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Sprout Summary and Review episode 2 August 6, 2012

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    In the second episode of Sprout the beginning starts with Miku and her friends walking down the hallway and they are discussing that Souhei is boarding at her house and that he is her fated one. It then flashbacks to her fated one experience with being helped to the nurses office and to when Souhei helped her up after falling. Miku’s friends then say that she should have said that it was fate and that they should go out when he helped her up. Then it flashbacks to Miku and Miyuki meeting and being told by Souhei that Miyuki is his girlfriend. Miku friends then say that this is such a thing as mixing up your fate but it doesn’t work if you are in the way of their relationship. In Miku’s inner dialogue she says it isn’t fate its a coincidence and deeply sighs. The next scene is Souhei and they are practicing soccer and his friends ask him about leaving at Miku’s house and they found out he is dating Miyuki. Souhei tells them that he is and that he was not trying to keep it as secret and his friends complain because Souhei gets to date her. Souhei and his friends have to run laps because they were talking too much. Then it goes back to Miku and her friends and they tell her to move on and Miku says that she had wanted to have romance with her fated one in high school and now her fated one is Miyuki’s partner. They then say that they should go on group dates Miku’s inner dialogue goes on to say that she needs to forget about her unfated person. As they are walking in the hallway they see Hayato surrounded by a couple girls arguing over who he is going with to see the fireworks Hayato tells them to play rock paper scissors to figure it out.

     As they walk on Miku asks how many people is Hayato going out with and her one friend says that he is popular but he won’t belong to anyone. Miku says but and then flashes back to when she saw Hayato kissing a girl but then she says never mind and that they should set up a group date meanwhile Hayato is shown behind them looking at their backs walking away. Miku then says that she will get a boyfriend and Miku’s inner dialogue says I wonder where he is my fated person.

    The next scene Miku is at her house drinking barley tea in the kitchen and Souhei comes in and asks if she is free on Saturday Miku wonders in her head if this could be a date. Souhei says its a bbq to celebrate them boarding at her house and Miku says that she will go. Souhei leaves and Miku says in her  inner dialogue that for a moment she had forgotten that he wasn’t her fated person. On Saturday  Miku is walking with Naoharu and Kiyoka for the BBQ and is at some sort of park, Miku is complaining that Souhei is late. Naoharu says that Kiyoka should carry something and Kiyoka replies that she is not good with heavy things. Miku then asks if she will do cooking adn Kiyoka replies that only her future husband can see her being a housewife. Souhei is below them and says hello his friends are there including Miyuki and Miku looks unhappy at her presence.


    Souhei friends are with Kiyoka and they ask her if she has a boyfriend she says yes but he hasn’t said that he is. Souhei and Hayato are preparing the bbq and Souhei asks if there is someone that he likes and Hayato says that he is bad at real love. Souhei says that it doesn’t take all the effort he has and that it is nice falling in love. Miku and Miyuki are slicing vegetables and Miyuki says that she is happy and that she had wanted to talk to Miku. Miku changes the subject and says that she wishes that Naoharu would hurry up with the pepper. Naoharu comes back and sees Miyuki and calls her Rurika from his game Hayato then goes on to explain the game Love Locket to everyone and that it is not erotic but a drama about love and youth. Miyuki says that she wants to try that game and Naoharu replies that she is welcome to it anytime and Souhei tells him not to flirt with his girlfriend. Miyuki grabs Souhei’s hand and Miku watches them.

    Hayato walks to the water’s edge and sits on the rocks Miku comes and joins him asking why he is here he says for no reason. Miku asks him if he went to middle school with Souhei and Miyuki he says yes. She then asks how long those two started dating and he says since they graduated middle school. Miku and him both stand up and watches the group playing and having fun. On the screen it flashes “he’s my” and then he’s not my fated person” as she watches the group and Hayato watches Miku. Later on after the BBQ as Miku, Naoharu, and Kiyoka come in the door a phone rings and it is none of theirs and Miku finds a phone in her bag and it belongs to Hayato. Miku leaves on her bike complaining that she has to be the one to bring it to him. Souhei and Miyuki are walking to his home together and he explains that his mom’s house is hard to be at because his mom is tense after the divorce and since he looks like his dad its hard.  Souhei says sorry for talking about depressing things and Miyuki tells him that she wants to know this about him because she is his girlfriend. 

    As Miku is riding bike she sees Souhei and Miyuki walking and watches them she starts to cry and then turns and keeps biking. It flashes on the screen “why are the tears falling” and “why couldn’t it be me?” and she continues biking and crying. In the evening Miku is wiping the table and Souhei is sitting outside and he says the wind feels good he tells her to look after Miyuki because she wants to get along with her. Miku asks why he has to be the one to say that and Souhei says because he is her boyfriend after all.

    The next day Miku is in the bathroom and Miyuki comes in and says thanks for yesterday and Miku says don’t worry about it. Miyuki says it was her first time it was fun and she got to talk to her lots. As they were standing there some girls are coming in saying how annoying Miyuki is and then they saw her, it flashes on the screen “I think so too”. The girls go onto say that they think she heard them but it doesn’t matter then it flashes “I’m thinking of a good approach”. Miku then grabs Miyuki’s hand and says lets go and pulls her out of the bathroom. Miyuki says thank you and then Miku leaves up to the roof and Souhei sees her on the roof. Souhei asks what she is doing up here and she says it makes me feel relaxed and he says its the same for him and it his favorite place.

    Miku’s inner dialogue she says me too  and that its not fate, Souhei then asks her if she is feeling down before she could reply Miyuki finds them and explains how Miku saved her Souhei, it flashes “you talk too much”. Miyuki then says that it was the first time that a friend has saved her and it flashes “no I am not your friend”. Souhei thanks her and it flashes “I don’t want to hear it from you, Souhei” Miku then leaves. Miku runs down the stairs with tears in her hands and bangs into Hayato, she wipes her tears and he asks if she is alright. They hear Souhei and Miyuki coming down laughing and Hayato pulls her aside out of sight and she watches them walk away together and she thinks I really like this person but he is not my fated one. Hayato watches her, leans toward her and kisses her and this is how the second episode ends. What a cliffhanger!!!


This series seems to be moving pretty fast it seems like a lot has happened within the span of this episode. Some things that have become more clear is that Hayato has problems with love but it seems like he has a fascination with Miku well obviously since he just kissed her. I am not sure if he likes Miku and was trying to confess to her or if he was trying to cheer her up but this makes me want to watch the next episode very badly what a cliffhanger. Obviously I am wondering what Hayato’s back story is and hope they will reveal it soon. Since the last episode they explain a little bit that no one really knew Miyuki and Souhei were going out and that they went to school together before high school so they have history together. One thing that I wonder about is who Kiyoka was talking about when it came to boyfriends in the manga they never mentioned boyfriends before so this intrigues me. I really admire Miku for being nice to Miyuki and standing up for her even though she really did not want to deal with her I think she has a lot of courage. I was really excited that Grouploves song is one of the theme songs and I really like it. They also play another Grouplove song a cruel and beautiful world when they were walking before the bbq and it stops right when Miku sees Miyuki it sounded very cool. Anyway I really enjoyed this second episode but I think I will be doing shorter summaries for the next episodes as this is very time consuming!!


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