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Sprout episode 3 summary and review August 7, 2012

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In Sprout episode 3 it starts with Miku making shaved ice and she is recalling the memory of Hayato kissing her when Souohei comes in and starts using the machine as well and he makes too much ice he asks her to save it because he has soccer practice and she is sad that she can’t turn off the switch of love for him. The next scene Souhei is at soccer practice and they have a match coming up and his friends want him to invite Kiyoka to the match meanwhile the assistant female coach looks on at them.

    The next scene Miku is grocery shopping and a boy ahead of her is sitting by the window when someone calls out to him and Miku looks over and sees Hayato and it is awkward. The next scene the three of them are sitting eating a snack and Sou-chan makes conversation with Miku and Hayato leaves to get drinks. Sou-chan asks Miku if she likes his brother and she says she doesn’t understand him and he goes onto tell her that Hayato is not good with girls, Miku doesn’t believe him and he replies that Hayato has never approached a girl himself. The next scene is at Miku’s house and they are all eating supper and Souhei invites everyone to his soccer match, Kiyoka says she will go because she used to be a cheerleader. Naoharu ask if Miyuki is going and Souhei says she can’t come so Souhei doesn’t want to go because he only wanted to go if she was going as she looks like Rurika and Miku is happy at this information.

    The next scene Miku is with Naoharu outside asking what her friend should do because she fell in love with a guy who has a girlfriend and his advice is that the jealousy causes too much energy so she should reset. Miku goes out on her rooms patio and hears Souhei on the phone and he waves to her but she goes in directly. The next scene is Miku at school and one of her guy friends Arata wants her to invite Kiyoka because he thinks she will fall in love with him if she sees him playing soccer. The next scene is Souhei and Hayato talking about Hayato’s younger brother Kou and that he wants to come to their high school and play soccer in his club Hayato says that he won’t get in because he doesn’t study. The next scene is everyone eating supper and Souhei is stuffing his mouth with karaage which is fried chicken and when Miku and her mom are doing the dishes she says that Miku should make and bring some to his match on Sunday since his girlfriend won’t be there.

    On Sunday Miku gets her mom to help her make fried chicken to bring to Souhei match and then Miyuki ditches her because she is going to the beach with her boyfriend so Miku has to go by herself. Miku is by herself at the match on a bench and Souhei comes and talks to her and they ask about Miyuki and his friends are disappointed, Souhei thanks her for coming. Miku gets approached by the female assistant coach and warns Miku that Souhei is nice to everyone and that she should not misunderstand and Miku says she doesn’t.

Kou says hit to Miku and joins her and Hayto is with him but Miku just ignores him and they sit with her. Kou goes over to Souhei during a break an tells him to make a goal in the second half and Souhei agrees. Miku gets up to go over to Souhei but then Miyuki calls Souhei and she comes running over to him and said she finished her errands as fast as she could to make it to his game, Miku is really disappointed that she comes. Miku watches Miyuki cheer for Souhei and Hayato watches Miku. Souhei scores a goal, does a back flip and they win the game. They all go over to the team and as Miku goes to take out her food for Souhei instead Miyuki pulls out hers and everyone is excited, Miku decides to leave. Miku walks away looking like she is about to cry and walks away over to a bench and starts to eat the food she packed.

Hayato meanwhile has followed Miku and joins her at the table asking if he could eat she asks why and he says because I’m hungry. He says its delicious and Miku starts to cry she says she sorry because she doesn’t cry in front of people very often and that it was foul play and her timing was too good obviously talking about Miyuki.

The next scene is Souhei and Miyuki walking home and they are talking and he says thanks for coming and the food when he grabs her hand and kisses Miyuki. Then it goes back to Miku and Hayato he says sorry for the other day and Miku says its okay since he ate her lunch for and that it probably wasn’t anything special that day for him. He says no that was the first time that he ever took the initiative and has been asking himself why he did it ever since that day. Then he says he knows its because he likes her and that is how the third episode ends.


    The third episode is also very interesting as the other two episodes I am happy that the plot still going at a fast pace. First of all Hayato’s younger brother is so cute and I love that he is pushing Miku and Hayato together and gives more dimension to Hayato. From this episode and the past ones it seems like Hayato doesn’t like Miyuki very much and act like strangers even though they were in middle school together. I loved the scene where Miku is talking to Naoharu about her “friend” having a problem and he relates solving the problem to his video game. Hayato really looks like someone from tv or movies but I cannot figure it out the closest I could figure was Jonathon Taylor Thomas? oh it makes me frustrated! I like that Hayato likes Miku they are so cute together but unfortunately I do not think that Miku is going to get over Souhei, which makes me sad because I like the two of them together. Now Kiyoka goes to meet her boyfriend I wish they would show us who he is? Of course they make good use of Grouploves music in this episode again and I enjoy how they use it in the episode.

One thing that bothers me or I find strange is the assistant coach lady not sure who she is if she is a student or a coach but how would she know who Miku is and to be as bold as to warn her about not liking Souhei. Is she a friend of Miyuki’s? or does she like Souhei or herself and then if that is so she should be the most jealous of Miyuki or maybe she doesn’t know that Souhei is dating anyone? I am not sure but this is a strange development. anyway not really any complaints from this episode I found it very interesting and I am again looking forward to the next episode.


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