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Sprout Episode 6 Summary and Review August 17, 2012

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The start of the sixth episode starts with where it was left off the last time with Miyuki hugging Hayato at the bus stop. Souhei wants to go into Miku’s room, but decides against it. Miyuki says sorry to Hayato and to get a firm hold of Miku, Hayato agrees. Across the street Arata and Takeru see the hugging and they agree they should not tell Souhei. Miku is in bed and says that Souhei’s love is not directed towards her. The next day Miku, Arata and Takeru are in supplementary class when Souhei pops his head in the window, it catches Miku off guard and she looks away and Arata tells him it won’t be much longer. Miku watches him walk away with stuff from his soccer club and the manager girl Haruka catches her looking at him.


Haruka asks Souhei who is his true love Miyuki or Miku and Souhei asks why Miku comes up and she tells him because Miku likes him. She says that none of them suit him and the one that suits him but gets cut off and is called by the coach. Souhei is drinking water and remebers holding Miku then he is scrubbing soccer balls when Miyuki appears and says she came to watch and that they should do something after practice. Arata, Takeru and Miku come as they have finished their lesson and Arata talks about wanting to date Kiyoka. Miyuki and Souhei talk about their own date and Takeru watches Miyuki awkwardly then they get ready for practice. Miku then leaves but still watches the pair thinking that she was going to be the closest to Souhei during the summer break, Miyuki says that she hopes it works out between Miku and Hayato because she wants them to be happy.


As Miku walks home she meets Kou and he tells her that he is having cutlet because its his birthday. The next scene Kou and Hayato are at Miku’s house and Hayato is asking why this happened and Kou says that Miku thought it was better to have more people for the celebration and Hayato says Kou is shameless. Miku’s mom comes in the room and welcomes them and says she is glad to have them because Hayato helps Miku study and also because Hayato is Souhei’s best friend so he is a member of the family too.


Hayato then wrestles Kou on the ground and Miku comes in and watches them play and she says its rare to see Hayato in high spirits and Kou says Hayato has a cute side too and they wrestle some more. The next scene Miku’s father and Kou are working in the garden and Hayato and Miku are sitting in the porch and Hayato says this house is relaxing and calming Miku says Souhei said that once before too. Back to Souhei he is with Miyuki after practice and they make plans to go to a hamburger place and Souhei gets a text from Miku inviting him to Kou’s birthday. Souhei tells Miyuki about the party and says sorry maybe next time for hamburgers Miyuki gets mad and says she going home and Souhei questions her and she says she won’t tell, she walks away saying Souhei is an idiot. Next scene is back at Miku’s house and everyone is there eating supper and they are enjoying the meal and they have a cake for Kou.


Souhei gets a text from Miyuki saying sorry and that she wants to meet him and he leaves the room, Miku notices and follows him out. Miku asks him where he is going and he says to Miyuki and she says even though its Kou birthday and that Miyuki knows this. Miku says this is why they call her annoying because she can’t read the atmosphere. Souhei defends Miyuki and that its been like that since middle school Souhei flashes back to middle school where he saved her from the girls talking about her and how they became friends.


 When he was feeling depressed because of his parents divorce she could see he was unhappy one day and decided that they would ditch school that day to cheer him up. That even if the world hates her he would be her ally and Miku realizes that her love can’t reach Souhei and that she will never win against Miyuki. Miku sits outside and Hayato joins her saying he is sorry and that he had sort of overheard and if he should lend her a place to cry.


Hayato then says to pretend he is a stuffed animal and close her eyes because she doesn’t like it when its him. Miku realizes that he is conveying his love to her and Hayato stands up facing away from her. Souhei has met up with Miyuki and says sorry for being late she nods her head no.


 Back to Miku she gets up and hugs Hayato’s back and this is how the sixth episode of Sprout ends.


The sixth episode is pretty good it seems like it is more of a filler episode and does not really deal with anyones problems or emotions yet. It does not explain what is happening with Miyuki and Hayato and why they were hugging. I think that Miyuki has figured out that Miku likes Souhei and so she feels jealous of the attention that Souhei is giving to Miku and gets mad when she is mentioned. Souhei seems to be having a hard time dealing with his feelings for Miku and does not want to recognize them. I think he feels more loyalty towards Miyuki then love and feels he needs to protect her and that since she needs him the more than Miku. One thing that confused me was why she wanted to have a birthday party for Kou? because he wasn’t having a party and it made it seem like he had never had a birthday party before? I just thought it was a little strange and Souhei also seemed confused as to why that was happening. It was soo sweet to see Hayato and Kou rolling on the ground and wrestling!! ahhh! I mean how could anyone not love Hayato after that and also offering her a place to cry !! ahh!! if that was offered to me I hold on and never let go of him!! I am enjoying this series it seems like it is very different from other Japanese dramas it has a lot of emotion and seriousness and does not have much over acting which I have seen more often in Japanese dramas. It feels closer to a Korean drama which I really like it seems like it is a mature drama which deals with emotions in a serious and interesting way.


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