and pulls Johnny out of the car and punches him. Tae-Joon asks if she is okay and she explains that she knows him, is really close to him in America and he loves to pull pranks.

Tae-Joon is in the bathroom washing his face, he gets a call from Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon explains that it was all a prank. Jae-Hee and Johnny are sitting in a cafe and he is surprised that she lasted that long in a male dormitory. She flashbacks to her asking him to help her with the paperwork to get into the school. He knocks her hat off and he sees her hair cut he eventually agrees to help her and then they hug.  Back to the cafe he tells her that he regrets doing the paperwork for her and then pinches her cheeks. Tae-Joon comes back and sees them joking around, he joins them and he says sorry for earlier. She explains that he is a close friend and that he is an almost famous photographer but quit college halfway through. She asks why he came to Korea and he says because he missed her, she spits out her drink. He then says that he also had a few projects lined up in Seoul and she teases her about being hurt and he then says that he was her first love. Jae-Hee tries to shut him up because she thinks Tae-Joon doesn’t know she is really a girl. He then says he thinks that her first kiss was with him too. Tae-Joon starting chewing his ice cubes loudly and angrily.

Eun-Gyeol is back in his room and he wonders if she should pretend he went crazy and confess. He then imagines running to Jae-Hee and confessing that he likes her and then that he loves her and almost kisses her. The police then take him away in handcuffs, Jae-Hee is annoyed and Tae-Joon is willing to testify. Eun-Gyeol then shakes his head and goes into another fantasy where he comes running up to Jae-Hee showing his uniform and tells her that he gets to represent the country, he then asks her to go out with him and she says yes.

Johnny is going to give them a ride back to school when Tae-Joon gets a text from his manager saying that she wants to talk about him going to Canada. Tae-Joon then leaves the two of them. Johnny tells her that he thinks that Tae-Joon knows that she is a girl, Jae-Hee assures him that Tae-Joon doesn’t know that she is a girl.

Tae-Joon meets his manager and she tells him its a good idea, Tae-Joon says that he will think about it and then begs her to buy him something to eat.

Tae-Joon is in his dorm and he goes up to Jae-Hee’s room while she is sleeping and picks up some magazines she dropped. Jae-Hee calls out his name twice and tells him not to eat it, he then grabs her covers and pulls them up to her chin. He sits on her bed and says that her mail must have gotten through to Coach Holten and he wonders if he should go to Canada. He flashbacks to moments they had between each other.

In class Jae-Hee is called to read the next passage and she sees Johnny in the window waving at her. She yells out what and then gets told to stand in the back of the class, Johnny makes funny faces and movements in the window.

Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon sit in the cafeteria watching Jae-Hee and Johnny talking. Johnny tells her that he came because he missed her and teases her. Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon leave angrily. Johnny asks to speak to her teacher for work and he is going to take pictures of the students.

Eun-Gyeol is playing soccer and Johnny is taking pictures, he also takes pictures of other students in other sports. Tae-Joon comes up to him and says that he doesn’t want his picture taken. Johnny says that he got permission from the school, his management and considers him to be the best shot so he will still take his picture. Jae-Hee comes up to them and says that he shouldn’t take Tae-Joon’s photo because he doesn’t want it. Johnny says that he is getting hurt because she keeps taking Tae-Joon’s side.

Tae-Joon is walking in the dark and the street light goes out as he walks by. Tae-Joon is in his dorm wondering where Jae-Hee is so late, he imagines her getting kissed by Johnny. He goes to leave and walks into Jae-Hee, he tells her that he was also just coming in. Jae-Hee explains that she went out with Johnny for supper, he asks if something happened. She thinks he is asking because of the picture incident and she explains that he really is a good guy but when he sees a good picture he gets obsessed. Tae-Joon then goes to wash up, and he wonders why he is acting like that.

Johnny is at his place and his secretary is going over what he has to do tomorrow and he asks for the afternoon off because he has got a date.

Jae-Hee is on the phone complaining when Tae-Joon comes in and she tells him that Johnny asked her to show him around Seoul. Tae-Joon then tells her that she doesn’t know enough about Seoul to show him around and that he will go too. She asks him why he would want to come and he tells her that he wants to show Seoul properly.

Eun-Gyeol is with the two of them and he invites himself along too because he thinks none of them know Seoul very well. Johnny complains at the number of them and they all go in his car to go sight seeing. They all play and have fun while sight seeing, Johnny takes lots of pictures of all of them. They all go out to a cafe and Jae-Hee orders orange juice and all the guys order the same but then Johnny orders espresso so then the rest of the guys change their orders to coffee too. Tae-Joon drinks it all down and Eun-Gyeol changes his mind and has a sip of Jae-Hee’s orange juice. Johnny shows them his studio and he does some work with all of them there.

Tae-Joon goes upstairs and looks at all of Johnny’s photos, he finds one covered, he uncovers it and its Jae-Hee. Johnny comes in and says that he has known her since a kid and never seen such a bright smile. Johnny then says that Jae-Hee still thinks that Tae-Joon thinks she is a boy but from what he could that isn’t true. He asks why Tae-Joon pretends that she is a boy and know that he knows it changes things. His secretary interrupts and Johnny leaves Tae-Joon.

Seung-Ri is looking at photos of Ha-Na on his phone when she flips over the railing and lands next to him, he tells her that outsiders are prohibited and she insults him so he says that she can’t go see Tae-Joon. He looks at her and sees lights and hears music and she can get past.

Johnny is now taking pictures of Jae-Hee and the others and his secretary comes in and says that two male models can’t make it for the next photo shoot. Johnny then figures out that Tae-Joon and Eun-Gyeol can be the replacement models and so they have a photo shoot with them too. Eun-Gyeol wonders how Johnny got Tae-Joon to do the photo shoot. Jae-Hee then flashbacks to her asking Tae-Joon to be the replacement model because she owes Johnny a lot and he just agreed. Johnny then pressures Tae-Joon to think of the person he loves in the photo and this bothers him.They are all driving home and Jae-Hee coughs and Johnny gives her a blanket.

Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee are in the dorm and she coughs, he asks if she is okay and she says she is fine. He then goes to touch her forehead and he says that she has a slight fever, she says she is fine and he says I guess fools can’t get sick. Tae-Joon goes into the bathroom and looks at his hand.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer, his coach asks him why he is training so hard and he says because he needs to go to nationals to impress someone. He then hits the ball again and it hits the coach’s head.

Dr. Jang is touching Tae-Joon’s ankle and they talk about him going to Canada. Tae-Joon says he doesn’t know if he should go, Dr. Jang says that if it is for Jae-Hee’s sake he should go to Canada. Dr. Jang explains Occam’s razor and that he should look at it simply and that if he doesn’t want to go to Canada then don’t go and figure out if there is something more important than Coach Holten.

Tae-Joon goes back to the dorm and asks why it is dark, she says that the bulb is out and goes to change it. Tae-Joon then goes behind her on the ladder and hugs her, he says sorry and that she was about to slip and that his head has become clearer. He then goes out to get some fresh air and Jae-Hee wonders if he knows she is a girl but then brushes off that idea.

Johnny is looking at the photos from the shoot and is looking at the one with Tae-Joon thinking about the one he loves. He zooms in on his eye and can see Jae-Hee’s reflection. Tae-Joon comes to him and he tells him that he knows Jae-Hee is a girl and wants her by his side. Johnny throws a basketball and they decide to play and they play aggressively. Johnny asks him what it means that he wants her by his side, he says that Johnny shouldn’t be getting involved in it. Johnny says he thinks he knows where this is headed and that he can’t let him have her so he is going to steal her from him.

In the dorm Tae-Joon hears Jae-Hee get up, she says she needs some water and then almost falls over. Tae-Joon feels her head and tells her to sit and he gets her the water, he tells her to lie down in his bed and Tae-Joon tells her he is going to see if the nurse’s office is open. She grabs his hand and tells him not to leave, He wets a cloth and puts it on her head. He falls asleep next to her.


Eun-Gyeol comes in the room and finds Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon in bed together, everyone is completely shocked and this is how the episode ends.

In this episode I find it so unfair that Jae-Hee has everyone fallen in love with her! I mean three guys are all fighting over her!! even one thinks that she is a guy and he still would go out with her as a boy!! I love that Eun-Gyeol got a haircut because at first I really didn’t like his hair but it did grow on me!! omo the photo shoot with Tae-Joon without his shirt on !! and again Jae-Hee is sick/ hurt it has happened a bit too often in this series!! I get it that it is so attractive to have a male take care of you when you are sick but it seems to happen in every episode that she needs to be saved or she is sick and needs someone to help her. Korean dramas they are the boss of flashbacks!! It is like a mini music video when Tae-Joon relives the moments of him and Jae-Hee!! Anyway the next episode should be out and I will have to move onto the next video now!!


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