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Sprout Episode 7 Summary and Review August 21, 2012

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Episode seven starts off with Hayato and Miku, they are still embracing and Miku  wonders if it is okay to be in the place closest to Hayato. Hayato says that that the place is for her. Souhei and Miyuki are holding hands and he says sorry, Miyuki shakes her head. Souhei says he won’t make her feel uneasy anymore. Hayato grabs Miku’s hands around him, turns to her and says be my girlfriend. Miku smiles and agrees.

The next day Miku is cleaning the floor during this she reenacts the scene with Hayato from last night. Naoharu and Kiyoka watch her from the other room and they figure that she has leveled up. Kiyoka asks Miku if she got a boyfriend, Miku asks can you tell and gets embarrassed. In the next moment Miku gets a text from Hayato saying good morning and that the weather is good today. Miku leaves the room to reply and Kiyoka thinks Miku is too happy. Naoharu says its because when your in love you HP rises.

Miku and Souhei meet on the stairs the first time since Miku speaking badly of Miyuki and there is a flashback . Souhei speaks first and says sorry for yesterday and that he said weird things. Miku replies that she should be saying sorry because  she said cruel things. Souhei replies its okay and Miku notices that her heart is tightening. Souhei goes onto say that he was a bit panicked because Miyuki was acting strange. Miku asks with concern if Miyuki was okay and Souhei replies she is fine and Miku is relieved. Miku realizes that she sees Souhei differently from before and then tells Souhei his piece of cake is in the fridge because Kou told them to save it. Souhei says that Kou is such a hot/cold person, Miku says it might be a bit hard Souhei smiles and says its okay, Miku realizes that since she has gotten over Souhei his smile has lost some of the attractiveness and that being friends is just right.

After supplementary class is over Miku bolts out of the room. Takeru and Arata ask her when they are meeting she says 2:00 at the karaoke place and rushes away. Miku rushes over to her friends Ami and Fumiko (with the shorter hair) and they have makeup and clothes ready for her.

Hayato and Souhei are lying in a field and Hayato tells him that he has started to date Miku and he thought he should at least report it to Souhei. Hayato goes on saying that he finally understood what Souhei was saying before that it is nice liking someone and Souhei agrees.

Takeru and Arata go to meet up with Ami and Fumiko and see a girl run past them and they think she looks like Miku. When Takeru and Arata sit down with Ami and Fumiko they ask what they thought of Miku and boys are shocked that the girl was Miku and thought it was someone else. They ask why the makeup and Ami says first date and ask who is it and they reply Hayato and the boys are shocked. Ami and Fumiko go on saying that she has made a good catch and that they are proud of her. Arata and Takeru and shocked and they flashback to Miyuki hugging Hayato.

Hayato is waiting on some steps and Miku appears on the top of the steps wearing a cute red dress, wearing makeup and a clip in her curled hair. Miku asks if he as waited long and he says no and that its 3 minutes before.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and he tells her that Hayato and Miku are dating. He tells her that Hayato looked so happy that it made him happy and she smiles and says she is happy too.

Miku and Hayato are walking and she tells him that she thinks she did good on the re-test and he replies that Miku can do it when she tries. Hayato called her by her last name and Miku tells him to call her by her first name and that she will do the same. Miku says they should practice and they turn towards each other, they both cannot do it because they are embarrassed. Miku says they should make this their goal for the day.

Souhei and Miyuki are sitting on a bench and Miyuki says she is relieved because she thought that Miku had someone else that she liked because she didn’t seem to be very affected when Hayato confessed. Souhei then flashbacks to Miku telling him she wanted to see his face. Souhei then tells Miyuki that she was just over thinking it.

Miku and Hayato are walking and as they walk they brush their hands together and Hayato says sorry. Miku flashbacks to the first time they held hands and she stares at her hands as she walks and wonders if its okay for her to be here. Miku then stops and calls Hayato by his first name and offers her hand. Hayato comes closer and holds her hand, Miku smiles and he calls her by her first name and she asks him to say it again teasing him. Miku realizes that the place for her is right here beside Hayato.

Miyuki and Souhei are walking and they are talking about going to the beach yet this summer and then they see Hayato and Miku holding hands and walking. Souhei is watching Miku and looks shocked Miyuki calls them over and the the stop holding hands. Miyuki and Miku wave to each other.

The four of them are in a cafe and Miyuki says that Miku looks cute today that girls become pretty when they are in love and they agree all four of them should do something again. Miku says she wants to go to Tokyo Tower and they talk about going there meanwhile Souhei focuses on Miku and watches her looking dazed.

They separate to go home, Souhei and Miku go towards home and Hayato and Miyuki go to the bus stop. Souhei and Miku start walking and they watch the other two walk away and Miku exclaims that it is lonely to say goodbye. Souhei then says that its better when Miku is just like usual and Miku says she wanted to put in effort since its her first date. She also goes on saying that everyone told her its pretty and he says its better that she stays the way she is. Souhei backtracks a bit and says because the old her is the one Hayato fell in love with and they continue walking.

At the bus stop Miyuki says sorry to Hayato for the other day he says he is happy that she made up with Souhei, she agrees. Miyuki then says that she is happy for him.

Souhei is at soccer club with Haruka the assistant coach when Takeru and Arata come in and say they passed their tests, Souhei asks about Miku and she has also passed. They run out of the room to get changed and Haruka watches Souhei.

Miku is waiting outside and Hayato comes and he notices that Miku is normal and she says are you not happy when she dresses up? No I am happy when you dress up but I feel more comfortable with you as usual and she tells him about what Souhei said about dressing up.

Souhei is by himself hitting the soccer ball into the net and sighing.

Miku is walked home by Hayato and she says next time he doesn’t have to go all the way to her house and he says its okay because I worry and wants to take her home. He then goes onto say that she shouldn’t misunderstand what he is going to say and that she is the only one for him. Before he would date whoever but after meeting her he has stopped that and her number is the only girl number he has. She is happy and pulls her to the side of her house pauses, touches her face and goes in for a kiss. Souhei is walking home and sees this happen, stops and watches them. Souhei realizes that he could towards Miku…. This is how the seventh episode of Sprout ends.


What a great episode I really was not expecting Miku to fall in love with Hayato I thought for sure that she would be forever stuck to Souhei. I think in the end she will end up with Souhei so I really wasn’t expecting Hayato to have a fighting chance!! but this made me soo happy and there where a lot of “ahhh” and tingly moments. My favorite part was when they brushed hands and he says sorry and then Miku offers her hand!! soo sweet!! loved it!!

I love how excited she is to be dating Hayato! I am so happy that they allowed her to fall in like/love with him because I thought the one date at the aquarium was the real end to their relationship!

I am still waiting for Miyuki and Hayato’s relationship to be explained? it seems Takeru and Arata are also confused by it!! lol sorry I don’t have much to say about this episode their was so much romance I am swept away with love and happiness. People vote in my poll for who you think Miku should end up with!?
I also made a chat room if you want to talk !!


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