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Sprout Episode 5 Summary and Review August 12, 2012

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The fifth episode starts with Miku and Souhei together and she is telling him that she wanted to see his face. Souhei looks surprised and Miku says sorry and Souhei says its okay. She says she is especially sorry because she had never called him Souhei before. Miku stomach grumbles because she didn’t have supper and they laugh then Souhei gets a text from Miyuki saying thanks for today.He smiles while looking at it. Miku watches Souhei and flashes back to when Hayato held her hand and to when Souhei held her hand.

The next day Souhei and Hayato are walking to school and Souhel tells him that he found Miku yesterday and Hayato asks if she said anything and Souhei flashes back to Miku telling him that she wanted to see his face. Souhei tells Hayato that she didn’t say anything. Souhei runs into Miyuki and she asks him if something happened because he didn’t reply to her text and that it was unusual for him not to reply. Souhei explains that Miku didn’t come home and it caused a fuss, Miyuki grills him a bit asking if he searched for her and if he was the one who found her and he says yes. Then Miyuki says its good that nothing happened to Miku and she wonders if anything happened between Miku and Hayato yesterday because it looked like it was going well. The next scene Miku is in class and they got their grades back her two guy friends Takeru and Arata in her class need supplementary lessons and Miku says she needs them in math and science. Arata says that if he needed good grades to go out with Miyuki he would be able to study and Miku says she’s got a good idea.

The next day Souhei gets up and is on the patio he says it sure is summer and he says it sure is summer then Miku joins him and says it sure looks like it going to be hot. Then Souhei looks at Miku’s hand and remembers yesterday when Miku put her hand over his. They both say they want to play this summer and Miku realizes that she is not his girlfriend but she is a much closer distance. Souhei reminds her that she has supplementary lessons. Later that day Souhei is playing soccer with Hayato’s younger brother Kou while Hayato lies in the grass. Kou and Souhei take a break and Kou asks about Hayato and if he found a girl he likes. He also asks if Hayato will be able to properly fall in love because Hayato often creates a wall between himself and others. Souhei reassuresKou that Hayato will be okay and that his feelings will reach her also that Souhei will help him out.

Souhei gets a phone call from Naoharu and the next scene is Naoharu showing Miku, Takeru and Arata how to do math formulas at Miku’s house and they are catching onto it. Kiyoka complains that she wasn’t able to be a good teacher, but Arata runs over to her and says its valuable just to have her here. Then Souhei comes home with Hayato, and says Hayato is here to teach physics because Naoharu is good at math and science but bad with physics so he called Souhei who then suggested Hayato. Souhei and Hayato are walking in the house and Hayato says he is bad at teaching others Souhei says he will be fine then Hayato grabs him and says don’t run away. Then Souhei asks if something happened between him and Miku? and says that if he leaves it like this summer will be depressing for the both of them.

The next scene Miku is in her room with Hayato by themselves (ohhhh)and he is teaching her physics, but they are both quiet when Souhei comes in bringing drinks. Souhei says that its his first time in Miku’s room and she says don’t look too much. Souhei pulls down a figurine and says he has the same one its cute but ugly and they both say they couldn’t throw it away. Then Souhei says that Hayato has some weird figurine at his house he didn’t know if it was a fish or a bird then Hayato says oh the dog and Miku laughs. Hayato says he will draw it and Miku tries to guess what he is drawing when Souhei walks out of the room. It gets awkward and Hayato says he wants it to go back to the time before the aquarium and if it would be possible to do that . Miku asks him why he is so nice? since he always takes the initiative and Hayato answers because it is her. The next scene her dad is watering his garden and Souhei comes out and says he sees a sprout and her dad says that depending on how you raise it during the sprouting period it’s growth will change. Souhei says its like a person and then Miyuki appears and she has brought a watermelon over to surprise him for everyone.

Next Miku’s mom has cut up the watermelon and calls everyone over and they all sit on the porch area eating watermelon. Miku is holding her watermelon and not eating it and Hayato asks her if she is going to eat it, she says she full. Then he asks her if he can eat it, she says yes as this happens Souhei is watching the two of them and Miyuki is watching Souhei. The next scene Souhei and Miyuki are playing a game and Souhei says that it looks like things are going well for Miku and Hayato she agrees. Souhei then goes onto say that its fresh to see a girl that can’t study since Miku has to take supplementary lessons Miyuki freezes at these words.

The next scene Miku says goodbye to Hayato at the end of her street and Souhei walks Miyuki to her bus stop. As they walk over the bridge Miyuki hugs Souhei he asks what’s wrong and she says do I need a reason to hug you, he says no standing with his hands at his sides. Miyuki says that he is her boyfriend right? he replies yes and she says if he leaves her she might die (overreacting much?). Souhei pulls her back to look at her and says he will never leave and will always be by her side. Miyuki embraces him again and tells him she loves him and he replies that he loves her too.

Souhei walks home when he sees Miku on the yard bent over and he runs over to her, she stands up and then fall into his arms. Souhei picks her up and puts his forehead to hers and says she seriously has a fever then carries her into the house. Miku’s mom comes over and goes to measure her temperature then Souhei leaves.

Souhei replays holding her in his arms and her telling him she wanted to see his face in his room. Souhei says whats wrong with me.

Miyuki is waiting at the bus stop when Hayato from around the corner. The next scene Miku is in bed also replaying everything about Souhei. Back to Miyuki, Hayato asks her what is wrong and she walks/runs over to him and hugs him crying, Hayato stands there. Miku is in bed and distressed because she knows Souhei is not her fated person, but yet she loves him and this is the end of episode 5.

Sprout episode 5 WOW!!! that was a very dynamic episode and many things took me off guard. Firstly Souhei does not recognize Miku’s feelings right away and Miku immediately backtracks after herself but it seems at the end of the episode Souhei seems to recognize his feelings for Miku. She keeps saying she wants to see Souhei’s face which makes me think that she keeps talking about when he first brought her to the nurses office and in that moment she wanted to see his face. Secondly I was so surprised that it continued with Hayato and Miku’s story line at all I thought the two of them would be avoiding each other from then on but I was happy that those two could be friendly to each other. Thirdly I forgot to mention in the last episode how Miyuki and Miku’s relationship has changed Miku is not feeling so hostile to Miyuki anymore probably because Hayato is with her. I also think that in this episode it becomes apparent that Miku feels more at ease because she lives with Souhei and gets to spend that extra time that Miyuki doesn’t get because she is not there. I also was surprised that Miyuki went into Hayato’s arms even though she was already comforted by Souhei so therefore she should have been okay already, but I guess that means that she doesn’t really believe or trust Souhei. I mean Miyuki hugged Souhei but he did not even hug her back which I think is weird usually if someone you like is hugging such as your girlfriend it would be normal to hug them back. Maybe it is a cultural thing but it could also be showing that Souhei’s feelings towards Miyuki is not that strong or there is something missing in their relationship. Miyuki then must be able to recognize Souhei’s feelings for Miku herself and she must sense that Miku likes him as well. Although in the episodes they do not show Souhei having any feelings for Miku he has always been attentive to Miyuki when she was there and not giving Miku any special attention. It seems to be that Miyuki has feelings for Hayato and must have been rejected by him but she still cannot get over him. What this show has so far taught me is that when you fall in love you cannot get over this no matter the circumstance Miku, Miyuki and Hayato have all fallen in love and cannot get over this and seem to be stuck. Souhei is the only one that has not seemed to fall in love or at least is unaware of his own feelings even though he is trying to help others he still seem oblivious to it. One thing I find funny in the show is that Hayato is soo much taller than Souhei and when they are standing next to each other Souhei looks soo tiny!! anyway can’t wait for episode 6 its getting good!! Sorry for the bad screen shots!!


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