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To The Beautiful You Episode 2 Summary August 18, 2012

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In episode 2 Jae-Hee is in the doctors office and is trying to convince the doctor that she is not a girl and leaves as quick as she can.

 Tae-Joon is talking to his manager and he tells her its okay that he missed his jump and that he didn’t want to always be an athlete. Tae-Joon’s father comes to the school and slaps his face thinking that Tae-Joon missed the jump on purpose and Tae-Joon tells him that he will decide what he does.

Tae-Joon allows Jae-Hee to stay in the dorm room as long as she follows his rules and is aware that he is the owner of the room. Tae-Joon dreams about his mother and her funeral and grabs Jae-Hee’s hand while he sleeps and thinks its his mother.

In the morning Eun-Gyeol and Seung-Ri come in to Jae-Hee’s bathroom and use it in front of her which causes her to freak out.

The dorm sport competition is coming up and Tae-Joon won’t be in the high-jump competition and the winning dorm gets to use the central store which is nicer and the other dorms have to use the store in the annex.

Seol Han-Na is a rhythmic gymnast who wants to marry Tae-Joon and dresses herself up as a present in Tae-Joon’s dorm room she tells Jae-Hee that she is Tae-Joon’s girlfriend.

Jong-Min and Jae-Hee practice running for the competition and Jong-Min trips Jae-Hee and both go tumbling which forces Jae-Hee to the doctors office. Jae-Hee goes and no one is there and hides when Tae-Joon and the doctor comes in and she overhears that Tae-Joon had pain when he jumped. The doctor says he could have Yips Syndrome where all of a sudden he has pain when he plays sports especially when the sport has high psychological pressure and that there is no cure.

Jae-Hee is called out by the doctor and he wants to kick her out of the school and she explains that she came to see Tae-Joon jump again the doctor agrees for the time being. Jae-Hee tries to convince Tae-Joon to keep jumping and that she will do anything for him and he says she has to move out.

Eun-Gyeol finds Jae-Hee moping and tries to cheer her up in a soccer match he wins and takes a picture of them on the ground and his heart starts to beat and sees light around Jae-Hee.

The next day Jae-Hee is stopped by Yang Seoyoon a reporter who wants to do a story on Tae-Joon. Min Hyun-Jae who is another high-jumper in the school went to the doctors office to drop off something he decides to look in Tae-Joon’s file and takes pictures of it. This results in Tae Joon’s records being put online and Tae-Joon’s manager wanting to sue the reporter. Tae-Joon is trying to figure out who did and remembers picking up Jae-Hee’s clothes and finding the reporter’s card in her clothes. Tae-Joon confronts Jae-Hee and asks him if he wanted to be around him to sell information to reporters. Jae-Hee denies it and Tae-Joon leaves the room saying that is a worse answer than expected.

The 34th Jini Althetlics High School Competition is happening and Tae-Joon doesn’t show up for the high jump. Jon-Min hurt himself so he cannot run the marathon so Jae-Hee volunteers herself in his place. Jae-Hee makes it to the first checkpoint where a lot of people drop out because of the pain. The rival orange dorm 3 waits and switches people out throughout the marathon.

 Tae Joon joins his dorm and Eun-Gyeol tells him that since he was gone Jae-Hee had to run the marathon. As Jae-Hee makes it to the final dead-point dorm 3 the orange team, which was switched off kicks Jae-Hee in the leg and she falls to the ground.

 Jae-Hee gets up and keeps running and towards the end catches up with dorm 3 and overtakes him. The doctor watching says his leg is twisted and Jae-Hee falls to the ground, she gets up again and stays ahead and finishes the marathon in first place. Jae-Hee catches up with Tae-Joon and tells him that she didn’t leak it to the press.

Dorm 2 wins the competition and they chant Jae-Hee’s name and lift her in the air because she is the most valued player. Eun Gyeol talks to Jae-Hee and his heart begins to beat again so he leaves. Seol Ha-Na comes to the party looking for Tae- Joon. Tae-Joon eventually comes to the party and takes an alcoholic drink without realizing it and the dorm president explains that Tae-Joon has an allergy to alcohol and goes crazy and kisses the first person he sees. Tae-Joon stumbles around, meets up with Jae-Hee and then kisses her.

Overall I say this was a pretty satisfying episode I mean come on a kiss so early!! lol  it was a cute kiss! I think Eun-Gyeol is also cute especially because he has a crush on Jae-Hee and can’t figure out why. First of all I am so tired of Jong-Min tripping Jae-Hee I mean does no one ever call him on it?? hopefully they won’t keep using this same trick for his character because it is getting old already. I mean they don’t really explain why Jong-Min hates Jae-Hee I think its because he wants to be a prettier boy than Jae-Hee. Another thing is that Tae-Joon wants Jae-Hee to leave the dorm room as a way to do anything for him and then she doesn’t so not sure how that was resolved exactly. They still haven’t disclosed how Tae-Joon even hurt himself in the first place and what exactly is his connection to Ha-Na and why she thinks she is his girlfriend. I guess we will all find out in the next episode!!


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