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Sprout episode 4 Summary and Review August 9, 2012

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the start of episode four Miku is brushing her teeth and remembering Hayato saying he likes her and then he goes on further saying she doesn’t have to answer right away because he knows that she likes Souhei. Hayato also says that it is okay for now but he can’t wait forever though and that he will be waiting. Back to Miku she is in a really good mood and talking to Kiyoka in an excited tone saying it was okay she didn’t come and that love is great. Then she runs into Souhei and is still in a good mood, but she wishes she could overwrite her love.

The next scene Hayato and Souhei are lying on the school roof and Hayato is explaining that he confessed to Miku and that he doesn’t understand it himself. Hayato then says its unrequited love and Souhei says that Miku will start to like him eventually. Miku is with her friends explaining that Hayato confessed to her and they are excited for her. They ask if she will date him and she says no because she likes Souhei. They tell her that if she goes out with him that she will like him and that if she doesn’t go out with him they won’t forgive her. Miyuki walks by and waves to Miku and Miku waves back.

 Later Miku is walking in the hall and she hears a group of girls walking behind her saying that Hayato has put a stop to all dates, texts and calls. The girls find this odd because he has never refused and they say that he has someone that he likes this makes Miku smile. Miku then happily goes to the roof and finds Souhei and Hayato lying on the roof she says sorry for interrupting and Souhei says maybe I’m the one interrupting, then Souhei invites the two of them out. After school they are all walking to the Aquarium and Miku is walking behind Hayato, Souhei and Miyuki as Miku runs to catch up she falls. Miku finds her heart beating fast, but she is not sure for which person she feels this way.

At the Aquarium as Hayato and Miku ride up the escalator, he says sorry for it having to be so awkward with Souhei and him both here, but he wanted to come to a place like this with her. Miyuki and Miku are standing together and Miyuki asks Miku if she is dating Hayato and Miku says she is not sure since she has never dated anyone. Hayato and Souhei are walking together and Hayato says he didn’t have to separate them and Souhei says that Hayato is easy to misunderstand and that he should talk a lot. Hayato says that he didn’t know that Souhei was so meddlesome and Souhei says its because he never thought that Hayato would like anyone and that makes him want to help out. (the way Hayato holds his bag is soo cool). Miku then says that she thinks Miyuki would have always been popular Miyuki says that is not true she has had unrequited love and even rejections. Miku asks if she was able to forget the unrequited love right away and Miyuki says she is not sure.

Hayato and Souhei are sitting together and Souhei asks when he became interested in Miku and he says that it was a while ago he says it was around April. He flashbacks to April and he is lying on a ledge close to Miku and her friends talking who are on some steps and her one friends was confessed to and her other friend says she should accept it. Miku says that she wants to have an eternal first love and that they should be together forever. Hayato jumps off of the ledge to see who says this and watches Miku talking about having a fated one. Hayato goes on to tell Souhei that he doesn’t believe in the first love stuff and that is why he is fascinated by Miku and chased her with his eyes. Hayato then asks Souhei if he believes in that and Souhei says maybe not since his parents are split up, but a part of him thinks he would be different, then says he could only talk about this stuff with Hayato. Miyuki then grabs Souhei to go look at some fish leaving Miku and Hayato together and he says that she doesn’t have to force a smile and to not mind him Miku smiles at him. Later on Miyuki is sitting and having a drink and Hayato sits down with her and the other two are looking for souvenirs.

Miku and Souhei are looking at phone charms and both go for the same one they decide to buy four of them the other two for Kiyoka and Naoharu. It goes back to Miyuki and Hayato and she asks him if he likes someone, he says yes and she says she might be a bit frustrated and he says what are you saying.

The four of them then start to go home and then Souhei and Miyuki leave and Miku and Hayato decide to go for a walk. As they are walking Miku asks why Hayato likes her and he replies because he doesn’t get tired of looking at her face and everything she is thinking shows on her face and he can always tell what she is thinking. Miku says that she is happy and she thinks he could be her fated one and there hands brush together and he offers her his hand. Miku takes his hand as they walk she flashbacks to the first day, she can tell its not the same and she pulls her hand away. Miku says sorry and Hayato says its okay and sorry and he says he can’t take her home and leaves.

Miku knows she hurt him and continues walking at the park. Later one at 10:00 her mom and dad are waiting for her and Souhei is with them waiting for Miku he calls Hayato asking about Miku and is told that they left at the park . Souhei goes on his bike to the park and finds Miku sitting on a bench Souhei tells her not to make them worry and Miku says sorry. They start to walk home and Hayato shows up behind them watching them as they walk away.

Souhei asks Miku if Hayato did something to forward to her she says no its her fault that she made him make a face and she is the worst. Souhei asks her if Hayato is no good she says its not that and puts her hand on his hand and says I wanted to see Souhei’s face. This is the end of episode 4.

    This episode makes me sad because poor Hayato’s love is crushed and Miku still wants to be with Souhei. Finally they explain why and how Hayato knows Miku and why he is fascinated by her. Throughout the episodes they always showed him watching her and it makes more sense now. OOOHH the tension between Miyuki and Hayato so it seems more obvious that the unrequited love or rejection was Hayato rejecting Miyuki. Miyuki says that she is bothered by Hayato liking someone and I guess she wanted to be the one that he liked. Basically the four of them should switch partners but of course poor Hayato will probably be stuck by himself in the end. Miku just liked Hayato for that moment because he was complimenting her I mean who wouldn’t like that but she still couldn’t get over Souhei. It seemed like when Hayato was talking about his feelings of love and what they were like  Souhei did not really explain how love feels for him and of course it makes me wonder how much does he like Miyuki because they have not really explained how they fell in love. It is clear now that Miyuki obivously had feelings in the past and possibly the present for Hayato and this of course makes me think that she doesn’t feel as strongly for Souhei as she pretends to be. Yes Miku finally confessed or at least I think she confessed to Souhei! either Souhei will not understand what she means or he will pretend to not understand. I do not think that he will be able to accept what Miku is wanting right away because he has not noticed her feelings and of course will be too shocked to even know how to deal with this new development. Overall I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to watch the fifth episode!!


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