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Sprout episode 1 summary and review August 3, 2012

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Sprout is the new Japanese Drama which is based on a manga, I decided to read the manga after I had read it had been based off this. In the first episode the first scene is Miku is running towards her school and pauses on the steps and looks at her hands. Then it flashes to three months  earlier and entrance ceremony with Miku sitting on the steps of her school. A hand reaches up to her and next you see her in the nurses office, she watches the back of the male student that helped her there. Next scene Miku is sitting in class daydreaming when her friends ask her about this experience and she tells them that her the rescuer is her fated one and they ask her what if she doesn’t find him before year three.

Then Miku walks to her next class and sees a boy and a girl kissing below her on the stairs and she stares at them and the boy looks up at her. In the next scene Miku is walking with her friends when a boy in her class asks her if she knows Souhei the most popular boy in school because he was asking about her and they think he might have a crush on her. Next Miku is later walking in the hallway and meets Souhei and he tells her that he will be boarding at her house next week.


It is a week later and Miku is sitting outside eating an orange popsicle and it flashbacks to her dad explaining he quit his job and that there is enough money for her college and that they are getting three boarders to live with them. After her flashback Souhei comes over to Miku and introduces Katagiri Hayato who is helping him move. Miku recognizes him as being the guy from the staircase kissing the week before. Hayato denies that he knows who Miku is after she recognized him. The two other boarders are introduced Takigawa Naoharu a male student who loves an otome game Rurika and Taneo Kiyoka female who is also a university student. Kiyoka thought she was been followed by a stalker and cries for help but it just turns out to be Naoharu and he shows his I.D. to prove who he is and they all make their introductions.


The next scene is the whole group eating supper and Kiyoka asks Miku which of the boys she prefers and Miku answers none. Next they have fireworks and Miku does not stay instead she leaves. The next morning Miku runs into half naked Souhei in the hall and then accidentally opens the the bathroom on Naoharu whom she tells him to lock the door running away. As Miku is walking to school Souhei and Hayato catch up to her and ask to walk together Miku is flustered by this and she can hear all the girls questioning why they are together, Miku decides to go ahead. Miku is with her friends in her classroom looking out the window and they see Ozawa Miyuki who they call Uzamiyu and uzai means annoying so they are calling her annoying.Later in the day Miku tells Souhei that he should just pretend they do not know each other and to not call her Miku because she does not want to make any enemies.

At home Miku can’t find her glass and is upset that Souhei had taken it then they hear a crash Naoharu broke some sort of hanging glass decoration from her grandma and then Kiyoka walks in eating her popsicles and Miku is upset because she was going to eat it later. At supper everyone is quiet and not saying anything and her mom says that Miku is not mad and Miku then says that it is her dads fault that she has to live with strangers and that they never even discussed it with her and she leaves the table. Souhei then leaves saying he will be back while Miku is in her room clutching her pillow crying.

Miku leaves her room when she hears a faint tinkling noise, she sees a wind chime hanging in the place of her old decoration and Souhei lying on the floor panting. Souhei explains he got it from his house which is really far away and that is better than nothing and Miku says he’s right and sits next to him. He tells her that it sucks that she has to live with strangers, but that it is really helping him and he feels very comfortable in the house and that all boarders probably feel that way. Miku then says she will get some barley tea and ask him if he wants some he says yes, as she gets up she  slides off the step to the ground. Souhei gives her his hand and helps her up Miku then flashbacks to when she was helped up by a hand. She brings back the barley tea and they sit drinking and in her inner dialogue she says I found you my fated person.The next morning Miku comes out and her dad is planting seeds and she asks him if he is planting well and he says yes and goes on to say that the seeds even so small will grow into something big. Miku then says sorry about last night they smile at each other and her dad walks away. Miyuki comes up to Miku and asks for sou-chan Miku is very surprised. Souhei pops his head out the window says hi and that Miyuki is his girlfriend. Miku in her inner dialogue ends the episode saying that God is bullying her.

I decided to read Sprout the manga after I had read that the drama had been based off of it and the first thing I have to say about this drama is that it is very loosely based on the manga and there are a lot of differences.The biggest one is that in the manga there is no fated one event. Secondly there is no character Hayato, which I assume is going to become part of the love triangle while in the manga Miku had a boyfriend before the renters moved in . I actually do not mind that they made these changes as I found the manga to be good but not great.

Some good points about this drama is that it is short as is the style with many Japanese dramas it makes the story line less drawn out. Another aspect that I really liked was the song choice at the scene where Miku was getting the barley tea it was betty’s bombshell by Grouplove and was pretty cool it was an english song.

Some points I did not like was they did not really explain how the character Miyuki was annoying they just stated that she was and I find this very unconvincing as the viewer I need more proof to understand why she is annoying. Another thing that bothered me was that if Souhei was so popular and Miyuki was also being talked about why did they not know that the two of them were going out? It would seem that people would have known about that.

One part that makes me wonder is why Hayato did not acknowlege that he knew Miku? was he embarrassed for getting caught kissing or did he not want to embarrass Miku for peeping at them.

Overall I do like this drama it seems to be lighthearted and enjoyable to watch.


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